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  1. Thanks for the reply its greatly appreciated. It does seem rare enough having coil pack failure on these as the guy in the Motor Factor said much the same thing as you said. I bought a spare to carry in the car anyway alongside the existing one i replaced. Reassured by your comment on the injector being disabled. All seems fine at this point although the coils are pattern copies they seem good enough . Did you reset your ECU when you replaced your coil or just clear the fault codes ? Damian
  2. Hi i wonder if you could help me . i have an Auris 2008 1.6 78000 miles that last week started playing up with check engine light and poor performance no acceleration etc i scanned the codes and diagnosed coil pack failure no 4 cylinder. i had to wait 21/2 days for my local motor factor to get one and nowhere local had one in stock. This was soonest I could get one. Before it arrived I had to drive 40 miles as had no other transport for my job which I did extremely slowly. I'm concerned that even though it's repaired now after replacement and drives fine I damaged the catalytic converter driving it and I'm in for more issues going forward. Anyone have any experience or am I worrying for no reason? Also is this a common fault? Damian
  3. Hi Tom Thanks for the reply. As you say its the lack of a MIL code thats frustrating. I have only tested using a handheld scanner used by my local independant garage and no codes are definately logged on board the ECU. The maff was cleaned using a Maff cleaner spray i bought off ebay and i removed the PCV valve and washed it through with Carb cleaner and it rattled fine, would this part cause hesitation though i cant see the link? Regarding air leaks around the manifold i have sprayed cleaner round the area where it meets the head and note no hissing or change in engine note but dont want to disassemble the whole manifold unless i really have to. Any other ideas how i can test for an air leak? Again thanks for the assistance. Damian
  4. Hi Guys Just an update on this:- i still have hesitation issues coming on and off the throttle on my Auris thats making it frustrating to drive for me on a daily basis . To date i have carried out the following tasks- Replaced all spark plugs using Denso OEM plugs and cleaned throttle body, complete with a full service. -Cleaned the MAF sensor with Electrical cleaner. -Attempted to clean the PCV valve and checked all wiring . -There are no MIL code and i have reset the ECU overnight. I dont know what else to try as its intermittant and gives me little information to go on. Could it be a bad coil pack or something else? Would type of oil affect this ? Any more help would be massively apprecated as im contemplating getting rid of the car if i cant sort this out. Damian
  5. Yes I have put that model in . Read about the pcv valve any ideas where it is on this model? Checked for air leaks again today and trying different petrol- BP . Has this car got a fuel filter installed?
  6. Hi I've got a 2008 Toyota Auris 1.6 VVTI that you guys have helped with in the past. As per my previous post I have changed the spark plugs and thought there was oil on them. Ive looked into this and the oil on the plugs it was a red herring its dripping down from above as the spark seals were failing. This has now been resolved and the seals replaced. I have put new plugs in it now all correct and the car starts etc . The car is a little hesitant and seems to ***** in traffic on and off and then pick up. Ive checked the plugs and they look physically good torqued correctly etc. No air leaks or fault codes showing. Any ideas where i can start investigating, any one aware of common faults? Damian
  7. That's what I had thought it wasn't normal, but the plug tips are bone dry it's just the threads that are a bit wet. I had wondered whether it had come down the tube from the top and collected in the bottom of the wells. Ah well it not worth spending loads of money investigating of it runs fine guess I'll live with it until it goes bang.
  8. Hi I wonder if some of you knowledgable guys can help. I have a Auris 2008 1.6 TR and I have just changed the iridium spark plugs as its at 60000 miles. When changing them I noted there was oil on the threads near the bottom and a tiny bit at the base of the old plugs . It's got a full service history with Toyota is this normal? I'm worried now there's serious engine problems ie bore wear or seals. the car drives absolutely fine. Any help is appreciated Damian
  9. Hi You guys have been really helpful so far with all my little queries . I have an Auris 2008 TR 1.6 VVTI and have noticed a jerkiness on overrun when slowing down in 2/3 gear . It sort of jerks a few times and then is ok . Have any of you guys seen had this before i start replacing Plugs/HT leads etc ? Is it normal ? Theres no engine check lights and Air cleaner looks ok. Any clues or ideas? Damian
  10. I'll order some super long life if I need to top up Thanks for the advice
  11. Hi Quick question what's the correct coolant type for a Toyota Auris 2008 Uk model ? Is there only one type of pink coolant? Thanks Damian
  12. Thanks for all the replies sounds like a known issue from what you guys say and I spoke to Toyota. Car is 7 years old with full history.they told me no chance for a goodwill as its way outside warranty which is fine, I accept it . Worth a try. Guess I'll let it develop before shelling out for a new shaft.£200 on eBay! Do you reckon there is any benefit to greasing it or is it a waste of time?
  13. Thanks for the information. It comes and goes. Mileage is 60000 I've read in other posts the Intermediate steering shaft needs replacing or greasing to fix which ties in with what you guys are saying, is replacement expensive or DIY able? Damian
  14. Thanks for the reply. Its clicking and sort of bumps when manouvering as you rotate the wheel not just at the locks. Sort of a detached feel then its ok. Otherwise it seems fine. A bit concerned its the rack etc.
  15. Hi All Hope your all Good. I'm new to the world of Toyota and have just bought a 2008 Auris. Seems a nice car full history etc but the steering makes a click and feels odd sometimes when turning. Usually when parking. I'm hoping its not an expensive fault as I spent money on car tax etc and the car and didn't notice on the test drive. Any advice from you experts or idea what it is? Hopefully with a cheap fix maybe it needs greasing. Any replies appreciated Damian