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  1. On my Starlet the earth cable from the battery negative terminal runs to a bolt connection on the body close to the battery tray. From there another cable runs down to the engine mounting bracket under the battery tray. It was this latter cable which I replaced after cleaning the mounting point. I found the fault finally by connecting one of my jump start cables between the battery negative terminal and the engine block as a temporary fault finding measure. Hope this helps!
  2. Just an update on this. After faffing around with the wiring harness, ignition switch and starter motor, I have finally found the problem - a poor connection on the engine block earthing strap. Removed, cleaned and replaced the strap and now everything is fine again.....
  3. Yes - all the fuses look OK When I turn the ignition switch I can hear a relay under the bonnet click, but nothing else happens - there are 2 similar relays in the fuse box in the engine bay which I switched over, but that made no difference - I can still hear the click whichever way round the relays are, so I'm assuming they are both OK. Getting dark and blowing a gale now so I'll leave it until tomorrow - it's my spare car so there's no pressure to get it going again, luckily! Thanks for your comments
  4. Thanks for the response - I do have a multimeter and will try to narrow down the problem. There doesn't appear to be a Haynes manual for that model that I can find - the Chilton was the closest I could find... Had another quick look just now and discovered that the problem appears to be limited to the engine ignition system - no warning lights come on, or headlamps, when I turn on the ignition (the headlamps normally do on this Swedish version automatically). However, all lights, stop lights, indicators, horn, wipers etc. do seem to work as normal. It's just that nothing happens when I turn the ignition key - no warning lamps glow (apart from the economy warning light) and there is no activity from the starter motor. As the horn, indicators etc. are controlled from the steering column, I'm assuming that power is getting that far. So it's back to the multimeter and checking from the ignition switch back to the engine....
  5. Hello, Recently renovated my 1987 Starlet (left hand drive model as I'm in Sweden). Passed rego checks etc. drove it for around 100km and seemed OK but suddenly it's now dead Started OK yesterday morning, idled for a couple of minutes then I switched it off. On attempting to restart after 5 minutes, no warning lights on dash panel - except for performance light (linked to a vacuum sensor on the inlet manifold) and the radio, but no lights, horn, starter motor etc. The strange thing was that the electric cooling fan in the engine bay was running as soon as I turned the ignition key, although the engine was pretty well cool. Thought maybe the battery had died, so recharged it - same result. Tried with a different battery, same result. Initial thoughts now are that a relay somewhere has died, cutting off almost all electrical supply, but I am unable to find a wiring diagram - the workshop manual I have (pretty useless Chilton version) does not contain any wiring diagrams or information on fuses etc. and the owners handbook just lists the fuses in the engine compartment and drivers door pillar - no mention of a couple of relays that sit in the engine bay fuse box. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this model - or any useful tips on what I should check first? Any advice most welcome!
  6. Hi, Currently renovating a 1987 Starlet FWD with 2E-C motor (1.3 liter). The engine blows a lot of light white smoke from the exhaust, but otherwise performs well. I'm thinking valve stem guide replacement, piston rings or worse... Today I disconnected the hose to the rocker box cover down to the inlet manifold and the motor almost died, was spitting back through the carb but the smoke appeared to diminish. Putting my finger over the end of the hose and the motor calmed down to a smooth idle but exhaust smoke increased again. Am I correct in thinking the valve in the rocker box cover (a push fit) is the PCV valve? And is there a way of testing this simply? Any other thoughts on test I could do to check for the cause of the white smoke? Any thoughts/suggestions/comments welcome. I only have the owners handbook for the car but that is in Swedish (it's a left hand drive model for the Swedish market, where I'm located) and the vacuum hoses/exhaust gas cleaning diagram is not easy to read (see attached) Many thanks, Sympol
  7. Hi! I am currently attempting a restore of a 1987 Toyota Starlet here in Sweden. The car belonged to my late wife and has sat in my garden for around 6 years. I've stripped the car completely, cut out all rust from the manin body and welded in new panels, rust-proofed and undersealed. New shocks at the rear and refurbished front struts. The engine (2E-C 1.3 liter 12 valve) had a burned out exhaust valve which I've replaced and lapped in all valves. Rings and bores look OK. Currently at the stage of rebuilding the engine prior to settimng it back in the chassis. I may need some help with the carburettor hose connections later !! Look forward to getting the beast back on the road to replace my ageing Volvo 745 (1988 model) which, after ½ million kilometers is beginning to fade... Thanks for letting me join Regards, Robin
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums Sympol :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: