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  1. "black racing" is that the company that makes the wheel riko? if so ive seen those and they look mint... i want a set too.
  2. the speedo bulbs are easy, take the surround around the cluster out, and then undo the three screws which hold in the cluster, take the clear and black dial surrounds off and then you can get your hand round the back to change them... its easier than taking the damn thing out. Rich.
  3. i have -40mm pi springs... any lower and you might find the standard rear panhard rod causing it to scrape on one of the rear arches.
  4. well i love it now with the glanza headlights.... it just didnt look right before with the n/a headlights... i like it!!! real tidy job. Rich. p.s. what type of parts will you be doing? if u speak to geo (enzo on that site), he might set up a traders bit on the uk starlet club?
  5. nice pics jim! that last and second to last one are great! i see youve gone down the route of using velcro for the front plate!! :P Rich.
  6. the starlet all the way mate. i wouldnt even think twice. just think, the amount of time u'll waste fixing the fiesta, you could be out DRIVING the starlet!! Rich.
  7. ive done what andrew describes above^ and i sooo regret not getting it fitted professionally. Rich.
  8. u'll need an ecu aswell mate, and you could use your gearbox. Rich.
  9. pwah!!! that looks fantastic!!! thats exactly what i fancied doing when i get my glanza!! looking really nice buddy! ;)
  10. the link has been moderated dude.... im guessing a gt..... nice one bud! ;) glad u finally got urself one Rich.
  11. ever since ive see one in the flesh at andrews workshop ive fancied one... im hoping to get me a glanza v at some point in the next 8 months so maybe i could convince myself to get a sera as a runaround!! so i clock less miles on them both! :) what do they go fo at the moment? Rich.
  12. gimme a shout on msn when he has please bud! Rich.
  13. has he finished the prototype of that yet? i'd like a set for the starly. Rich.
  14. yeah i know what you mean andrew, it wasnt on my list of things to do before i fitted the jdm 5efe inlet manifold, now its making power right up to the rev limiter... before it was out of puff by 5200rpm. Rich.
  15. cheers for that riko. what rev limit does that give you?
  16. would you like to inform me riko?? :D or got a link? ive tried loads of things to get the higher rev limit. Rich.
  17. andrew, do you think jim be able to get the acis to work if he had the whole head off the fhe with all attached sensors? altho he will still have the 6k rev limit problem. Rich.
  18. if its the 5efhe, the ecu wont work with urs jim... as the 5efhe is an external coil engine, whereas the fe is a internal coiled engine. Rich.
  19. if it becomes a problem you could take it to a graphics place, they could scan it for you and re print it. Rich.
  20. you dont need wings, but u defo need the headlights!
  21. as far as i know, the bottom entrance to the cooler we can see has a longer pipe on it... the only thing needed is to cut this down a bit. best bet would be to ask streetracer starlet on the uk starlet club mate, it was his car in the photo! Rich.
  22. i dont know of anywhere in the uk... maybe speak to a jap car importer and see if they can get what your after?? Rich.
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