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  1. For the temperature access the settings screen on the dashboard display using the steering wheel buttons and find units, it should be in there. Page 129 of the full manual (download from web required).
  2. I have a problem with mine that is in another thread. When listening to music on a USB, if a Traffic Announcement (TA) comes on you get Cancel and Continue on the screen, if you press Cancel nothing happens and the TA continues. Wish they had what my wife's 2018 Aygo and some of my previous cars (3 Yaris), to cancel a TA just press Mode switch on the steering wheel, it cancels the TA and goes back to what the system was doing. I have reported it to Toyota UK but they don't think there is a problem, I have managed to video it twice and am going to send them both.
  3. It seems the update won't be available until sometime in the Autumn, October was mentioned!
  4. Sidrat

    Map update

    Ian, if you do this in the future, extract the file to a folder on your PC or MAC then copy it to the USB! Extracting a large file like this on a USB will take a long time as compared to the hard drive on your computer they are really slooooooow.
  5. Standard 32Gb USB 2 FAT 32, files are .mp3 format arranged in folders, one for each album. Standard tags for files with track number, song title etc. Don't put all the files in one folder as the system can only handle a maximum of 255 files per folder, maximum number of folders is 3000, maximum total files is 9999.
  6. Well have spoken too soon, got in the car this morning and when you select the Navigation screen the system is back to 2D North, went through the Setup and changed it to 3D. Later on drove again and back to 2D North again. As I said earlier it seems to change as it sees fit, will have to wait until the forecast fix comes out in the Autumn.
  7. Sidrat

    Stop Sat Nav

    You have to Delete the destination! In the Navigation screen, press the three dots ... , press Route, then press Delete, this will stop the navigation. Note it does not delete it from your Favourites if that was where it was selected from. Same system as the new Corolla.
  8. Sidrat

    Map update

    On mine which is post-update under Setup, General, Software update, it lists the version against - navdb_version as 2019v1. I would have thought that the system would not install an item that was not required (assuming Toyotas software engineers got it right of course).
  9. I had the same problem, did the map update the other day and apart from the first time I used it after the update it has stayed in 3D view! Bite the bullet and do the update and hopefully that will cure it.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I did a two hour journey, nothing much on the radio so I plugged in my USB music stick to listen to that. Whilst using the Navigation system a TA on FM cut in, as it was not for the area I was in I pressed the on-screen Cancel button and nothing happened, the TA carried on, I had to press the Audio button, Continue then Source, select USB then press the Map button to get back to where I was. Most annoying and not very safe having to make so many selections! On my three Yaris I had you only had to press the Mode button on the steering wheel to cancel a TA and go back to what the system was doing before, this is also the same for my wife's 2018 Aygo (I know it's a different system). You would think they would make systems with similar functionality the same. Anyway bottom line is the on-screen Cancel button does nothing in this situation, I reported it to Toyota UK but they claim there is no problem and if it persists to go to the dealer. I managed to get it on video this morning on my way to work (I pulled over in a layby). 20190731_071947.mp4
  11. Sidrat

    Map update

    Since this post I have been checking each time I use the car and now seems to have settled down to the 3D view each time I select the Navigation system, maybe the 2D glitch post update was a one-off!
  12. Sidrat

    Map update

    Spoke too soon about the 3D view setting, checked it on the way to work this morning, defaulted back to 2D view. Tonight checked again and now back to 3D view, system seems to make it up as it wants!
  13. Touring Spot has two power sockets, one under the armrest and one in the boot.
  14. Sidrat

    Map update

    Did mine tonight, took 61 mins to complete. At least the 3D view setting is now fixed!
  15. I had a 2015 Auris Touring Sport Excel and it did not have HID or LED headlights. Remember that now on the MOT if you fit a HID lamp conversion it will fail (I believe it is the same for an LED lamp) - "Some vehicles may be fitted with High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps. It is not permitted to convert existing halogen headlamp units for use with HID bulbs. If it is clear that such a conversion has been carried out, rather than replacing the entire unit with one designed and approved for use with HID bulbs, the headlamp should be rejected. "