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  1. apart from the gap between the bonnet and the bumper, i think that looks quite smart. not sure on the bits off the bottom of the rear bumper tho. Rich.
  2. the one that the guy on the uk starlet club . com used was all alloy... heres a pic log on to the site for more info. Rich.
  3. i think it was a personal import when he moved over here from japan? could be wrong tho. Rich.
  4. some one on the uk starlet club has done this... apparently it was easy to do. ask on there. Rich.
  5. the second pic was when he & the car were out in japan, which is before the first pic. as side repeaters are not needed out there ;) no idea on the glanza badge!
  6. my car had clutch judder for ages, and only really did it when it got hot. i got so annoyed with it, i changed it, and it still had another 10,000 miles left on it!! and it was the original clutch and i changed it at nearly 100,000 miles! Rich.
  7. real nice jim!! is there a fair torque increase? it does look really nice!! Rich.
  8. this happened on my old engine. probably not worth fixing if its not too bad. Rich.
  9. got a pic of a 20v in a starlet... fits quite well actually... Rich.
  10. http://www.gtautostyle.com/toyota/toyota_starlet.php Rich.
  11. well the turbo filter box is different... not too sure about the n/a because i thought the only 82 fitted with the 4efe was the gi? Rich.
  12. well if its a ep91 starlet (96-99) the rear will just prise off, as it is just stuck on, and has no holes behind it... whereas the front has two locating holes for the badge. Rich.
  13. yeah, i'd say if its standard its worth a bit more, i'd say around the £1800 region being a black one. but if you want a quick sale £1500-1600 sounds about right. Rich.
  14. black ones are not very common, so that'd be a good plus point. i'd say its worth a fair bit more being a black sr. does it come with any of the original stuff? + how modified is it? Rich.
  15. yeah, totally, glad youre all ok!! will it be written off?? im not sure how it works in america? because surely its worth more than your average paseo??? Rich.
  16. or create a 4/5efte hybrid!!! :D :P ;) B) :hokus-pokus: Rich.
  17. loads mate. i was quoted £500 for the bare front bumper. not painted and with no fog lights. the lights are about £75 but the bonnet and sideskirts are not cheap either. some one i spoke to recently said that some of the glanza stuff has been discontinued. Rich.
  18. mines being a bit finicky with the cold weather at the mo... Rich.
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