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  1. Sidrat

    Cabin noise

    When open get it to a dealer.
  2. On my previous Toyota hybrid (Auris TS) we went to New Zealand leaving the car in a car park near Heathrow for five weeks. When we got back it started without a problem and the drive battery was virtually at the same level as when we left it.
  3. Totally agree and understand these but getting back to the original post either there is something wrong with their ACC or it is finger trouble! Unfortunately as some dealerships are currently closed due to current circumstances they will have to live with it until such time that the workshop can look at it.
  4. Looks like a trip to the dealers when they are open again.
  5. If the drive selector is at B (maybe used to decelerate coming up to a roundabout) the ACC will not engage, it has to be in D. As for the ACC not detecting a stopped car I have never purposely seen a car stopped ahead and just left it to the ACC stop!
  6. If you have the gear selected to B the Cruise Control (CC) will not engage, to select CC press the right switch of the right hand steering wheel selector switch, the speed limiter is the left switch of the same selector.
  7. I have only seen my system display the speed, never seen any mentioned in the video!
  8. Here are some photos of my installation, as previously posted here the front camera is a Nextbase 380GW, the rear a Roadhawk Vision. The first photo is my view from the drivers seat, you can just see the cable for the front one on the top left of the rear view mirror, if you zoom in on the mirror you can see the rear camera in the top centre of the rear window. Second and third photos are better views of both cameras, last photo a closer view of what I see in the mirror.
  9. If it can't be seen from the drivers position the same as mine can't I would think it is just to the left of the sensor box, it does not matter being that short distance from the centre of the car. I suggested to Toyota UK last year that with the car having a camera in the front anyway why don't they add a slot for an SD card and have the ability to use it as a dashcam as well, other makers are now doing this.
  10. I have front & rear on my Touring Sport, got a deal for the front one from the dealership so they fitted it with a hardwire kit included, it's a Nextbase 380GW. They fitted it just to the left of the mirror, it cannot be seen from the driving position, the rear one is a Roadhawk Vision that is nice and small so even sat in the centre of the rear screen at the top it is hardly noticeable in the mirror.
  11. Mine only picks up speed signs.
  12. It's £50 if you have it installed when having a service!
  13. What version is it?
  14. Yes it does and it illuminates the rear stop lights.