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  1. Hi TFF. Sorry, I can't help you with TTE parts. There are people in here who know alot, I'm sure someone will help you out. Rumor has it that TTE springs are basically Eibach. If it's true that could save you some money...
  2. Apo to stoma mou to pires liquidCTS... Tha arxisoume me ena kafedaki oloi mazi kai blepoume gia kana TSPORTclub (yaris kai corolles kai celices). Fantazeste, kammia dekaria TS se taksidaki? Translation: We have to get to know each other, since we're from the same country! a dozen TS corollas on the highway would look COOL! But we also have to stick to the point. Some of us do not seem to be facing interior quality problems. If anyone else from Greece has something to add please do so. Some people may take a look at this thread and things will be better for those of us who feel privileged to specific after sales services or remedies, and for the future buyers of our favorite nameplate.
  3. As a Greek CTS owner, I would like to contribute to this thread. I believe it is no coincidence many of us complain about the same things. Toyota should drastically make changes and make the interior of the Corolla more quiet. I also show some understanding because Toyota has changed the interior and exterior style of their cars (the Yaris being the first step) and it may take years for them to adjust to new concepts and designs. To make myself clear, think of how similar the interior of the 3 and 5 BMW series has been the past 10- 15 years. Past experience must be very helpful when sticking to similar design patterns. The dealer in Patra has been very helpful. There are some very intelligent mechanics there who dealt with most of my problems. They are so friendly they would even call me a month later to ask me if the squeak had really been terminated. I need to say that there are a few squeaks and vibrations which, I believe, cannot be solved. We could all benefit if the dealers cooperated here. Every time a problem is eliminated there should be a database where the problem and the remedy are recorded. This will save time and make things easier.
  4. Hi CTS03. I understand. I suggest you make a list of what bothers you and send a formal letter to Toyota Hellas and your local dealer. Ask for anything you believe you have the right to and demand for a very meticulous investigation of the noises you hear in the car. Toyota Hellas are extremely busy selling cars like they're hot cakes, maybe Toyota in general is more interested in the Formula 1 thing than in the creaks of the Corolla, but they are VERY sensitive to complaints. Also e-mail me at amanrain@hotmail.com and write 'Toyota' as the subject
  5. Hello! The sudden leap of power at 6200RPM which theoretically speaking could be considered a disadvantage (as opposed to a smoother production of power) is actually lots of fun, and will keep you smiling. Very noticable with 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. This 1.8L engine has been voted as the best engine within the 1.6 -1.9 range by some major techno magazine. Normally aspirated engines are a notion, a concept. They attract the most loyal and crazy fans. It's fun on the track though not perfect, friendly on the roads. If your lines are clear and your handling smooth, you can drive real fast without VSC intervention. The VSC will spoil your attempt to make the car oversteer when releasing the gas pedal in the middle of a squeaky curve, but it will keep you safe just as long as you don't overdo it. If you lose control of your car (may it never happen), it will violently slam the brakes at a very helpful sequence increasing your chances of regaining control. But it will not help you too much if you blast it at very sharp corners, where you get power understeer. The brakes will stop you just a meter ahead of a Type R. (Type R: Aprx - 38 meters, TS: 39 meters at the 60-0 task.) this means GOOD brakes. I love: The power, the comfort, the design, the interior, the brakes, the sunroof, the sound of the engine, the seats (very comfortable), the optitrons, the quality at which it rides. :D I don't really like: The feeling you're sitting as high as in an SUV, though I got used to that. :( The fact I can't travel at 3800-4000 rpm, due to an irritating engine hum. And it's at the most common traveling speed. :( I've been as honest as possible. Good luck at your choice. :)
  6. Oh, I hope you sort this out... I've been finding a couple of plastic L shaped thingies on the floor at the rear. Does anyone now where they come from? Does your TS have hooks for the driver's carpet not to be pushed to the pedals? Mine doesn't. The 1.6 version has them. Have the plastics at the back end of the front seat rails been kicked off their glue by back seat passengers? <_<
  7. My best 'duel' was with a diesel SUV. That new VW, tuareg I think it's called. It all happened starting at the tunnels from the French border at Monaco toward Ancona. It lasted 30 endless minutes and since we were three in the car + luggage I couldn't blast him, but kept tightly behind (we're gonna get this thread locked toooooo... ). At some point we reached a winding part of the road and I thought the VW would overturn. And I thought 'the guy's really trying here' so I blasted him on the curves. Then I waited for him to catch up and there it is, an endless straight. I'm in fourth gear, 182km/h at 8200 and shift into 5th. The VW is steadily behind me, some 30 meters approximately. By the time I reach 220 I've freaked out, that truck was still behind me. At 225 he had already reached my butt.. There some traffic at the horizon and we slam the brakes. I pull aside and he goes past me. And here comes the second straight after the traffic clears up. And here we start from 2nd gear. All the way from 2nd to 4th the gas pedal remained crushed at the floor. (I don't do this form 4th to 5th) I'm steadily behind him, some 20 meters behind. At 200 he tosses to the right to avoid the slipstreaming he had achieved before. I follow his tail as instantly as his reflection would. And there he gets it, at 225, just before I touch his bumber I face the air and we slowly go past him. He pretends he isn't looking but I'm sure his eyes were stuck to the left behind those black glasses.. :hokus-pokus: PS. That was a 4lane italian highway with armco's in the middle and not a single car in sight. I understand this doesn't fully justify my behavior. My apologies to anyone offended.
