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  1. I've listened to it from outside and it is very audible there.
  2. I think I heard this on a test drive. I'm not bothered by it (in fact, I like the noises it makes). It does pierce the cabin a little, but it seems to be the inverter that is the source of the sound. Once you've got the air con on and some music it all but disappears. I couldn't hear the EV pedestrian system from inside.
  3. Interesting. Not just my imagination then. Mine doesn't sound good on E10 at all. Sounds...like metal to metal in the cylinders. It also doesn't start up well at all when cold on a cold day (+3 deg. C). I ran the tank right down and filled up with E5 premium (99 RON). Fuel economy definitely drops with E10, too. I ran the numbers and the price difference is made up for in the fuel economy. For me I was seeing about a 15% drop in efficiency.
  4. I noticed the PiP has disappeared now as well. Damn it! I was seriously thinking of getting one. I see the Corolla Cross has appeared, and as noted above has the new drive-train. I'm not sure I like the form-factor though, and I want to see the fuel economy figures. The Yaris Cross felt good to drive, but it is quite a bit less aerodynamic. Driving the Yaris Cross and Yaris back-to-back it was evident the Cross required more power overall. Hydrogen is a nice idea, but like anything proposed by eco-loonies, it is not based in scientific reality. Hydrogen takes massive amounts of energy to split, and the energy you get back from combustion is less than the energy input to split it out in the first place. It is still better to just burn petrol or diesel directly. If it is done in the name of "the environment", it's total crap. You couldn't pay me to buy an EV in the current market. Prices are too high and range is too low. For some reason the Government thinks relative cost is what's important (whether it be energy prices or cars), but I look at absolute cost, and they're only going up. They are more expensive than they're worth.
  5. Time flies! 😄 A quick update! We settled on the Yaris Cross Excel with City pack. We take collection of it very soon! It is already built and somewhere in the system. I still have my Yaris and the dealer keeps asking me if I want to change it. Err... no!
  6. Hi! Yes... I lurk, but the car is so good, not much to talk about! 😄 We went over the specs today and the Yaris Excel spec is top of the list. I noticed they made the auto-dimming rear-view mirror part of the tech pack (£800!) which is a bit cheeky IMHO. 😄 Not sure if it's worth adding. The rest of the spec can't be faulted. We weren't sure about the sport seats. My OH is also not sure if she'll like the color of the interior, but she quickly came up with a solution: seat covers! Not sure what the spec of the demonstrator is - I forgot to ask. We're going Saturday so we'll find out then. I'm rather jealous - it's making me want to change mine, but at the same time mine is running so well I'm loathed to let it go! I'm also a bit apprehensive of test-driving the new one as that might push me to do the unspeakable. 😱 Maybe we'll get a discount for buying two? LOL Nooo... must...not...think...about...it... Is it noisier than the Gen 3, or subjective? I can live with the noise (especially under acceleration), but my OH already thinks my car is "loud". I did mean to ask - what kind of heating system do they have? Is it electric or does it still use engine heat on the Yaris? I know setting it much over 18 degrees on mine hammers the fuel economy from ~70 to ~50 MPG.
  7. I got lost about a year ago as to which Yaris is which. 2020 TNGA is the *current* Yaris on sale? Do we know if new-builds are corrected, or is it still unknown?
  8. Interesting...my manual says 35 psi front and 30 psi rear. Why is the website showing 32/29?
  9. It's absolute nonsense. Are they unaware the air moves around? These motorway 60-MPH-for-the-planet segments are also absolute junk as it does two things: keeps my car in the area longer than if I was driving at 70 MPH, and secondly, upon leaving the 60 MPH zone I will need to accelerate again and waste fuel and emit more to get back to 70 MPH. Environmentalists are some of the dumbest people on the planet.
  10. With all this lockdown stuff I haven't driven as much lately, so when we went on a day trip last weekend my back killed me after just two hours (before I could drive eight hours and still feel fine at the other end). I generally find seats to not be supportive enough at the very base, so I have a hand-towel I roll and wedge in the gap and it just makes the difference!
  11. Why's that? Lack of lubrication from the fuel?
  12. The best automatic gearbox is one that doesn't exist. Only after a specific gearbox has proven it is reliable is it to be trusted, but you need to wait to find out, is my experience. 🙄 If you don't expect anything from it, you won't be disappointed.
  13. Because of my height I have the seat as far back as it'll go, and I can't see a thing of the front-end. I need mirrors to see the front corners, and to this day I still don't know how far/close I am to anything in front of me when parking. I end up getting out and looking or getting someone to guide me if it is really tight. Why aren't front park cameras a thing? Ford have it on some of their cars in the USA. Absolutely fantastic!
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