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  1. Had an interesting one today, drove home, parked on my drive, switched off the car, radio was still playing. Started car again, turned it off radio still playing. Tried different things just would not turn off, last resort I did a factory reset of the system, all cured.
  2. When did you pick up your car? I got mine at the start of April, I wonder if the firmware has changed.
  3. Sorry for the wobbly video I was doing it on my tablet, as you can see the view perspective moves slightly when changing from 2D to 3D, as I said not really 3D. 20220617_184416.mp4
  4. If you enter a route and press Go, switch between 2D & 3D and the view angle moves slightly but not what I would class as 3D. Another thing I have noticed is the nav system keeps losing any favourites I save. They are there for a few weeks and then disappear. Another email to Toyota tech report.
  5. The 3D gives a slightly angled viewpoint, as you say they look the same. I have put a query into the Toyota tech team and they replied that a future update may change it. If others on here contact the tech team they might do something about it. On my Corolla the satnav would not default to 3D mode, quite a few people put requests into Toyota UK and it did get fixed.
  6. Martin, still put a photo on here, someone will find it useful.
  7. I live in a small Norfolk town, I see two others regularly and occasionally a third, four (including mine) is not bad for a population of just over 7000.
  8. Just had an update for the new 9" cloud system on the Yaris Cross, unlike the Touch 2 I had on my Corolla that took over an hour to install from a USB stick the Yaris Cross update took 10 mins to download and install.
  9. As I have posted on here earlier when I was tracking my car, wherever your car is if it goes back to the previous location it is actually on the move to the next location. IE your car is showing in Grimsby and it next shows it as being in Zeebrugge it is actually on the way to Burnaston, it appears when it gets scanned out of it's current location (Grimsby) the tracking system looses it and puts it to the previous know location (Zeebrugge).
  10. Customisation starts on page 498 of the manual, nothing in there about selecting the number of doors that unlock, you're stuck with all of them!
  11. User name & password - not seen that try registering again with the My T app. Doors unlock - you can't as far as I'm aware, in will open all doors. Brake hold - you can't, was the same on the Corolla I had, annoying but you have to select it each time you switch on the car. Camera - if you have just the reversing camera thats it, if you have the city pack with the 360° camera from what I have read that is also fixed, when selected it shows you out the back and a 360° of the car, that's all.
  12. At my dealers they have a reveal room, you walk in and there are seats etc and at the far end a floor to celing glass all black. They put the lights on and beyond the glass is a brightly lit room with polished black granite flooring with your car parked in there. It allows you to inspect the car and body work in a well lit setting. When you leave they open some bi-fold doors and off you go. Quite new built showroom.
  13. Now switched off, thanks Michael for the pointer.
  14. The dealers did not mention this, just gave some weird explanation about it happens every so many openings of someone sitting in the rear seats. As I told him that cannot be true as someone has only sat in the back twice.
  15. Every so often when switching off the car I get a "Check rear seat" warning. This is with nothing placed on the seats, having the seat belts plugged in makes no difference. Has anyone else had this or know how to stop it, I was at my dealers this week and asked them, someone in servicing waffled on about the system does this but I was not convinced.
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