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  1. I've listened to it from outside and it is very audible there.
  2. I think I heard this on a test drive. I'm not bothered by it (in fact, I like the noises it makes). It does pierce the cabin a little, but it seems to be the inverter that is the source of the sound. Once you've got the air con on and some music it all but disappears. I couldn't hear the EV pedestrian system from inside.
  3. Interesting. Not just my imagination then. Mine doesn't sound good on E10 at all. Sounds...like metal to metal in the cylinders. It also doesn't start up well at all when cold on a cold day (+3 deg. C). I ran the tank right down and filled up with E5 premium (99 RON). Fuel economy definitely drops with E10, too. I ran the numbers and the price difference is made up for in the fuel economy. For me I was seeing about a 15% drop in efficiency.
  4. I noticed the PiP has disappeared now as well. Damn it! I was seriously thinking of getting one. I see the Corolla Cross has appeared, and as noted above has the new drive-train. I'm not sure I like the form-factor though, and I want to see the fuel economy figures. The Yaris Cross felt good to drive, but it is quite a bit less aerodynamic. Driving the Yaris Cross and Yaris back-to-back it was evident the Cross required more power overall. Hydrogen is a nice idea, but like anything proposed by eco-loonies, it is not based in scientific reality. Hydrogen takes massive amounts of energy to split, and the energy you get back from combustion is less than the energy input to split it out in the first place. It is still better to just burn petrol or diesel directly. If it is done in the name of "the environment", it's total crap. You couldn't pay me to buy an EV in the current market. Prices are too high and range is too low. For some reason the Government thinks relative cost is what's important (whether it be energy prices or cars), but I look at absolute cost, and they're only going up. They are more expensive than they're worth.
  5. Time flies! 😄 A quick update! We settled on the Yaris Cross Excel with City pack. We take collection of it very soon! It is already built and somewhere in the system. I still have my Yaris and the dealer keeps asking me if I want to change it. Err... no!
  6. Hi! Yes... I lurk, but the car is so good, not much to talk about! 😄 We went over the specs today and the Yaris Excel spec is top of the list. I noticed they made the auto-dimming rear-view mirror part of the tech pack (£800!) which is a bit cheeky IMHO. 😄 Not sure if it's worth adding. The rest of the spec can't be faulted. We weren't sure about the sport seats. My OH is also not sure if she'll like the color of the interior, but she quickly came up with a solution: seat covers! Not sure what the spec of the demonstrator is - I forgot to ask. We're going Saturday so we'll find out then. I'm rather jealous - it's making me want to change mine, but at the same time mine is running so well I'm loathed to let it go! I'm also a bit apprehensive of test-driving the new one as that might push me to do the unspeakable. 😱 Maybe we'll get a discount for buying two? LOL Nooo... must...not...think...about...it... Is it noisier than the Gen 3, or subjective? I can live with the noise (especially under acceleration), but my OH already thinks my car is "loud". I did mean to ask - what kind of heating system do they have? Is it electric or does it still use engine heat on the Yaris? I know setting it much over 18 degrees on mine hammers the fuel economy from ~70 to ~50 MPG.
  7. I got lost about a year ago as to which Yaris is which. 2020 TNGA is the *current* Yaris on sale? Do we know if new-builds are corrected, or is it still unknown?
  8. Interesting...my manual says 35 psi front and 30 psi rear. Why is the website showing 32/29?
  9. It's absolute nonsense. Are they unaware the air moves around? These motorway 60-MPH-for-the-planet segments are also absolute junk as it does two things: keeps my car in the area longer than if I was driving at 70 MPH, and secondly, upon leaving the 60 MPH zone I will need to accelerate again and waste fuel and emit more to get back to 70 MPH. Environmentalists are some of the dumbest people on the planet.
  10. With all this lockdown stuff I haven't driven as much lately, so when we went on a day trip last weekend my back killed me after just two hours (before I could drive eight hours and still feel fine at the other end). I generally find seats to not be supportive enough at the very base, so I have a hand-towel I roll and wedge in the gap and it just makes the difference!
  11. Why's that? Lack of lubrication from the fuel?
  12. The best automatic gearbox is one that doesn't exist. Only after a specific gearbox has proven it is reliable is it to be trusted, but you need to wait to find out, is my experience. 🙄 If you don't expect anything from it, you won't be disappointed.
  13. Because of my height I have the seat as far back as it'll go, and I can't see a thing of the front-end. I need mirrors to see the front corners, and to this day I still don't know how far/close I am to anything in front of me when parking. I end up getting out and looking or getting someone to guide me if it is really tight. Why aren't front park cameras a thing? Ford have it on some of their cars in the USA. Absolutely fantastic!
  14. Will Toyota accept an order "today" for delivery in March/April 2021?
  15. People can't hear me regardless of whether I'm on the car or not. Every time I've called myself and tested the mic of my phone, I can hear myself fine. Either people are deaf/don't listen properly, or something bizarre is going on. Whatever it is, I doubt it's your car unless the mic has shifted position (if that's even possible) or has failed. Check also that nothing has got spilled or wedged into the holes for the mic (unlikely but possible - I nearly spilled tea in mine one time). Try calling yourself and seeing what it sounds like with the car parked.
