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  1. Bought the car yesterday! Picking up tomorrow! :D - drove very very well and did not show it's age or mileage. Seller was immensely honest - too much for his own good perhaps! I got it for £1100 with some parts thrown in - but not the wheels, too rich for me at the moment! Decent price though considering last service was done 10k miles ago and was expensive being main dealer. Heater matrix replacement alone cost £900 two years ago! I've got a few jobs planned to tidy the car up a little - there are some niggles bothering me as a real perfectionist. I've never had a vehicle with mileage anywhere near as high (being motorcycles!) and usually buy immaculate examples so will have to sort a few things when I get paid. Small jobs to do soon: Oil and filters will be done as with anything new to me - Haynes chucked in free so thats handy!Quick-shifter gear linkage becomes disconnected somewhere beneath gaiter when shifting aggressively 3rd to 4th - appears an easy fixHeadlights need polishing (whole car would benefit too from a good polish and wax actually)Window rubbers deformed and bunched up near mirror - new ones thrown in - will fitNew Team Heko wind deflectors thrown in - will fit with the new window sealsCentre console cubby hole door broken - replacement console thrown in - will swap. Arm rest loose - needs a look at.A few chips and tiny marks to sort with a touchup penSmall hole in rear bumper (air gun pellet?!) - parking sensors (hole not in ideal location!) or a tasteful sticker to cover up?JBL speakers thrown in with the car - one fitted - seller didn't find the time to do the others - will sort myself when I find time!Won Alpine iDA X305s headunit on ebay last night - will fit that ASAP w/ new centre console when fixing gear linkage :)Some bigger jobs for the future - first need some more parking experience! Rear spoiler wobbly - god only knows how to rectify that sadly.Bonnet sits slightly high NS - gas strut mod could be cause - wing okay so hopefully not caused by sellers minor bump into car but may be?Bumper pushed in slightly after small bump into stationary car (mentioned) - matching bumper thrown in - will tweak mounts and fit sometimePossible things for the future: PFL side skirts thrown in - primered, so may paint and fit one dayWould like to recover arm rest part of doorcards sometime - drivers side stitching loose.Would like facelift sporty metal pedalsHole in drivers T-sport mat bugs me - may replaceMay invest in some nice wheels one day if I grow to love the car and intend to keep.
  2. Yeah the standard alloys are alright as standard wheels go, but the OZ wheels are stunning. I'll see what he's after but to be honest I think it will tip me well over budget. Thanks for the tips on the headlights - please let me know how you get on! I've only ever heard mates using plastic polishes. A decent bumper is included in the sale apparently, so if I buy it I can practise my parking a bit more and perhaps fit it in the future ;) Awaiting some pictures of the car once cleaned.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm thinking the same. I would probably leave the hole in the rear bumper, scuffed front bumper, and the parking scrapes as I have very little car experience so my parking skills are somewhat lacking anyway, after years on motorbikes! The seller says a bodyshop he spoke to reckoned the bumper would pull out. He also said the headlights polish up okay I just want bodywork that will polish up nicely and doesn't have too many dings I suppose! Wheels wise, I reckon they're worth probably £500, so a bit rich for me on a £1200 car. Maybe in the future I'll hunt eBay for something cheaper. Sounds well looked after though, and the leather seats and quickshifter are nice additions, as are the lowering springs - something I would do to make it look a little less 4x4 had it not been done anyway. He said he has some better speakers for the front and rear he would include too. He's going to clean it tonight and send me some more pictures - fingers crossed it's in decent condition bar the rear bumper hole, and front bumper marks and the odd parking scrape. Only concern is that it's only MOT'd until September, but i'm able to work on it myself so wouldn't be the end of the world if it needed anything.
  4. Seller just responded - £1250. Car has a small odd hole in the rear bumper, and after a small bump the front bumper is pushed in slightly, and scuffed. Seller is including a matching PFL bumper. If the bumper matches putting this right would be a small job I think. Having never removed a bumper before i'm unsure - would getting the new one to line up be simply a case of fettling and bending the mounts/bumper bar slightly, or is it not this simple? Bike fairings are often mounted on metal brackets so easily tweaked. Sadly OZ Ultraleggera alloys not included in the price - does anyone know what would these be worth?
