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  1. Is there anyone out there who can help me. Toyota Rav 4d4 2002 My rav will not start when hot. When my temperature guage gets up to half way it will not start, even when going to the garage and trying to jump start it. I have had so far, had it on the diagnostic machine and no faults found. I have had a crankshaft sensor fitted, and also a coolant temp sensor fitted. I stalled the car at the traffic lights the other night whilst hot stuck in the middle of the road myself and my daughter had to push it out of the way of the traffic and sit in it until temp guage had gone down (which was on a hot evening which took an hour) until it would start. Please can anyone give me some ideas as to what else it could be... The engine will turn but just will not fire. Also failed to mention fitted a new fuel filter, had new turbo fitted as whilst I had bad starting when hot the turbo went.