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  1. Cheers matey! The discounts are a very good reason to join the club and I'd hate to see anyone dissuaded because some of them don't work or are incorrectly linked.
  2. Anyone? I think an admin needs to go through the discount page again as some of them appear out of date with no actual way to apply the code. The AA one for example, the lady on the phone said they couldn't apply it. But that could just be an idiot I dealt with.
  3. Hey guys, I'm rebuilding the brakes completely on my Mk3 Supra and would love to take advantage of the Goodridge hose discount, but I can't see how to apply it? The discount page says code to be applied at checkout and gives a link to the main Goodridge website, but Goodridge themselves do not sell the hoses directly. So what checkout do I use the code on? Any that sell the correct hoses? A bit confused here. Really want to take advantage of the offer. Cheers.
  4. Alright, it seems to be working with Internet Explorer but not with my install of Chrome (Version 44.0.2403.125 m). I'll access it with IE as a workaround for now and wait for the free Win 10 install in order to perform a clean OS install. Thanks for the assistance. :)
  5. Tried again, still nothing. :( What browser are you using, Raistlin? (love the name btw, some of my favourite books of all time) I'm using the latest version of Chrome.
  6. Hi guys. On the discounts page, where you click to see the discount codes, it always shows the "LOGIN" text at the top. Logging in and going back to the page does not change this. So I can never see any of the codes. I am a supporter. Help! I'd love to use the discounts!
  7. Hey guys and gals, new guy here. New to Toyota in fact. Started with a Mk3 Supra Turbo with an auto box, am I jumping in at the deep end? Already joined the supporters club, totally lured in by all those juicy discounts at stores that I use quite a lot already. Got it for a good price based on its condition. Little to no rust, custom paint job that I quite like, and the engine was rebuilt professionally less than 6000 miles ago. Came from Northern Ireland all the way to me in the North East. There are a few issues like the front screen being cracked (already sourced another and having it fitted this week), horrible LED strip DRL's fitted to the front, the callipers being green, the alloys needing refurbishment, the usual stuff you'd expect from a 25 year old vehicle. Once it's taxed, insured and back on the road I intend on enjoying it! ^_^ The owner had private plates which he's putting on retainer, so I'm just waiting for the DVLA slow boat to give me an age appropriate plate before I can do anything else.
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