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  1. It depends on ambient conditions, particularly humidity. Some days, as soon as I switch off the car, it opens to fresh mode. Other days, not. If the car is parked for several days, it will also open.
  2. Fuel economy is always low at this time of year. Town driving (30-40 MPH) I get 45-55 computer MPG. Last week I did 100 mile round-trip (yes, legal in the current situation!) and computer reported 61 MPG despite heater use and OAT of +3 deg. C. Get it serviced!! Oil change AT A MINIMUM if you don't care about warranty (but I'd have it serviced properly if you want to ensure reliability). What are the new LiIon Yaris seeing?? I want a test drive, but not at the moment!
  3. Hill-climbing is definitely better done at slower speeds. My Yaris prefers 30 MPH or slower, and I have yet to find a hill where I HAD to use max power to get up it (and I've taken it up some steep hills). If I'm already going fairly fast (40-50 MPH) I just hold the power at the point between ECO and POWER, let the car bleed speed, and eventually it will sit at a constant speed climbing the hill. I'm assuming due to the battery/system voltage/engine RPM in this state the battery gains some charge, as I find that I can actually lift off gradually and still maintain speed up the hill.
  4. What is considered a "drive"? I noticed if it is sat in Park and the car is in auto-EV mode, pressing the accelerator starts the petrol engine.
  5. Why no 360 degree camera?! I saw these on the Nissans and they work remarkably well. Other than that...what does the dash look like? I haven't had a chance to sit in one due to the current situation. I did have a peak through the window of a limited edition model. The instrument cluster looks very small. I'm torn between the new new Yaris, or a Corolla (the other half wants a larger car - I bought this one prior to knowing her and she has a company car so she doesn't get a say what she drives).
  6. Not my thing. A car is a car; an off-road vehicle is an off-road vehicle. A cross-over is neither.
  7. On a private strip of land I managed to try a hybrid at about 90 MPH and found it was rather economical, but then had to stop for the impending fence. Faster is less economical, slower is less economical. A curious discovery. It still doesn't beat the economy found at around 50 MPH, but it's not shabby either, at a reported 60 MPG. Does anyone have torque curves for the petrol engine and MG2?
  8. The headlight itself doesn't change. It's just brighter, but the darker areas are still dark. The biggest difference it makes is when driving on wet roads - the additional brightness enables you to see the road better.
  9. Looks odd to me. Take it to another tyre house. The first image looks "correct". I'm not convinced any of these places are any good, or even how good the equipment really is. It's also a rip-off, especially with the roads as they are.
  10. Mine is 5 years old/60k miles, and I'm very happy with it! To date, no faults or failures! I've even had the chance to look at the underside recently (Dec last year) and aside from dirt from the road, it was in very good condition. I avoid driving it when they're gritting the roads/using salt! Would definitely buy another, though I'm going to hold onto mine for a few more years yet! I saw a new, new Yaris Hybrid in silver a couple of weeks ago on the motorway. Looks very nice! I'm not keen on how it looks with the limited edition paint. The color makes all the difference!
  11. Hi, My car just recently passed its 5th birthday and 60,000 miles! 😄 It is still running great, but just looking to see if white dust on the dash is a sign of anything, and I came across some troubling search results. Different, older Toyota/Lexus models can have a problem with the air con evaporator apparently, resulting in a white-colored dust appearing on the dash. Photos that appeared in the results look similar to what I see on my dash. Is this a known problem with 2015 Yaris Hybrids? Apparently the solution is replacement of the evaporator, but this sounds a
  12. Hi, There have been a few thefts of cats in my neighborhood as recently as last week. My car has so far been left alone but given the general rise, I want to fit a tilt sensor so if it's jacked up I will get an SMS. My house has CCTV that's visible so maybe this is acting as a deterrent. It doesn't help however for the times I'm away from home. Does anyone know of such a device that's not too expensive?
  13. I think the engine is spun by MG1 (the car knows it's generating power from coasting so this cost is "free"). AFAIK no fuel is injected (FF meter reads 99.9).
  14. Maybe for downhill segments? I was in Cornwall recently on holiday and more than a couple of times maxed out the battery, but too fast for it to stop using the engine.
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