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  1. Hey thanks for the response thats a great price, Milton Keynes is an hour away from me, I wouldn't mind travelling there. However, the angle of the picture that I attached doesn't show the full extent- would it be okay for me to message/email you some more of the photos to see if your repair lamp will still work ? :)
  2. If only That's what I assumed and I had the exact thought, made me a little apprehensive to trust him when he wouldn't consider any other option but to repair it 'as best he could' for £220. I personally would make a claim, but there's a couple of people on my insurance (sister, mum) who are against making a claim so I'm trying to find an option outside of insurance. Thank a lot you for your response :) I think this is currently my best option! Thanks for informing me about filling not looking right. I think using a 2nd hand bumper would be the best option to bring the car back, as close as it can, to its original state. I appreciate the links you've provided also! Thank you
  3. Ahh okay I understand, that's what I was wondering. Thank you for responding! Hopefully the standard of work will be good :)
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the forums, so I tried to look for a previous topic regarding an issue similar to this (apologies if there already is!). So unfortunately I hit the right side of the front of my bumper and it is visibly dented (quite badly) and the paint work has been scratched off. I went to a bodywork specialist recommended by a friend and he quoted me £220 to rectify the dent (the best he can) and spray paint the affected area. I thought that this seemed quite expensive as he would be working with the existing bumper as opposed to replacing it with a new part. At the same time I'm pretty clueless and have no experience with bodywork damage on an Aygo or any car in general. I enquired about seeing some bumpers online (presumably aftermarket) and the guy said that they wouldn't fit properly and would make the car look bad. Ive attached a pic of the damage on my poor Aygo :( I was just wondering what others suggest for me to do, whether I should try to find somewhere else that would offer a better price or whether the price given is reasonable? Thanks in advance for any help!
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