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  1. I’m looking to purchase a dash cam for my 16 plate avensis. My requirements for the dash cam: 1 Compact design. 2 Resolution and Night Viewing. 3 WIFI Connectivity. 4 Hard wired into cars electrics. 5 Best sd card to buy. Any help or advice from owners or places to purchase and install would be much appreciated.
  2. Can anybody send me a guide to changing the wing mirror indicator, also will my car fail its MOT if it's not working?
  3. How easy is it and how much does it cost to change the wing mirror indicators on an avensis? Help much appreciated.
  4. Djg072f

    Dab Stereo

    I own a 2010 Avensis it has an AM/DAB Button. But no DAB Feature, I want to fit a DAB stereo but still want to use my phone hands free on the steering wheel. If anyone on this site can help it would be much appreciated.