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  1. Hi Shimmy,

    Can understand how all the info must be very confusing about your auto oil change.

    Something that might give you good first hand  alternative advice is the Help line in the Car Mechanics magazine answered by a guy called Steve Rothwell, a repair garage owner.

    Just post your questions/ points  to  him at " carmechanicshelp@yahoo.co.uk " detailing your exact model, cc ,petrol/diesel etc.

    Their help line has aided me a few time over the years and they typically reply in a couple of days, though think thats depends on how busy they are.



    1. Shimmy


      Thanks OC. That's a very handy link! Re the auto fluid. I have now read plenty and watched videos. Along with your advice, I think I've got a decent understanding of ATF changes. I had to laugh at that PETER guy on youtube, my god he's a messy worker! Take a look at this oil change using sealant! The fun starts about 26 mins in...

      Alternatively, I prefer the vids and advice of Chris Fix on Youtube. He's well informed, and good clear vids. I now feel fully armed to do a filter and oil change...and thank you again for your very helpful input, which is most appreciated. Chris Fix also has a very good 'Can changing your fluid cause damage to your transmission' video on Youtube. His conclusions are widely shared it seems to me. 


    2. Shimmy


      ps...the most useful thing I refer to is the parts catalogue, which you sent me. It's most useful. Here in fact is my Fluid filter and part no! Thanks!  


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