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  1. This is the electric version with no cables. Fan control is fine but vent selector does nothing. Air blasts out of dash regardless of selection, no windscreen air in any position. Also temperature completely random. Winding temperature round from hot to cold or vice versa can prompt a change but 5 minutes later it can change of its own accord, Temperatures appear to be either hot or cold, nothing inbetween. Engaging AC or recirculation buttons does not change things. There is a slight noise change when the vent control is operated but nothing like the cable version, (I have a 2000 GLS I keep for spares with the mechanical cables controls that clank reassuringly as the flaps operate).

    I have removed the central console module, radio sat nav, vents, controls and all and there was no suggestion of either plug on the control unit being loose but I removed and reconnected them anyway. there is no suggestion the loom has been hot or stressed either so I doubt there is cable damage.

    I presume there is some motor controlled flap and air mix selector that is buried in the dash and has jammed or failed and is probably inaccessible without removing the entire dashboard. I hope it is jammed rather than failed as there is the slight noise change with the vent selector.

    Any ideas on what else I should check or possible remedies would be most welcome.

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