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  1. I'm selling my TTE ones, they are on ebay already.
  2. I don't care about the power, in something that light and small (an mx5 does ok with 160bhp) 197bhp will be plenty. plus there plenty more to be excited about: 460mm from ground to the center of the crank/gravity (low CG) 53:47 F/R weight split 0.27 Cd (coefficient of drag) LSD Mcpherson front suspension / Double wishbone rear Unlocked ECU left open for tuners
  3. Sounds exactly like how I like my facelift, TTE springs need to be fitted though. I went from no strut brace to a TRD solid brace then to a standard toyota brace (as above). so I've experienced driving with all three, you won't be dissapointed, just don't expect masses of handling awesomeness.
  4. Remember they're not TTE, just Toyota. the official TTE brace is solid metal. as for price £150 for both is a good price, don't expect a lot from them though.
  5. A/C as an optional extra... pffffttt climate control all the way!
  6. yeah, this was only going from actual experience of the TRD filter on my previous yaris. Compared to the standard denso filter the TRD filter does have a higher airflow rate (i guess the material/weave), but probably not as much as the other filters. Not all is lost, just a leason learnt.
  7. Pics!, they fobbed older corolla and yaris's off with painting the denso one red. I guess it's an oiled type filter like the k&n? fensport pics show the red one: THIS RED ONE? i would have gone with THIS
  8. terrible news, tell them to go back and make them in Japan please. kthnxbye.
  9. it was a design revision on the P2 yaris. all P2 yaris have the boot light. they just forgot it on the P1's.
  10. Excitingly safe. maybe that should be the new yaris slogan.
  11. it's what I went with, have tried several others on other toyotas. It's not an oiled filter so maintenance free, it's has a rubber seal around the edge, and is probably one of the cheapest decent branded out there. I did have an Apexi cone, it did make a fair bit of difference top end, but when it got hot, was noisy and boggy in traffic. I then returned it to the blitz panel filter and standard airbox, which is the best compromise. maybe i'll look at a new air feed eventually.
  12. Trd panel filters are just the white Denso filters painted red. Get a blitz instead.
  13. Unfortunately that will fit every ZZ engine apart from the 2zz, it's mainly for the 1zz like the Celica.
  14. go for it I say, worth £200. just remember for ease of transfer, if the vin starts with a "J" (made in japan) make sure you get a matching engine to replace it, not a french built one.
  15. obviously never seen a million nissan cubes with them on, at any of the jap car shows this year...
  16. you won't need to extend the MAF wires if you go with Apexi or Blitz, only the Typhoon.
  17. ageed. the tsport exhaust comes in 3 sections: manifold cat & centre section backbox depending on what part has gone, there is various options to replace them. you can get performance replacements, or local stainless exhaust centres (longlife/powerflow etc.) can make you up something that'll last longer. ebay is your friend.
  18. you'll have to hide the "made in the UK" sticker at the top of the windscreen.
  19. Lol obviously competing for space at all the car shows TOC attends. As for the stickers, the majority of car stickers come between two layers, peel off the backing and attach to your car making sure all the air bubbles are pressed out. then slowly peel off the clear top layer, leaving the decal stuck to your car. I like the TTE one, also like sticker bombing on some cars.
  20. great car, shame it's and auto though...
  21. to make things clearer: the facelift Tsports have a Toyota Strut brace (with damper) as standard. (£400 from toyota) the compressors have a TTE solid strut brace as standard. (£230 from toyota) there is also the TRD solid strut brace. (£230 from fensport) I've now have both types of strut brace on the car. The standard brace is better than no brace, but lacks the initial "turn in" of the solid brace, however the solid brace can be a little harsh over speed bumps etc...
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