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  1. Download the online manual, 640 pages long!
  2. Went in to dealership today to see when the update for the satnav bug will be in, they are waiting for a USB stick to arrive with it on then they will be getting in touch, no estimate of when it will be though.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it, just a question that might sound picky, why in Canada and the US is it called the 2020 Corolla when it is only 2019? Is this a US thing that Canada has adopted?
  4. No I was on the A1 on a flat section doing 70 MPH, the traffic slowed to 60 MPH and it switched to electric only mode and we maintained that speed on electric for about a mile until the speed increased then the engine cut in again. As I said in my Auris I had only had a maximum of about 45 MPH in a similar situation.
  5. Don't know about the 2.0, I have the 1.8, will be filling up within a few days and will have what the actual MPG is!
  6. Ordered my Corolla same spec you are getting at the start of March and picked it up at the end of May so you have got a good delivery time. Just be aware originally I was given a mid April date but it went backwards!
  7. Just swapped my Auris TS 1.8 for a Corolla TS 1.8, really like the Corolla and differences between the transmission. In the Auris it would do a maximum of about 45 mph on electric, in the Corolla at the weekend I had 60mph on just electric. MPG is also better in the Corolla.
  8. Just done my renewal, saved £80 through Adrian Flux, thanks Dan & team.
  9. My previous Toyota, an Auris TS 1.8 that I purchased when it was a year old in 2016 I kept a record until I sold it last month throughout that time I averaged 53.7 MPG. My distance to work was 10 miles so in the winter by the time I was at the end of my journey it had not long got up to temp. I was quite satisfied with what I was getting for the engine size, the best I got for a tank full was 60.2 in the summer. The indicated average for each tank usually read about 2-3 MPG more than what I actually got and this was constant over the time I had that car!
  10. If available it will try and use EV for as long as possible, once the battery gets as low as it will allow the engine will start and take over, power the car forward and re-charge the battery.
  11. My Corolla shows miles range based on what's left in the tank, I assume it works this out based on fuel left multiplied by average fuel used, in simple terms. I don't think it could take the battery into the equation as it will not know what type of driving you are going to do for the remainder of the tank. Might be wrong, only someone in the know at Toyota would be really be able to fully answer!
  12. I had a 2015 Auris TS and now have a Corolla TS 1.8. Things I have found between the two, around 30 or below the Corolla will stay in EV mode longer than the Auris, the Corolla is quieter than the Auris. I preferred the drive selector of the Auris, overall very pleased with the Corolla
  13. Don't think it's available in the UK, same as no Blind Spot Monitor, HUD or Powered Boot Door!
  14. My last car had keyless entry (Auris), at home I have a tin box on the wall to put the keys in and when away a passport RFID passport sleeve to put them in. I got the Design Corolla as the only main difference was the keyless entry and the difference in price was not worth it, plus I don't have the keyless worry!
  15. Had a call today from Toyota and dealership, there is a bug with the nav system retaining the 3D setting. Dealer is currently downloading an update and will apply it to their demonstrator, if that fixes it they will then have me in to update mine. Contact your dealers about updating your systems!