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  1. Although you're right, if all things were right it would start with a jump. If jumping it improved its ability to turn over then it needs a new battery. So when you do fix it, guess what, you're going to have to get a new battery because the one you've got won't hold a charge and will let you down. You may as well bite the bullit and get it first, at least it will be easier to find the real fault and will eliminate the old one. I see that you are in Yorkshire, if there is any weakness in your old battery, one good freeze over night will probably finally kill it, it never fails in sunny old London let alone up there.
  2. I dont think pushing it will do what you want, electrics either work or they don't. Another way to test the fuel supply is to remove the aircleaner housing at the throttle body, squirt some fuel into the throttle body while someone turns over the engine on the starter. If you don't want to mess about with fuel, you can buy a spray can of easystart to spray into the throttle body while the engine is being turned over. If the engine fires,even for just a second, then the spark is there and you need to look at the fuel supply.
  3. I've never heard my fuel pump before when switching on, so may not indicate that its failed. Looking at the plug, the centre electrode looks worn, but if its cleaned up with a wire brush and gapped it should still work reasonably well. As I have said before, if you want to check fuel supply, ie the pumps pumping, disconnect the fuel pipe between pump and engine and see if you get fuel while starting the engine. Just a thought, you have got fuel in the tank? it may seem a stupid question but you wouldn't be the first. There are many reasons for an engine not to start, what we have described is pretty basic and if you are having trouble dealing with what we are talking about, you are going to struggle if its something else. The mechanical systems in engines has over the years have become very reliable, the most common problems tend to be electrical.
  4. Its there for a reason, delete it and you risk destroying your engine.
  5. Even a 5 year old battery may be pushing it, but if you have tried to jump start and it turned over quickly and easily then its probably something else. Spark and fuel, they are both required and if one or both are missing, no start. Look on Youtube for vids that show you how to check for spark at the spark plugs, if they are sparking, put em back in, be careful not to cross thread the plug holes. Find the fuel feed to the engine, undo the connection, put the end in a container, turn the engine over on the starter and see if fuel is coming through. If you have both then its a job for someone who knows how to wield a spanner. Unfortunately cars sometimes fail and cost some money to repair, it goes with the territory of using cars. At seventeen you are going to be one of two types, those that learn and fix or those that don't learn and pay mechanics to fix.
  6. You seem to be very against replacing the battery. I wouldn't like to say it's the most common problem with starting issues, but its very common. As its 8 years old, i'm surprised its still able to hold any charge, even for short time. The most common time when a battery finally dies is when the weather gets near freezing. I suspect the next serious frost will kill it.
  7. By the sound, the battery's done. It doesn't take the power to drop very much for the engine to struggle to start, a good battery will turn the engine for quite a time before showing signs on fading. There was also no sign of the engine 'catching' at all although the battery appears to be on its last legs, the engine appears to be missing spark or fuel. These are easily checked if you know, if you don't know how, you will need help. Maybe look for a local mobile mechanic, it shouldn't be too expensive to diagnose the problem as the engine is turning over quite well, even on a weak battery, as I said before its either spark or fuel.
  8. TBH if the battery is 8 yrs old, I would change it. Even If its still ok, it won't be very soon and will let you down.
  9. You need spark and fuel, if you dont know how to check these are getting to the engine yourself, you'll need professional or knowledgable friends help. What is easy to check, is get someone to turn the the engine ie try and start it while you look at the alternator and see if its being turned by the drive belt, if it is then the starter motor is turning the engine over.
  10. If you can find a fuse for the ABS, if you pull it and try driving to reproduce the problem, if it still does it, I would suggest it's not the ABS.
  11. I did mine last year, not sure if yours is the same but unlike the front where you have to remove the bearing from the hub, the rear is Hub and bearing combined. Its an easy job to do, four bolts hold the hub. I found it easier to release the hub removing the ABS sensor as the hub came out.
  12. Sounds like a bearing problem. Could be a UJ on one of the driveshafts, check the boots to see if any are split or loose. Brakes tend to grind when you use them, but I would have a look anyway.
  13. Unclipping and moving the front bumper is easy and shouldn't be a problem. There are two bolts that hold the headlight unit, one can't be accessed until the bumper is moved. With the headlight unit removed replacing the bulbs is a doddle. You will need to get a new clip from Toyota if you want to do the job properly.
  14. Make sure that you don't have any secondary mats under the clutch pedal. Full disengagement of the clutch is pretty marginal and anything stopping the pedals full movement may have an effect. I cut the corner off of my wife's secondary drivers side car mat, no more crunching gear engagements. I have always found first gear doesn't always engage when stationary, I think its because the mechanism in the gearbox isn't moving and at certain positions the synchro won't engage, this is not uncommon in other cars, it's also mentioned in the DVSA book "Driving the Essential skills", I just drop to second and then up to first.
  15. In reply to Shavestick comment on the front light, it's easier to move the front bumper panel, just a few pop up clips, undo the nuts holding the headlight in pull the whole headlight clear. With practice, takes about 5 mins with no swearing involved.