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  1. Hi all, Season's greetings. I have just paired up my new phone I got for Christmas with my Yaris system. I had a phone paired previously, but now all my contact names are in there twice. Does anyone know how to to edit the list? Any advice will be gratefully received. Thank you Chris Howard
  2. Thanks very much for all the tips. I don't actually have the car yet, it's being delivered on Friday. But I noticed a slight ding that might need a bit of touching up before the wife sees it, so I thought I'd be efficient for once and get some touch up paint beforehand. Typically though, I forgot to look on the VIN plate. But it's quoted in the dealer's ad as Deep Aqua, but I can't find it on any of the online lists. Thanks again all.
  3. Hello, Can anyone please tell me the colour code for Deep Aqua Metallic? Many thanks Best wishes Chris