  5. I have already enquired ;) - Waiting for a response. Owners clubs always the best place to buy from. Thanks!
  6. Gutted... It was a state! Covered in dents and scuffs and was smoking hot when we got there, but the seller skirted around this completely. My step dad reckoned either the valve stem seals or head gasket were on their way out. Headlights were far cloudier than any headlights I've ever seen. Lots of amber things on the Toyota visual inspection sheet, including EML light and another light or two if I remember correctly on during the inspection which happened to be off today. Seller acted completely ignorant about anything mechanical but i'm not so sure. Rear tyres were very low too, and there was some odd long narrow welding under the driver seat. Seller would not let us drive it further than up and down the block of garages as supposedly it was uninsured and untaxed. A this point I told him it wasn't for me and left. A shame as I actually have become to like them and insurance is reasonable, and I did a £15 RAC check! Should have bought a bundle of HPI checks for £20 as it seems i'll use them! It looked a lot worse in person. As soon as I saw it I decided it wasn't what I expected or wanted, then mechanically my stepdad said nah too, he had concerns about the engine. I have a habit of buying the first motorbike I see and generally very clean examples and this just wasn't it. Not like me to walk away from the first I see, have usually almost decided before I'm there based on carefully studying the pictures and the vibe from the seller - hence why I did a proper HPI check before visiting and took a cash deposit with me. I wasn't expecting immaculate for £1200 but it was too much a state for me. Maybe I'll have to up my budget a bit but I'll keep looking around that money for now and see. It's a great engine from what i've read, and reasonable to insure so I think I might stop looking for around 1k cars and hunt for one of these... but i've not turned up anything nearby in good condition, for up to £1500 or so, and really want a car ASAP now!
  7. Superb, thanks for that! Some obvious things there but also some things I would have glossed over potentially! I am inexperienced in car buying, having had many motorcycles between 17 and 22 but only one car, a classic mini, which was written off in an accident before I even got to drive it on the road I'll PM you my email address now.
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Corolla-1-8-VVTL-i-T-Sport-3dr-1-Year-MOT-1200-ONO-/121646373199?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c52b0594f The seller said the mechanic wrote down "remove 3x front engine casing bolts, seal and refit" I'm going to look at it tomorrow with a view to buy if all is well, so any problem areas to look at, and info on which models have the VVT-I engine, and which have the VVTL-I engine would be hugely appreciated. Am I right in saying this car would have the 2ZZ-GE engine?
  9. Hi all, New here, and not very clued up on the Corolla so please forgive me. I've been looking into insurance and running costs of hot hatches and decided that the T-sport 1.8 Corolla is for me - especially as there is one in the local ads a shade over £1200, and I'm looking to buy a car ASAP. It has just over 100k miles on it, and according to the registration number is the VVTL-i T-sport model. Sadly pre-facelift, which is a shame, as I like the newer headlights, and the side skirts on the facelift, but the cheapest facelift in reasonable condition I can find is £2000, and to be honest, at the moment for me the less I hammer my savings the better! I understand the mechanical difference between VVT-i and VVTL-i, but which cars have which engine? Initially I thought the facelift cars had the VVTL-i engine, but it seems that isn't the case. I've read some bad things (if I remember correctly) about oil use on the VVT-i engines, and that the VVTL-i engine does not suffer from this - which is the engine this car appears to have when you look up the registration number. If anyone could explain the VVT-i vs. VVTL-i thing to me, and give me some things to look out for when I view the car that would be great. Apparently the car has an advisory for an oil leak on the MOT, but was quoted less than £50 to rectify. Where might this be? Is there a common place for oil to weep from on these engines thats accessible and easily fixed? I'm handy with the spanners so should be able to sort it myself if so. Car had a visual inspection (paperwork included) by a Toyota dealer in December. I have read it is wise to check that when the car is at operating temps there is an increase in power at 6,200rpm due to the valve lift, and to look for valve lift bolt replacement in the servicing invoices. Other than that i'm clueless as to problem areas on these cars. Thanks in advance, Matt.
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums 13aines :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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