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  1. Anything between 45 and 70 MPG (real), but it depends how hard I drive it and what kind of driving (it does best on long motorway runs). Town driving I get anything between 20 and 55 MPG. Last summer I could have got over 600 miles from a single tank, but I didn't try.
  2. No problem! It's an interesting read anyway!
  3. I'm a bit confused - his link is for the NHTSA which is a US Government body. He says the recall info for the UK is available from that link but I don't see it. Apparently from the date I would be a "Group 9" priority, but it for US cars, not EU/UK...
  4. Received my letter today. It said "not to do anything" and "we'll contact you"?????
  5. The current Yaris Hybrid may have a smaller tank vs. the standard Yaris, but it will do 600 miles on a single tank! You just need to drive a long way on a motorway to do it.
  6. Just pushing the button with your foot off the brake should switch off the car. If you hold your foot on the brake and switch it off, it switches off the hybrid system and transfers to the 12V battery IIRC (auxiliary mode to allow the radio to continue working, the same as if you switched it on without your foot on the brake).
  7. IANAL, but that gov.uk link (here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/aftermarket-hid-headlamps/aftermarket-hid-headlamps ) has some interesting wording. First it says: =========== In the Department for Transport’s (DfT) view it is not legal to sell or use after market HID lighting kits, for converting conventional Halogen headlamps to HID Xenon. If a customer wants to convert his vehicle to Xenon HID he must purchase completely new Xenon HID headlamps. =========== Clear so far... Note also it is only an opinion of the department, and not legally binding. It then says: =========== The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 regulate the situation in the UK. Under these Regulations, HID/Gas Discharge/Xenon headlamps are not mentioned and therefore they are not permitted according to the strict letter of the law. However new vehicles have HID headlamps. This is because they comply with European type approval regulations. =========== So under UK law, HIDs of any source are not legal. Also clear. Under EU Type Approval (which the UK must accept), they are legal, so we defer to EU law: =========== For the aftermarket, a used vehicle cannot obtain type approval because this only applies to new vehicles. However DfT does not think it reasonable simply to ban HID in the aftermarket. Instead the Department makes analogies with new vehicles. It seems reasonable to require HID in the aftermarket to meet the same safety standards as those for new vehicles. The same level of safety should apply. =========== So it's illegal under UK Law, legal under EU Type Approval for new vehicles only, but then the Government choose to ignore UK law, and choose to bend EU law, and so make the sale and fitting of HIDs legal, and should (not MUST) comply with all the safety standards of new cars, *****which they just said can't happen under EU Type Approval*****. So they actually say it is legal to fit them, because they also state it is not possible to get type approval. Test case required, me thinks.
  8. The other key is miles away (literally). It's not that it sees a second key or that the key was removed/lost/not detected anymore. I think booke02 is correct - it's telling me the battery is low. I'll try driving with the other key for a while and see if it still does it.
  9. Oooh... if that's the case, my local garage are in trouble as it was supposed to be replaced last service... Are they easy to change?
  10. Hi, Happy New Year everyone! 😄 I have a weird issue. I have keyless entry/start, and SOMETIMES after I've been driving, when I switch off the car, I get beeping and a flashing amber key symbol. What does this mean? Car is in park, doors still closed, seat belt still fastened, foot off the brake when the button is pushed. It doesn't always do it. Note that it is NOT flashing while the car is ON, so it isn't simply that it can't see the key anymore. Car starts fine if I put my foot on the brake (green key) and press the button to switch ON. What does it mean?
  11. I find the lights to be adequate, but I don't trust being able to see far enough ahead should I need to stop. The best headlights on a car that I've driven were on a Kia Picanto (first gen). Why did Toyota go with the choice they did?? I take function over form on a car.
  12. Sounds like an ignition fault. Is it damp when it does it?
  13. Ford Ranger is becoming popular around me! Fugly and huuuuge, and worst of all, their drivers can't drive them! Give me a V8 F350 any day. That's a real truck!
  14. She's bought one - a 1.2T 16-plate Auris and loves it!! It looks like the facelift update, Business Edition with nav, but no other options. Good to hear there are no adverse reports with the engine.
  15. Hi, My sister is looking at an Auris with the 1.2T engine. I did try to persuade her to go hybrid, but she won't. Is the 1.2T engine reliable? I'm concerned about the turbo.