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  1. im sure it can be done, i asked andrew this when i was doing my 5efhe conversion, and after the full explanation of what would need to be done, i decided against it. but to be honest, i just didnt want the hassle!! Rich.
  2. still looking very nice buddy. man you wheels are bright!!!!!!! Rich.
  3. white smoke normally means water being where it shouldnt apparently. Rich.
  4. you may also want to look into increasing flow at the intake side of the engine, apparently the standard 4efe intake manifold is quite restrictive, you could solve this by fitting a 4efte one, or a jdm intake manifold like this one... Rich.
  5. how much do you want for them andrew? including the other bits i wanted we spoke about? :D btw, im still waiting for this money, so it may be a couple of weeks if thats ok? Rich.
  6. it will fit, but u'll need to sort out a way of attaching it to the intake hose and a bracket to stop it moving about. Rich.
  7. do you need a new standard manifold? or are you after a aftermarket one? Rich.
  8. are these for a separate coil 5efe? or will they work on a internal coil dizzy cap? (4efe) Rich.
  9. someone was on this site a few months back trying to find this car... anyone else remember??? he sold it and wanted it back?? Rich.
  10. bodge job generally involves duct tape. Rich.
  11. hmm, at the moment my cold start doesnt seem to work. Rich.
  12. but lets face it guys... it looks nice!! Rich.
  13. looking very nice and clean! Rich.
  14. very nice mate. ;) you have indeed done alot of work on your car. good work! thats an interesting picture that the piston is resting on!! ;) :P Rich.
  15. worked out my last fillup, im getting 29mpg just driving normally.... i bet i could run a much more powerful car at the mo with that kinda consuption!!!! any ideas on what it might be? anyone else ran into tis problem?? Rich.
  16. or fit some tte springs... theyre apparently alot smoother, and lower 20(?)mm i think. or get some adjustable dampers, koni do a set. not sure on how much it would help tho... Rich.
  17. i think mine has some kind of fuel problem... i can only get 220 miles out of a full tank when driving normally, it must be about 170 miles when giving it some stick... it used to be alot higher. any ideas on what it might be? Rich.
  18. if just on lowering springs mate, theyre all like that. some adjustable dampers might help a bit,(koni do some for the starlet) but im not sure how much. Rich.
  19. yeah, not a fan of scooby ones at all... my personal opinion, i'd only ever have a glanza one grafted into my bonnet. :D Rich.
  20. theres actually one of those arc top mounted intercoolers for the glanza on ebay at the mo... £160 current bid... Rich.
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