  8. Whatever you do, I suggest you make sure the overall diameter of the wheel remains the same. I believe you understand that 17 inch wheels necessitate the use of lower profile tyres in terms of maintaining it. Do the math. You are refering to a kind of 'urban legend', that those huge tyres on those shiny 18's will kind of 'muffle' the car's performance. There is a rationale here I believe because the two parameters here are aerodynamics (wider frontal surface of the tyre) and weight of course, due to the greater mass of the wheels. Then again, it is logical to assume that accelaration with 1st and 2nd gear should be better, thanks to better grip. To cut a long story short, I've read a test on that, a long time ago. I can't quote it, don't even remember the magazine, but I remember that the differences were so slight that we shouldn't be bothering. Differences that normally can't be noticed by the driver. On the other hand handling improves big time. Just as long as you don't overdo it. Like a cousin of mine. Who had 345 tyres on his Suzuki Samurai. LOL.
  9. I understand guys... I understand the variables within a 24hour test, and I shouldn't be calling a serious car like the 325 compact names. And I'm not being ironic. If there was a whole mess up of overtakings, pit stops for brake pads, discs, gearboxes and stuff and some of the cars didn't even get the chance for a decent, clear round then ok, I'll stick to the qualifying laps which make -some- sense... I strongly believe that the BMW is a luxurious, comfortable car which is far from competing hard-core cars like the RS or Type R or the WRX (the latter possessing all wheel drive and a really sophisticated system plus lots of torque), neither at the 1/4mile nor on a track. That's why there seems to be something seriously wrong with the race. The BMW is approximately as fast as the TS, perhaps faster at top speed due to the 25 torque at 3500 rpm. But that's all I guess. As far as reliabiliy goes, I would like to say that no 24h test can be taken seriously since a single car is not a statistically significant sample.
  10. Anger is all I feel right now. Shame on them. Shame on them. Shame on them. First of all for damaging the car. I have been on a racetrack in my TS on a scorching summer day. Shouldn't have but anyway. After three or four 1.18min rounds the temperature went up and I had to do a couple of gentle rounds to cool the motor down. And I always kept an eye on the gauge, never to approach the red marking. Those guys were not stupid. Maybe the other cars have better cooling systems. I can live with that. I'd rather race early in the morning. Those guys were not stupid. They were sly enough to burst the engine. Secondly, for insulting our intelligence. The whimpy, good-for-nothing-just-for-rich-and-useless-cream-kids BMW 325 compact was faster than a Focus RS, a WRX, a type R? Fatest lap so close to the Honda and faster than the aforementioned little beasts? HA HA HA HA. HA HA HA. HA. HA HA HA. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. HA HA HAA HAAA HA HAA HHAA HAA. HAAA HAA HAA HAAAA HA HA HA HAAA HAAA HAAA Is this were we :censor: laugh? This was a travesty, a parody of a test. I've seen such tests before in Greek magazines and just read between the lines to see whats undermining the outcome. In my country, in one of our two race tracks the WRX is as fast as the Honda and the RS, and 3-4 secs faster than the TS in an approximately 70 seconds racetrack. That's what happens in my country and I've got V-box results, documentation and anything else required to prove it from a very reputable Greek mag. Also, I've got a cool greek article that compares the BMW to the Honda on a theoretical approach, where it is stated that there in no comparison in terms of performance. Like comparing a wheelchair to racecar. Crossing some line here? So did their blasphemy toward cars like the Honda and the Ford. This was not supposed to be a luxury test, I suppose... So what the heck are they talking about? I can even kick the crap out of the kitty-kitty-kitty BMW in my TS. Anytime any place. Or maybe it's not propaganda... Maybe they're just useless. Maybe the cars were randomly handed out to members of their families. Little 18year old crazy johnny got the BMW and grandpa got the Honda. They blew the best 1.8 engine in the world... :censor:
  11. :D Nice.. download ladarider from kazaa, a short video-parody of knight rider, with a lada!
