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  1. andrew (toyotasera.co.uk) has millions of bits mate. but i dont think he'll have some fte pistons tbh. there was some on ebay the last time i looked... ask around on the starlet forums as i know someone on the uk forum found a gt turbo at a breakers yard the other day.
  2. thats what most people do i think. its basically a facelifted starlet gt anyway.
  3. u'll need to change over to a manual spec ecu also!
  4. they are standard jdm manifolds. so just search around breakers yards. there was one for sale on ebay.com a while back.
  5. thats awesome. ep82 toms style front bumper?
  6. or one of the jdm 4e/5efe tubular intake manifolds. improved the revability of my 4efe. the one on the right. Rich.
  7. how did you get them both to power up? could you run them independently?
  8. i didnt realise the gen 1 seo had such a nice dashboard!!! thats miles nicer than my starlet one!
  9. never seen one like that before mate! sorry!
  10. momo do them mate... the momo part number is: 12112117715 i also have a snap off boss on my starlet.
  11. well ive tried loads of set ups on my starly... and by far the best was the original airbox with a uprated panel filter (k&n) u'll probably notice a huge flatspot with the cone filter. if air is leaking from somewhere in the intake system it'll more than likey be at the filter side of the throttlebody... as if its in the intake manifold the car will be probably be ticking over at about 2000rpm. Rich.
  12. if its the old 12v engine the new shape starlet engine (4efe) will probably have different wiring. as the 4efe has a internal coil in the distributor, so most likely that the older 12v doesnt have that. Rich.
  13. ive been suffering with all of the above problems you just listed for 6 months... even the complete lack of power, and then a sudden burst of acceleration. i had been puzzle'd as to what it was untill the other day... i was checking my plugs and i noticed as i pulled number 3 ht lead off it was covered in soot along the shaft to the plug... so i got the socket on the plug and it was totally loose!!!! so i wound it back in and its been perfect since!! i would say because of that it could be a drop in compression?? i know mine was a total dog to drive... and didnt sound healthy either. it didnt like starting, and would suddenly drop in tickover revs for no reason. even when giving it a bootfull it was so gutless, and just didnt want to pull thru the rev range. i'd say get it compression tested mate. see what it comes up with. hope that helps. all the best. Rich.
  14. what year is your starlet? do you know the engine code for the engine? 4efe for example? Rich.
  15. when buying one thing to watch for is rear shocks... as they tend to go. what mileage is the car? its a toyota so reliabilty is not an issue really, as long as its had some mechanical sympathy it'll be fine. spares wise, shocks are fairly cheap, servicing parts are cheap also. brake pads are fairly cheap if you look about, discs can prove to be a bit expensive however. but all in all, u dont get much trouble with them... ive had mine 4 years and covered 115k and most of the trouble ive had has been with general wear and tear. ive even still got the original front section of exhaust still on the car. Rich.
  16. there are two screws above the heater controls unscrew them and then its a case of pulling it off.
  17. maybe a leaking vacum hose? (this normally only does it while moving)
  18. you have got some stunning photos there mate... really nicely done. i see you got some photos infront of the shopping centre! :P Rich.
  19. awesome. thanks for the imput. i'll check it out. Rich.
  20. i only really like the toyota factory kit on the paseo/cynos. matts x racing one is the only aftermaket bodykit that i would personally put on a seo. Rich.
  21. have done that mate, and it did it twice yesterday. i had a good look round the bay yesterday and i noticed the earth on the post on the battery was slightly loose, so ive tightened it up and its been ok, but again, im not too sure if its what was causing it. does anyone recon it could have been the earth on the battery? Rich.
  22. the other day this 15 amp fuse in the efi circuit blew while trying to pull away from a roundabout and the engine electrics light on the dash went out, the engine stopped and wouldnt start again, it was turning over but wouldnt fire. i replaced the fuse with another 15 amp and it was fine. the next day it blew again while trying to park and again it stopped and the engine electrics light went out again. i replaced it again with a 20amp this time to see if that would sort it... it did for 2 hours where it did it again while parking, i replaced the fuse again and again it was fine. today it blew again while parking so i tried a 30amp in it just for the hell of it and it popped it instantly, so i bought some more fuses and tried about another ten 15, 20 and 25 amp fuses which it all blew. i installed a small 1.5v light in my engine bay the other day which was run directly off the sidelights on a switch and it had only had this probelm since then, so i cut the light out of the circuit and put a fuse in it and it was fine, and started no problem... its been fine since. has anyone ever encountered a problem like this before? i'd like to think that this is the end of it... but it doesnt seem to make any sense as to why it would blow the efi fuse and not the sidelight fuse? any ideas anyone? Rich.
  23. yeah, the 4efe has them. ive heard of this before, but thinking about it i cant see a decent gain as the air would surely be traveling too fast to be affected by this warm throttlebody... thats my thoughts anyway, and thats why i didnt bother doing it. (also i think the 4efe coldstart runs off this water feed.) Rich.
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