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  1. How in depth are these safety tests? To trust that, and to be knowingly not changing oil/filters, you would need to be satisfied that they are thoroughly looking into your engine's wear and tear over that period. Just couldn't ever do that myself; I'd eventually wind up scared to drive the car. I part exchanged a 14 year old Yaris I owned for just over 4 years when I bought my iQ, and I always went to the expense of having a full service with a reputable garage for it, just because I'd rather have the peace of mind of a roadworthy car for the year. Best of luck with it! Regards, Nicola
  2. Apologies for the lack of quoting, my laptop will not let me do it! Nicola
  3. Hi Colin, thank you I will bear that in mind. Yes, I am pleased that at least it is going in the right direction! Thanks, the ash was soon washed away in the following days torrential rain, she shines once more! Regards, Nicola
  4. Hi Soeley, sorry for the late reply, busy week thus far! It went from 39.7 to 41.2; no not a great deal, but I only started dropping my speed a couple of days before I fuelled up. Hoping for better next time though as I have been sticking to the new speed range. Had to use the air-con today on the way home to cool down rather than for just de-mist purposes, hope this hasn't affected things too much. Regards, Nicola
  5. Payday on Tuesday...hmmm, new purchases for the Mouse...?

  6. Okay so I had a little improvement on the mpg this week with a Best Tank, see below, and have been slowing down a bit to now around the 50-55mph mark on the commute Also given the Mouse a wash and brush up and took the opportunity to add a few mini 'mods' in the shape of some blue bolt dust caps and a couple of new stickers/decals. Was feeling rather pleased until some time later I noticed that the neighbour's BBQ has deposited ash all over her shiny exterior!! Happy Weekend everyone! Nicola
  7. Haha that's brilliant! Especially as it's white too... I remember doing the same when I had my Yaris in a local retail park. This is much better though as it's a much much rarer car. The nearest iQ I know of to me, is a silver 61 plate about 2 miles down the road on my work route... Nicola
  8. Sorry everyone, I can't seem to quote on here today. I have access to three computers but it will only let me do it on one. Unfortunately I am not at that one Oh bother, I really need to slow down don't I...?? Boo. It's difficult in part because I've never had a car as powerful(yes really!) as this super little box of fun...but that isn't really an excuse either!? However, no harm in doing the bank balance some good and therefore given Soeley's advice and the information provided by Darth IQ73, I shall endeavour. Well the CVT will probably never reach the dizzy heights of the manual anyway! Hi Colin, good to have you back. Sorry to hear about the battery, what a nuisance, my Dad has just experienced a similar problem actually. Thank you regarding my friend, life is going to be strange without him but he'll never be forgotten - not least because we quote him almost everyday! Your Yaris does sound special, I can understand how you still feel about it. I do miss mine; she wasn't special (except to me!) but for over 4 years she was a good runner and I couldn't have asked for any more from her. I'm sorry to hear about your back, that's really not good. Yes, I had the very same reduction in road tax, can't help but love that! Already not looking forward to new plugs then! Take care Colin... Oh no! An iQ meet I didn't know about, and I can't make the 22nd... Well have a fantastic time all those who make it and please post lots of pictures of your lovely iQs!! Nicola
  9. Or you can say to hell with the fuel consumption, I just love driving this little thing! :-) Which is true of course and I like your thinking!
  10. iQofaMouse

    Thieving Towrags!

    I feel sad at the thought of an iQ being traumatised - inflicting violence would cross my mind if someone traumatised mine... :( No worries Bob, I actually had a quick dust cap browsing session online later yesterday afternoon, so perhaps not put off at all. Tesla is definitely a thing of beauty! I can't seem to locate a 'fainting' Smiley, so if you could all imagine I've put one.... ....oh wait, here's a googly-eyed/drooling one Nicola
  11. iQofaMouse

    Thieving Towrags!

    Yep, mindless really. Some people are like magpies aren't they. Having said that, I recall a time when my eldest son broke into cars, just so he could sit in them! Idiot! Yes, he got caught a number of times, hence he was an idiot. Sorry to hear about the theft Bob, also sorry that's the way the country has gone... Sure they must do it just to annoy, or else they are just too lazy/stupid/both to obtain them the way the rest of us have to. I was considering some myself, but in two minds now given where I live... The Tesla is a thing of beauty. Nicola
  12. Hi Soeley, many thanks for that...still in a state of shock really as it was sudden & completely unexpected. He was one of those people so full of life, you'd assume they'd go on forever. Thanks also for your input and yes, it's a fair point actually...and no, will probably not be easy but I agree well worth trying. Kind regards, Nicola
  13. Jobs for the weekend (weather permitting): wash/polish/internal clean, touch up a couple of small paint chips using THE tiniest pointy cotton bud I've ever seen...and apply new TOC sticker!

  14. Wow what a journey Mark, quite a sightseer's paradise, though I guess doing it daily rubs the shine of it?! Mine is a bit of a pain really, mostly dual carriageway and rather rural/long steep hilly at that. What you gain in cruising, you quickly lose having to kick her bottom to climb the hills! Most of the journey is taken around 60-70mph. Poor Mouse... Oh well. Nicola
  15. Thank you for your input Craig. In answer to your question; I do use the trip gauge for my Fuelly results. I always had the trip gauge showing in my old Yaris to see how many miles I was getting for each fill up - I wasn't aware of Fuelly then! Thanks for the photo suggestion too - don't know why I didn't think of that... I usually fill up very early in the morning and with not many people about I've had the chance to scribble the details down in a notebook in my bag! And yes, I can confirm that does indeed screw up the clock, managed that not long after acquiring the car! Nicola
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