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  1. offashead

    16 inch

    Okay. So he may be able to do it. I will see what he has to say. Thanks for your help as always, tricky one really.
  2. offashead

    16 inch

    Hi folks. A friend of mine has bought an Hybrid Exel Auris to be used in the taxi business, this type of car was bought on my recommendation. The guy loves the car except for 4 things, the wheels/tyres. Mine has the sensible 16 inch wheels his the not so sensible 17 inch ( low profile). He has asked me to ask yourselves ( he might join in later though) if he can put 16 inch steel wheels on the car? I said, I would ask. I know there was some discussion somewhere on these issues but I can't remember or find the outcome. I couldn't give him a definitive answer but, I suggested he call Toyota and his insurance company. My Auris is still great by the way and will update my report after it hits the 30,000 miles service. Thank you.
  3. Just an update on the working Auris. Recent service at 20,000 miles. Result, nothing needed. I did however buy two new front tyres for the car. Davanti DX390, very, very quiet. Toyota wanted a ridiculous amount for two tyres, so I passed. Anyway, the car is still up in the high 60's mpg and often in the 70/80's, quite simply, amazing, no rattles and still looks like new. My bill for fuel over 500 miles aprox, is, around 30 to 35 quid. That will do me.
  4. Hi. took the Auris for a service, inquired about headlights, handed over the bulletin reference. Result, nothing. It appears my headlights are fine, but , I don't think so. Was I fobbed off? Any suggestions? Add in the fact it took them 5 hours to get me the car back, one hour more than it should of been, leaving me, losing money and less than impressed. After all it was only a 20,000 mile service. The saving grace was, the service was free and there were no problems ? with the vehicle. The headlights, still worry me.
  5. No only the Auris 2014. I must change that. Anyway does the above bulb need a change, not sure what you mean by a HIR2 bulb? Just checked my profile and I can't change the model. Edit
  6. Thanks Thanks very much. I will do just that, I have no idea what bulb is in there but will ask anyway.
  7. I find the headlights poor too. Auris hybris sports wagon ( estate) 2014. Mines due for a service in a month or so, should i ask?
  8. Well done there. Great car, so relaxing. Don''t think about it get one thats what I say ( My keyboards a bit strange) Like Tonino says.You can drive them all day and not get tired. Mines a taxi and its fabulous, meanwhile the others in town are all driving dirty diesels and wont listen to me. Crazy. Most of all though, my customers love it and I get requests for it, add in the fact that ( and I keep this up to date on here) its still in the low 60s mpg even in this weather, is very comfortable and effortless to drive, its a no brainer for anyone wanting another car. Everyone should have one.
  9. Glad you"re liking the hybrid. Very relaxing isn't it. I never seem to get flustered in it unlike manual cars which drive me potty, all that gear changing and stuff, its so yesterday.I seem to be able to drive it all day and not get tired or uncomfortable. Very cool car.
  10. Hi. When at the lights, I put the handbrake on but I don't use neutral, never have done, no need to as the handbrake will hold the car. You may have to pull it further if on a downward slope. I try and keep the car in the green band too, it's impossible all the time so don't worry, I also use eco mode all the time, you get used to it after a while and forget about it. The car will still take off if you floor it, try it.
  11. If you drive in the dark or close to dark you will see the LED brake lights (top of rear screen) cant remember the name of them, come on or not depending on foot pressure. This is in the estate version.
  12. Lets be clear. When using the brakes very lightly but with pressure on the pedal the brake lights remain off. Only when you apply the brakes with more force do the lights come on. I tend to use a lot of regenerative braking in the hybrid, in other cars I would use engine braking. However in normal cars engine braking is quite tricky when going downhill, but in the hybrid this is very easy without using B mode. Just apply pressure to the pedal and the car starts slowing down gently or on a steep hill the car holds it speed while charging the batteries. We have to remember that most drivers brake late and drive to close, so I always control their actions by using my mirrors to assess the situ before the manoeuvre. If they are very close on my tail the brake light comes on, if not then happy days and I save more fuel. I have noticed some aggressive behaviour towards Hybrid driving, but hey ho, i"m the one who pockets the difference and feels chilled out. The aggressors are the fools who are heading for a heart attack, a day in court or worse.
  13. Quick update. As you know the weather is very cold, so I am pleased to say, after using the Auris over the last few days as a taxi and doing mostly town driving it's still in the 60s mpg wise. More detail. Heater on at 26 auto but sometimes I turn the fan down a little. No warm up as such but I did leave it running outside the house for 10 mins before I set off for work ( the ICE didn't go off), heating on full blast plus air con, plus mirrors and back window heater ( I do like to be warm) Heater left on in ready mode for say 1.5 hours during waiting time between jobs over a 9 hour period. No M/way driving, miles covered approx 100 today, 100 yesterday. Weather between 0,1 and 2 degrees including snow. To say I'm impressed is a understatement. Handling in the conditions described, very balanced and responsive with no loss of traction. Car performed flawlessly in all other respects too. One thing I will point out. You of course may know this already. When using the brakes as in regenerative ( lightly) mode, the brake lights are not activated, this can cause some confusion to those who brake late or are too close behind you. Just an observation.
  14. Well, my Auris is still doing 60 plus mpg no matter what the weather or what road I'm on. Quite remarkable really. I had to have sometime off due to eye problems so the car still has only 10,550 miles on the clock rather than an estimated 15,000, if I had of been fit. I do not do any warm up period either. For those that don't know, the vehicle ( estate/sportswagon hybrid 2014) is used as a taxi. Fantastic car, without doubt the best car I have ever driven and I've driven a lot of cars.
  15. Congrats! Why FREE? Possibly a deal when buying the car I'm guessing. Correct sir. When I bought it, they chucked in two free services, bless em. I must say the people at the dealership were very good, and explained all that was done ( not much ) in detail. However one thing baffled me. They say I need the brake fluid draining after 20,000 miles? Also they advised me to do a couple of sharp breaking exercises to keep the discs clean, something I don't tend to do as I am a light and early brake type of person.