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  1. This time of year mine seems to have a fair amount of foggy windows inside in the morning. It has not got wet on the inside (leaving a window open when raining etc), other makes I have owned have not fogged up as much, anyone else had this?
  2. The rear parking sensor beep is not loud enough in my opinion, I have increased the volume for it but it is still too quiet, the front ones are fine.
  3. They still have not sorted receiving FM traffic information when in DAB! Also if using a USB to play music and traffic information cuts in if you press cancel on the screen it goes to the radio not back to the USB, this worked correctly on the Auris.
  4. The cable in the roof lining was easy, I loosened the sleeve at the car end and got the cable through using a 'fish wire', then once pulled through re-attached the sleeve to the car. The plastic cover comes off easily, the only thing I did was use a small round file on the edge to make a half-round slot where the cable exits to the camera so the plastic panel sits flat. I have just measured from the socket in the boot to the camera, it measures 1.4m, 1.5 would give you a little extra to play with. Mine was about 2m long, I just lost the excess behind the trim!
  5. Yes the rear one goes to the socket in the boot, the cable from the socket, goes up the carpet a short way (held in place by some short strips of Velcro hooks), then under the plastic trim and roof lining to the smaller of the two umbilical sleeves to the boot door, though this to where the camera is mounted.
  6. I was using Sygic satnav using mirrorlink for a time and it worked flawlessly.
  7. I do 10 miles to work each day and have not had a problem in the last year. As for leaving for a long time last year we went on holiday and left or previous hybrid an Auris for five weeks, when we got back it opened and started without a problem.
  8. Sorry, as it was not clear in the question as to why, only some do not realise there is a power one as well, the setup you are suggesting should work!
  9. Why not use the power USB in the arm rest!
  10. Sorry, never used the voice control, have you tried "Cancel" in a phrase!
  11. But it does not override the navigation, the signs on my route go to 30 then national limit for quarter mile then 30 but the car displays 30 all the time even though the signs clearly change and are not obstructed!
  12. I have a place near where I work that goes from national speed limit to 30 entering a village, after 20 yards I turn left and the limit goes back to national (normal large signs either side of the road), the car still indicates 30. After quarter mile limit goes to 30 again. When I go in the opposite direction I get the same. I think it uses speed limits in the sat nav as it's main reference and the camera as a back-up.
  13. Asked my dealer and they did it for me, no charge!
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