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  1. Do you still have the typhoon?

    1. JoeCool


      Sorry mate, sold it on ebay!

  2. For Sale: K&N Typhoon intake pipe with K&N Filter. Decent condition and an easy ft, makes a lovely intake noise in lift! Sold, sorry.
  3. JoeCool

    Engine Oil

    Check the manual and use that oil. If the temperature range is that extreme, it might be worth changing to a heavier oil in Summer and a lighter one in winter, but the manual will tell you what is good for waht temp range.
  4. The glove box is a moments work to remove. Yank it upwards, the hinges just pop out of clips. UNdo that damper too though. The fuses are generally realy easy to replace, they're designed to be, but you just need the index to work out which fuse number is on which circuit. That said, visual inspection will normally show you which one is blown.
  5. Why is it rare? Why would anyone seek out that particular model? IMO (And I'm sorry but this is the way i see it) It's a bargain basement diesel estate in a sea of diesel estates. UNder a grand I go on Ebay. Over 1,000 I tart a car up and put it on autotrader. Gumtree is a horrible selling experience. Just ignore the idiots and people trying to do deals by text. People who are serious will call about the car, view it, then settle on a price. Deal with them, not the time wasters and low ballers.
  6. JoeCool

    Need Help.

    Could be a lot of things. If it's not absolutely horrible when revved then it's Probably not big ends, or at least they're not that bad if it is. Does it use oil at all? Down on power? I'd let the garage get to the bottom of it. They should be able to diagnose any serious fault.
  7. If you want a compressor, buy a compressor. It'll work out cheaper than converting your non supercharged T-Sport. To do the upgrade you need a custom inlet manifold, or else a Rotrex Supercharger, brackets, pipework, plus an ECU and bigger injectors. If you can't do the work youself it'll be a large bill for custom fabrication and tuning and mapping. And you won't even be able to run much boost without a rebuilt engine. Re crunching gearbox, sounds like the clutch may not be disengaging properly. A repalcement clutch SHOULD fix it, but it could be worn synchros in which case it's a box rebuild or a replacement gearbox ( ~£250 + fitting).
  8. Nope, very different. The T-Sport has a wider internal Diameter, bigger throttle body, and bigger air box, all to help flow into the 2ZZ at high RPM.
  9. Part and parcel of the repairs, they broke it, they fix it. It's not an expensive part, anyway. Hope your warranty makes good!
  10. Clutches are known to be 'weak' on these, and as you say if the car has had limited use on short journeys the clutch could well be toast. Replacements are about £140 for an Exedy, or I've seen standard ones for £90. Then it's just the fitting.
  11. Yeah, T-cut should pretty much sort that.
  12. Sorry, I edited my post, I thought i was in the corolla sub forum! YEs, you could get the pod filter, but the intakes on these cars are actually pretty carefully designed and they DO have a decent impact on power - negatively if the intake isn't properly thought out. The length and volume of the intake tract and the position of the MAF sensor have to be correct or the ECU can throw check engine lights. The celica and corolla intakes are acually different - due to room in the engine bay and the angle of inlet to the inlet plenum is actually different between the two engines. On a highly tuned NA engine, which is what the 2ZZ is, I wouldn't bother putting a cheap no-name intake on it personally. It's likely to do more harm than good.
  13. Yep you've about got it. It is the Corolla Celica T-Sport 2ZZ-GE VVTL-i that your sister has. I wouldn't put a cheap filter on it - it's the only thing protecting the engine intake. Get a K&N if you must have it. They do a Typhoon intake kit that is/was a popular upgrade, I have one and it's fine off throttle but certianly sounds the part on throttle and particularly in lift. They're an easy home fit, the worst you might have to do is extend the maf Wiring for some kits. Bolt off, bolt on.
  14. You need to get a fault code reader on it and read the fault codes. Find a friend with one or else take it to a garage for diagnosis.
  15. If it's engine speed dependant, it's engine related. If it's road speed dependent, it's wheel/driveshaft related. KNocking or clicking going round corners is generally either Wheel bearings or CV joints. Both are no big deal to fix... however warrantys may class them as 'wear and tear' items and not cover them.