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  1. What diff to the engine is there on the 140bhp to the 190bhp model? Are they reliable cars? Decent mpg?
  2. Is that the best celica u can buy? What prices do they sell for?
  3. What do people think of their cars? I am looking into buying a vvti ,And would like to know what they are like? Whats the good points and bad points according to owners? At the moment i run a 200bhp Ibiza cupra but would like to change to something a bit sportier looking. So Whats the best version to go for? Cheers Allan
  4. online tonight. they'll be on http://www.urbanracing.co.uk in the events section
  5. oh and a ibiza cupra aint 1400kg its 1170kg
  6. Wouldnt say that. Some of the guys have recorded high 13's 1/4 mile which aint to shabby.
  7. I own a ibiza cupra 1.8 20vt an can defo say that the leon cupra r would easy beat a clio anyday. When chipped they can reach around the 250bhp mark. In fact i recon my 200bhp would easy beat a clio 172
  8. Ap_coupe

    Turbo Mr2

    Me think i will get 1 now.Cheers james for letting me have a look plus a quick ride in it(no jokes) Its a nice car also darn quick.
  9. Ap_coupe

    Turbo Mr2

    turbo fun.yep defo for me.
  10. Ap_coupe

    Turbo Mr2

    i can get insured under my dads insurance for a gts for £900
  11. Ap_coupe

    Turbo Mr2

    are they the same in preformance? whats the bhp on them?
  12. Ap_coupe

    Turbo Mr2

    whats the diff between the gts turbo and the gt turbo?
  13. Ap_coupe

    Turbo Mr2

    i never knew they were so high.Well that may well stop me getting 1. Why are they same group as evo's?
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