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  1. The filter is standard and has just been changed during the service. The hose was just shoved into the housing and was flapping around in there because it’s not even close to the original diameter. 😆 I’ve discarded it completely.
  2. Yup! And the hose was just shoved in. Nowhere near the correct size. 😆
  3. I’ve used the same mechanic for ten years - he’s in Northampton. I sourced the clutch myself (ADL blueprint), and the labour was six hours at £45. It’s Auto Solutions Northampton.
  4. Thank god, no! It’s gone now anyway. I’m just glad I got away with it being there for the time I’ve had the car so far. 😬
  5. Don’t worry - I’ll make sure it’s in a safe place away from the wet. 👍🏻
  6. That’s what I thought. It looks like an insane idea. I’ll see if I can redirect it into the engine bay for now until I can replace it with the stock one.
  7. Just to bring closure to this thread, I had the clutch replaced last week and it’s smooth as now. £135 for the clutch and £288 for labour was less than I expected, so I’m happy.
  8. This is strapped to the bottom of my Yaris 1.8 SR, and I’m assuming that it’s not standard? It’s hitting every speed bump I go over and I’d rather it wasn’t there. Can I remove it and replace with something less obtrusive? Edit: also, isn’t this going to suck a load of crap up into the filter from this location?
  9. Yes, I assumed that too. He’s never let me down in a decade.
  10. I decided to follow your advice and have sourced a Blue Print from eBay. I chose a seller with an exemplary 100% feedback score of over 47 thousand items, so I'm pretty confident I'll get what I'm paying for.
  11. This one. https://www.fensport.co.uk/collections/toyota-yaris-1-8-sport-zsp90-11-06-12-10/products/clutch-kit-yaris-1-8-sport-zsp90-09-08
  12. The kit I found on their site is the cheapest I could see anywhere.
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