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  1. Gave the car a quick wash down and a double coat of wax before the weather turns. I'm really happy with the work the guys did. I did have a sharkfin aerial before the respay. Took that off as it was discoloured, glad I did that as the paint around it was starting to crack. The guys also touched up areas around the between the roof and the hinges on the back door, they even fixed the bad paintwork around the petrol cap.
  2. Hey all, in the end i didnt go for the wrap, the amount of peeling/cracked paint was too extensive for me to personally strip it down. He's now in the bodyshop and has caused issues for the guys doing the respray as its so bad 😞 I should be picking him up tomorrow, will share pics once i've picked him up
  3. It doesn't have a full history. I do appreciate what you've said and have taken that into account. I did ask Toyota and they said no to which I am thankful for them replying and not ignoring. My options are going to go for a half wrap. I'll be removing the paint from the roof with some paint stripper once I a decent recommended stripper before it goes in for the wrap. Cheers
  4. Yes, there is an issue with the paint, but the cold weather has made it worse as the metal has shrunk and then expanded as it warmed up slightly. The paint has split in places where it was fine and has now flaked. I'm looking to get it wrapped, I will do what I can to prep the areas where it is flaking by sandinging down those areas. Fingers crossed that by the time it goes in for the wrap it doesn't get any worse. A full body wrap would be around £1450. Wrapping the top half is coming in at £550. Mod edit. I was hoping Toyota might agree but they won't I've accepted that, but it will make me think about owning any other Toyota vehicles because of this.
  5. I have thought about it, I'd like to weigh up all the options and costs.
  6. With the really cold weather we've had recently, our IQ has suffered badly with the temperatures changing which has caused the paint to split. I've reached out to Toyota and they fobbed me off with the usual "Its outside of the manufacturers warranty" For those who have had to pay for a repaint, what have you paid? I have a rough quote of 700 as it does require primer to be put on once they have stripped it down to where they are comfortable the paint won't split.
  7. Mark_P

    Battery issue

    The Battery is supposed to last 5+ years. The original in Einstein 2010 gave up last year and was showing signs of it not keeping a charge and it actually gave up completely while parked in a service station. You may as well replace it as it will give on you sooner or later.
  8. Hi David, They will fit, however, be a bit careful of the really cheap ones, I've got two different ODB devices and one of them (really cheap one) would interfere with the car electrics, such as turning off the traction control. If you can afford it, find one that is a bit more reliable is recommended by others.
  9. Don't worry, I won't be going near one of those decals, now if it was an Einstein Decal and I could have the wiper arm as a finger being waggled, I'd do it :)
  10. Hey Soeley, From what the chap in HongKong has told me that the AQUA/Prius C models have different coloured wiper arms for the various body colours which exist in Japan. I did ask him if he had painted it and he said no. I have just found one dealer https://www.amayama.com/ I would use them but the price is coming out at £63 with shipping. I'll keep looking until I find it somewhere cheaper.
  11. Hey Agent O, Thanks for the comments, its appreciated. The guys in HongKong have a good idea on what to do with their iQ's. BS814, has done some interesting things with his motor including new pistons, cylinder head porting. I'm very impressed with what he has done. I've taken a look at that link on Amazon, I may give that a go if I cannot find anyone in the UK/Europe selling an official part. I may try to import it from Japan if I can find anyone who will sell it overseas. Cheers. Mark
  12. Hey all, I've been following a few iQ owners on Instagram who live in HongKong and have seen one owner with a white rear wiper which I'd like to get my hands on but cannot because I cannot find a company that ships to the UK. Does anyone know of any company in the UK that sells this part, the part number is 083A2-52010 or 083A2-52020. The arms are from Prius C/AQUA. Instagram page for BS814 https://www.instagram.com/bs814/?hl=en Cheers, Mark
  13. I've never had any problems using Shell Nitro+ Premium in my 1.0 iQ. I try to use it all the time except when I'm skint and I fall back to Shell unleaded. I always find the higher rated fuel does help and it was all I used until earlier this year since I purchased my iQ and it helped me beat Toyota's 500 miles in an iQ from a full tank. With the standard fuel, I've not come close to 520 miles on a full tank (blame it on the weather and time of year)since I've started to use standard fuel. I do also have to say that I also use and have used Redex, Millers Petrol Power Ecomax and Archoil AR6200-EU (which is my fave additive - I only buy the 20ml sample pack twice a year to give me a boost)
  14. Found this on the HongKong version of shell website. It's called Dynaflex Technology http://www.shell.com.hk/en_hk/motorists/shell-fuels/shell-dynaflex-technology.html Mark
  15. Don't forget to tell Toyota that you are part of the High Mileage Club. http://blog.toyota.co.uk/high-mile-club My 09 iQ has done 102k miles so far, I've driven just over 22000 miles since taking ownership.
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