  12. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=ST&f=3&t=1428& Also take a look at this. I believe that the 1-1000meters task clearly shows what will happen if you drag race any of these cars. The TS is damn quick! :arrgg-matey:
  13. Hi there, enjoy your car! Well, I think it is explicit that our favorite nameplate has pulled a little marketing trick here... It could've been quite hazardous to launch the TS as a model which is as quick as the Celica(since we´re talking different target groups here), though common sense dictates that a 1220kgr car with a 192HP engine will definitely fall within the 7.1-7.9sec zone, unless some stupid mistake has been made with the gear box (as with the focus STi, 170HP, which could've been much quicker.) The TS has been tested by two major Greek car magazines and they have done 7.4 and 7.6 at the 0-100km/h task. 8.4 is out of the question. That is the performance of a stock peugeot rallye.
  14. It was done the 'authorized' way... So when you get yout TS, you can ask them to do it. If they haven't done it before, get in touch with me. It takes a couple of hours because there are quite a few leds to be changed. The Cd and the alluminium-look part shall be removed. In my case, the only side effect was the cd being a bit more creaky. Since it was anyway, I dont care.. Dont do it unless you see one up close. You might not like the idea. Personally, I loved the idea. Still I dont have any information about the CD leds. I've only had the one illuminating the screen changed. They said they were going to order them but I've been too busy to go over and ask what happened. I'll let you know when I get the chance.
  15. Oh I think these leds come into all sorts of colors! The thing is I was shown a couple of variations of red, to find the one which matches the red optitron clocks.. my cup of tea..
  16. Hey Corsol, I've also changed the ashtray, the lighter, and the led illuminating that roller which adjusts how high or low the lights are. hope you like it..
  17. I cannot tell you how it was done, I'm not an expert. I just asked for it, they said it was doable, voila! The only problem is the CD. I have only redded the screen of the CD, I was told the remaining leds are kind of hard to find, and that they placed an order. So I'll have those changed soon, too.
  18. think so? Thanks! By the way, I'll be driving the Nurburgring next week. I'll post photos and, hopefully, the video! ;)
  19. here you go.. people are not as happy in an Audi or in a VW as in a Toyota, a Lexus or a BMW.. sorry!
  20. Oh, one more thing.. since we're discussing quality and I think I heard the make Audi being talked about, please visit the J.D power official site and see the 2003 list of nameplates based on their initial quality according to their latest research(in America). There you'll all see what an Audi, a Mercedes and a VW is all about.. personally, I prefer a couple of creaks to an Audi...
  21. hi there, I'm from Greece too, I own a three door TS. I think your sound is generated by the part holding the CD and the two vents. Like you press the upper part of the dashboard and hear this irritating creak, if you push the cd you might hear something similar. Dont push it too much though, it'll get worse. Unfortunately this was the only creak I didn't eliminate. Mainly because although it can be solved with foams or similar materials inside the dashboard and around the cd, I didnt bother cause I think I can live with that. Also, what I did was swap all the green leds on the dashboard with red ones. Now it's all red inside, I love it, but as you can understand this specific creak aggravated. Make sure you're not hearing the co-driver's seat which rattles alot when unoccupied and can send you ghost hunting. I've got some good news though.. I've done 15000km'h up to now, all on these athlious (that means ****y in Greek) roads in our country and the interior remains solid and fine. By means of comparison, I have personal experience of astras and golfs which, though seemingly very robust initially, soon yielded to the Greek road hardship. What I mean is that in terms of overall structure the car is fine. These are petty annoyances spotted by people like us who, by definition I believe, are very demanding... hence the nameplate choice... think about it.. in a world where people have learnt to judge the quality of a car by the sound of its closing door, don't we Toyota people sometimes feel we lack true recognition for something that is of true quality, yet doesnt show that much? Would it matter that much if our, say, BMW creaked a bit? probably not.. cause every single passenger who noticed would simply cast some stereotyped comment on our deteriorated roads..
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