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  1. in regards to things dimming when u put the heater on, try adding some more earthing strips to your battery... ive heard this works. Rich.
  2. looking very nice now jim!! riased the bonnet again i see??? lol its like a jim trademark!! :P looks like you need some bigger wheels now imo! Rich.
  3. ive been wondering whether one of these on a 4efe would be a bad idea? it should bolt on ok, but im worried about the lower back pressure, as im thinking of doing something simular to what you said about the straight thru. i'd be interested if they were a little cheaper. Rich.
  4. i'd buy it if i had the money. and if it had all the extra selectors an stuff. Rich.
  5. if you have the 5efhe engine the lamba will be on you exhaust manifold. Rich.
  6. lookin nice jim! i see you have project 70's wheels on the seo now then mate! ;) :D Rich.
  7. LHD = left hand drive. we are right hand drive in the uk, so the lights would be pointing at oncoming cars. Rich.
  8. nice one mate!! good effort to andrew, i know he had some trouble with the chargecooler. so its officially the fastest sera in the uk then?? what kind of power should it be pushing?? theat engine bay is a tight squeeze!! looks lush!! ;) B) :D :) well done mate! Rich.
  9. take the piccy to toyota and ask them to try and identify which ones they are, the jdm n/a starlet comes with these crystal headlights also, so i took a piccy to toyota and the narrowed it down to a set for me. Rich.
  10. no, the inlet manifold is on the intake side of the engine. ;) Rich.
  11. well performance feels alot better on the 4efe, before u used to get power at 3000rpm which lasted through till 5000rpm, anything after that and its just making noise and not alot else, whereas this manifold on the 4efe gives bags more torque at 2500rpm, the power comes in shortly after that, and it then pulls right up to the rev limiter at 6200rpm. it may not improve out and out bhp, but it makes the engine so much more useable, its soo much better for overtaking too. economy seems about the same (but mine was terrible on fuel before anyway). Rich.
  12. me included!!! :D the difference is night and day. Rich.
  13. thast a awesome little idea, i had a simular idea, but i was told that i would need an aftermarket ecu? Rich.
  14. awesome! i didnt see that kicking around your workshop andrew??!! :P Rich.
  15. pull the wiring plug off the back of the bulb, and use a screwdriver to lift one side of the rubber bit, then all you can do it try your hardest to yank it off! i must admit, these are a bit of a pain to get off. Rich.
  16. i cant get my head around this, i work for halfords, and i dont understand why we sell locking wheel nut extractors!!! theyre only like £14!!! it may be handy for people who have lost their key, but at least before they wernt so readyly available!!! who ever thought of that needs a slap. :ffs: Rich.
  17. as said, ebay is a good place to look. Rich.
  18. i also had a scary moment on a roundabout the other week, and was defineately caused by diesel. Rich.
  19. i'd say check the psi, i normally have it inbetween 28-30psi and i have 195/45r16 's. altho i know what u mean by the steering feeling light, all my new tyres i have put on do the same thing for the first few hundered miles... they should be fine whan they scrub in. Rich.
  20. one of these by anychance???? ;) :!Removed!: B) :hokus-pokus: Rich.
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