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  1. Surprised this forum doesn't have one but from my time on various other car forums the busiest and most well known usually have an active "Spotted" thread. Don't know if its a thing to wave or flash at other Toyota owners when driving but I've had a few cars where its mandatory. I did get a smile from a woman driving another Celica on the way home after buying mine so don't know if that counts! Think a Spotted thread in each cars sub forum along with one in each region (maybe meets and events?) would be good.
  2. Walking away is difficult sometimes especially when the model you want is right there! Chances are there are much better examples within 100 miles from you and within your budget (if you add in the petrol home). So don't be afraid to travel, having AA cover and sat nav for the drive back is reassuring.
  3. Does look like its worth a look to me. Pretty sure like Celica the vvtli Corolla's have red Toyota badge on back, vvtli on engine cover and of course 9k rev counter. Let us know how you get on tomorrow!
  4. Do you have a link to the ad? Without seeing the car for yourself you can't reallynguess where the oil leak is coming from. If its only an advisory I would hazard a guess around gasket, possible cheap seal fix. Ideally you want the lift bolts to have been replaced but I've heard its quite simple to do yourself and the bolts themselves extremely cheap.
  5. My gen 7 Celica (blue) has quite a lot of scratches if you look close up and its really annoying me but can't afford a full respray. So, having never done this before would it be beneficial to get my whole car professionally machine polished? I'd say 85% of the scratches are light/medium but there is some deep ones on the front bumper. Just wondering it would get rid of most scratches and maybe hide the deep ones? I think full machine polish is between £300-£400 which I could deal with.
  6. This is so annoying, never have I owned a car that gets as much bird droppings on it as this. Anyone else with a blue Celica noticed this? Is it the colour the birds just love to drop bombs on or just me!? II wash it then within a couple hours its literally covered.
  7. Ahh so they were original! Didnt know that. I have the Sony head unit too.
  8. Hi, just bought a fairly high mileage gen 7 Celica vvtli 190 and must say its incredible to drive, mechanically sound but with lots of scratches being the only negative (oh and the petrol filler flap is broken!). My last car was an Alfa Spider which I adored like no other, I felt like I lost my best friend when I sold it but my wallet will be pleased. My plans for Celica (like any car I've owned) is getting it low while looking nice and standard. I can't stand bodykits and such. Each to their own though. Had many cars but this is my very first Toyota and would like to get to know more stuff about the car so here I am.
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