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  1. Reported this in April, the TA does not work on DAB on the Corolla, even after the latest firmware update still not working! Since I have had my car the TA system has only worked 2 or 3 times in DAB. The firmware update has fixed the Cancel function for TA when using USB music now but I found on Friday that if you are using the Satnav and a TA cuts in there is no option to cancel it now, the option has been removed.
  2. The download on your computer will be a ZIP file, you need to extract it first on your computer, the date of the file under Date modified will be the date you downloaded the file. Mine is called - Assuming you have a Windows PC, locate the file, right click on it and select Extract all and follow the instructions. The files will be unzipped (usually to a folder with the same name as the original file minus the .zip), locate the new folder, open it and inside should be a folder called FMU, it is this folder you need to copy and paste to your empty USB stick. Inside the FMU folder are four files with .iso on the end, the will all be copied across to the USB when you copy & paste the FMU folder. Put the USB stick into the USB socket on your car (on the lower dashboard), start your car and after a short time the update should kick in. Follow the prompts and when requested enter the verification code and the update will then properly start, it takes about one hour during which time you must keep your car switched on fully not accessory mode, this is most important! If I remember correctly it loads 21 files but it will tell you as it goes through which file it is on, wait until the system restarts and everything should be back to normal. Normally during the update the clock on the dash will freeze, once the update is complete it should show the correct time.
  3. Try contacting Toyota UK and see what they say, as stated by others this is a fix for items that do not work correctly, it's a fault fix! Try a different dealership, they do not inspire confidence.
  4. The 2D North is fixed by the new firmware update done by your dealership, it also fixes a few other glitches in the system!
  5. I've not had that but find the volume of the rear sensors not loud enough, I have got them set on the loudest setting but if the audio is on you can hardly hear them. Dealership say there is nothing they can do!
  6. New firmware updated today and it looks like it has fixed the satnav 3d view problem, not found anything else that has changed yet. Whilst in there they also did another map update, I said it had been done a couple of weeks ago but they said a new one had come out!
  7. Si, have you noticed any other fix?
  8. In the settings, if you select the default view for the satnav to be 3D, once you switch off the car and on again it goes back to 2D north view. Sometimes it might retain it for a couple of starts but eventually it reverts to 2D mode, see section 3.5 of the Toyota Touch manual.
  9. Had a call from my dealership this afternoon to say that the new firmware for the 2019 Corolla has been released to dealers. They have updated on of the show cars and it fixes the Satnav 3D view fault along with a few other things. Car is now booked in for next week for the update. Please note this is not the map update but the operating system update only available to dealers.
  10. Mirrorlink works while in motion it just needs a compatible app (like Sygic) but as stated Sygic currently want £33.40 to enable it. Mind you how does the new phone use law apply to mirrorlink? You could argue that if you touched to car screen you are technically controlling your phone!
  11. It is Sygic who want the 33 quid for the mirrorlink add-on, they did it as a free trial and it worked ok but now the trial period is over it will not work.
  12. You can if prepared to pay £33.49 for the mirrorlink add-on which is more than I paid for premium worldwide maps! They have offers every so often so will wait and see if they reduce the price.
  13. I use Sygic, been using it for a few years now and realy like it, handy when driving abroad.
  14. Thanks for that Timmon, it has made it louder.
  15. I feel the one in the rear is too quiet, even with the audio turned down it is difficult to hear.