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  1. Hi everyone ,I purchased my 2005 RAV4 Granite D-4D in May of this year and find it an excellent drive even though it attempts to put me and others at risk of death if I was to think about overtaking., and at age 78 I still like to do that.

    I have read the several threads on the subject of P1251 Step Motor for Turbocharger Control Circuit (Intermittent) and since no one so far has indicated where the Step Motor is , I have rightly or wrongly thought that the Step Motor is possibly a combination of the output of the several devices looked at by the ECU leading up to the control solenoid which has only a vacuum pipe to the unit which lifts the variable vane control at the Turbo.

    Since the Turbo looks new and the problem only occasional,and with the vacuum pipes secured by cable ties I guess that the previous owner gave up before going into further expense (probably a reasonable decision if it continued to try to kill him or her) by part exchanging the vehicle which is otherwise in exceptionally good condition


    This old timer who joined Automotive Products Co Ltd in 1957 and talked about Lockheed Brakes and Borg and Beck Clutches for a quarter of a century, worked before computers, but you can teach old dogs new tricks.

    Fuel is coming to the new filter only by primer action at the filter and the engine runs . Dare I assume that there is no lift pump in the tank .and move on to looking at the High Pressure pump and beyond. That will save me removing seats and the cover plate above the tank.

    In the meantime I will look at the resistances and voltages of the many devices which have a bearing on this common fault and will report further


    In the possible event that the problem of this Limp mode situation has been solved I would be grateful.for that knowledge. So beyond that only one question at this time "Is there a lift pump in the tank"

    Ken Jones

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