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  1. I've personally never understood why people need to put in 6x9 speakers in car audio setups, if they already have a sub in the boot. Anyway, try and set all the level inputs on the amp to minimum, and set the output level on the headunit to about 3/4, put all other setting to zero as in bass treble balance fader EQ, then find a cd track with lots of bass output and play on repeat. From this, slowly turn up the amp output level on sub first, till you think it's kicking nicely to not too much. Then turn up the level on the other channels again till its playing nicely but not over powering the su
  2. the only way i did it in my corolla, from look in the engine bay, on the passenger side, should be a wiring loom going through the main bulkhead, make a small hole in the rubber grommet and feed the cable through. If you need a pic of what i'd done, let me know, and will try and get a pic for you then
  3. check to see if the compressor is working ok. If you can, try find somebody with an air-con gauge, connect it on see you can see if it has pressure, if not you can get top-up cans from halfords for air-con, so get a can and inject it in, see if that helps. otherwise, it could be a case of get toyota garage to give it a check over.
  4. I uploaded many pics of my install of my car in various forms. Many of the pics have survived and are in my gallery of pics, but still quite a few pics that i know that are missing. I know the forum got updated sometime ago, and various things changed in the process, which happened to be gallery pics. Lucky for me, and after some searching on google i've managed to find some, not all, of the pics that i know i thought i lost. I'm not sure if this was part of the change within the forum, and was to make space for newer stuff to be replaced with, but would be good to see this added back to the f
  5. Ok, it's official, finally selling my car :( Please find more details of it here http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=138077
  6. Toyota Corolla T-Spirit - SOLD!!
  7. Nearly ten years old and currently just over 95K miles, my beloved Corolla is no longer to be. I've had a lot of fun over the years with my car, and my biggest pride has to be my install, which quite alot of you (i'm sure) know about and a few have seen and heard it too. A big thanks to all that's helped me here, and thanks to all the peeps i've helped along as well with their install too. I'm going to keep the car for a little while, but when i do come to sell it, willing post it here. Bing
  8. Trust me, my JL taken alot of bashing with what i play through it, and its still surviving, so i don't know which sub you had. My sub can handle the full +15 of sub output from the H/U, but i've got my crossover set to a lower level about 80Hz i think, and the input level is about 1/3 to 1/2 level, so perhaps thats why you popped the sub if it was on a higher level. You need to set the H/U output level to about 3/4 full not max (eg max level is 30 set to 25),play a bassy track or test CD but becareful if you do, then at the amp input, raise from minimum level upwards to the loudest level you c
  9. Oh, don't get me wrong, my boot not just for display purposes, has to get used everyday for everything and anything, so yes, my sub has been been bashed a few times, but not something i'm too fussed about, besides, if something is leaning on it, a quick turn of the volume soon moves it away Bing
  10. I've had my JL Audio sub now for nearly 8years now, and it sounds better than any sub i've had in the past. My sub had a rich solid sound, sometimes even a lazy tone depending on the music i'm listening too, but depending on people's setup, most i've heard of them sounds boomy even overpowering to the rest of the setup as they got it set to a louder level than the rest of the system.
  11. A single DIN H/U look A Double DIN H/U look And just to boot, my boot install look All the pics is what i've had in my car at one point, or still have There are lots of other peeps with different installs, so just sit and wait to see whatelse pops up too, and see which one you like the look of Bing
  12. If your H/U looks like this Then the back will look like this But to answer your question, you can't directly connect an amp to it, you can try and change the speakers outputs to preouts by using these, LINE OUTPUT CONVERTERS
  13. I never trusted my trip computer very much, giving me silly reading, so it quickly got dumped, and change for my Alpine H/U, never looked back But, you can do a general sort of MPG, from a full tank of fuel. Next time you fill up, remember the mileage, then next time you fill up, see how much fuel you put in this time and check mileage again, so you will have reading like this. Previous mileage (eg) 20,000miles End mileage (eg) 20,500miles Amount of fuel filled 45litres So you covered a distance of 500miles, and fill up with 45litres of fuel. Ok, convert litres to gallons, so approximately
  14. As i'm not sure what sort of unit you have installed in your vehicle, i'm guessing a double DIN H/U should be able to sort you out, something like these LINKY Even if you have a whole new install, it will be a damn slight cheaper than what you've been quoted for.
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