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  1. That's a long list! The one that strikes me is the cruise control - it not only has cruise but adaptive cruise. I will probably buy an Exclusive with CVT but waiting to see them in the showroom. Undecided on the colour, the red costs the most but if it looks good I will probably go for that but would like to see the blue and beige too.
  2. I would use it when the rear window had got dirty to loosen the muck first rather than risk scraping the blade across the screen. Rather like when washing the car, hosing down and getting worst off and making all wet before attempting to wash with a mitt or sponge etc. So quite a useful feature but few cars have it!
  3. dwilson


    He does not post on here any more.
  4. It's true - especially if snow is forecast. People snap up what is on offer and the prices go up!
  5. Less likely to have the engine issues with the newer car. Ok to take the risk and have a punt if you have a spare £3k or £4k .....
  6. A Yaris is the obvious one as others suggest. I have just traded mine for an MX5 !
  7. Hi, I had this problem on one, then both, headlamps. I ignored it for a couple of years and then when it was getting more of a problem and not disappearing even when parked facing the Sun for hours, I had them both replaced under warranty. Problem solved. So I would see if yours is covered still and if so get it done
  8. You must be pleased to know it is just the nature of your trips that is hitting the mpg!
  9. If it is an Aygo Go! like mine although I can't answer your question you may like to know that the TomTom would cost £600 to replace through Toyota so is valuable!
  10. Other sites are available but you could try http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/prices/used/
  11. Hi. I have had my Rav4 about a week now and before buying it did a lot of research and talked to others about buying it, everything i read and heard pointed to avoiding petrol engines and go for the diesel instead. Better MPG and not as noisy as the petrol versions. Anyone who considers the petrol to be noisy must have extremely sensitive ears - or be an uber diesel fan!! We've had two petrols and two diesels and the petrols were smoother & quieter but with crap MPG. Different frequency noise but to me the diesel noise was louder! That was on a 56 plate - maybe they are quieter now? The mpg is much better on the CVT petrol engine in the 4.4
  12. It has splits and needs a respray anyway. Why not PM Kingo for a price?
  13. I think it will be fine: it is just a small car inside (though doesn't feel it) and is prone to condense when there is a sudden drop in temperature. Mine has done it and I haven't found a leak - but if you do you have a good Toyota warranty to fall back on. I had to have a headlamp changed due to condensation - this was done FOC with no quibble and in fact, after testing, they replaced both headlamp units for me (I had only asked for one) so very happy.
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