  16. Never owned one, but the VW Up! seemed a great car! I actually considered getting one before I found the Yaris, but the ASG gearbox left a LOT to be desired (the way the VW auto would change gears would get old quickly, especially under hard acceleration). I suggest going for a manual if shopping for an older car. My personal experience of automatics and reliability (even from new) has been far less than great, and even automatic gearboxes on cars built today still seem quite unreliable with some serious issues. My OH likes Renault, but the issues with their hybrids seem pretty significant (why why why is everyone putting automatic gearboxes on their hybrids?) but I've persuaded her to go to the dark side and get a Toyota. 😈😎
  17. Yaris TLC and Maintenance/Things to Check Hi, My OH is currently shopping for a new car, and I'm more than aware that I need to give my car a bit of TLC (the last year has been utterly screwed-up and I neglected to even wash my car in that time), and while the weather is good I'm thinking I should spend a few days and get on top of it. In terms of the mechanical side, it's not far off 70k. Since the last service, it's done around 4000 miles, and checking the oil a couple of weeks ago it doesn't appear to be burning any and it is a nice clear golden color. It's serviced to schedule by my local dealer. I asked this a few years ago here, but if I'm going to do it now seems the time: has anyone replaced the transaxle oil, and what oil is required? With Toyota extending the warranties I'm rather uncertain whether to do anything, but as I understand it, even "life long" oil degrades, and is better replaced before problems appear. I had the AC blow quite some dust a couple of months ago when we had the really warm and sunny weather (April/May time). Are the AC evaporators a known problem on these? There is once again a very fine covering of dust on the dash and elsewhere (it's nearly certain this is the source). If I don't change my car in the next 18 months or so, I'll be keeping it until it can run no more, and I'm not afraid to spend a bit to keep it in the best condition it can be. It's no good waiting until everything is broken to do that. Other than that, there doesn't appear to be any problems and everything looks great. It's still on the original brakes/discs which are still in good condition, and based upon the last service report, will be making 100k+ miles before replacement. Is there anything else I need to be aware of as the car ages? I've never owned a car long enough (or old enough) to think about future issues. Obviously some things will eventually wear out (e.g. wheel bearings) but I have no idea what the expected life-time of these are. One thing I'm not great at is how to look after the paint. I wash the car fairly often (or more depending on how dirty it is) and I always remove bird droppings when they appear, but I'm not convinced using car shampoo is enough? I have thought about getting car wax, but will this really help to keep the paint in better condition than not using it? What product(s) would people recommend? The other thing I'd like to stop is all the crap off the roads that splashes up on the lower part of the doors. It seems particularly difficult to remove, and something that can stop it clinging and make it easier to clean would be good. Does anyone know how to remove the rear spoiler? Some mossy deposits have built up and I can't get them out. What do people recommend to keep rubber in good condition? I'm mostly concerned with the seal around the roof, the windows, and the doors. They are still in good condition, but I'd like to prevent them perishing/succumbing to age/the sun, as I think the rubber at the bottom of the door windows is certainly heading in that direction, and the rubber around the roof is definitely starting to look "not new", but still good condition. I can't imagine replacing the roof strips would be a cheap or easy task. Up to now, the car has been excellent, and I hope to have many more years out of it! 😄
  18. Hi, My other half is currently shopping for a car, and is interested in either of these. Aside from subjective aspects, is there anything that should be considered when looking at one vs. the other? i.e. does one have a must-have feature that the other doesn't (not quite what I'm trying to ask but you get the idea), or one have poor headlamps vs. the other and worthy of consideration? Ehh... In terms of the basic car, I think either would be a solid choice, so it's more a spec question. Is the Toyota website accurate for spec for a given trim level? The base model Yaris seems very well equipped and I can hardly see any justifcation for going for anything higher, to the point I'm not sure if the last time I really looked at it (a month or two ago) there wasn't an issue with it showing the wrong spec. Do all the Yaris models come with the digital dash (even as an option), or only higher spec models? It seems they can either have analogue instruments or digital dash. The digital dash looks good! I'm going to go over the specs again tonight/tomorrow, and call my local dealer for a test drive of both so my OH can see which she prefers. Thank you!
  19. @CatloverGreat! Thanks for the link! 😃 😎
  20. I've no problem honking my horn at people who clearly disregarded their surroundings before leaping out in front of me. You'd think there were enough "silent vehicles" on the road by now for people to check, but Darwin still has some work to do it seems... I'm always conscious/paranoid about the fact I can't always be heard.
  21. Does this new scheme apply to existing vehicles? Mine is 6 years old this September, and when I purchased it, had 5 year/100k warranty and "up to" 11 years on the HV pack. Does this mean as long as I continue to get it serviced with Toyota, the warranty period is also extended??? Second question: what's covered (or not)?
  22. I'd suggest that is not good. Being hard or problematic to register for is not a reason to remove it. Why disincentivize looking after your vehicle?
  23. I didn't read the whole thread so apologies if it's already mentioned, but the 12V battery is only 35Ah. If your car has keyless entry as mine does, it will be low voltage inside of 3 weeks. Running ANY car for merely 10 minutes per day will not do it any good, as nothing runs long enough to get up to operating temperature or replenish the power used to even start the vehicle (particularly true for conventional cars). If you are a very light user, there is no replacement for either making a point of driving the vehicle for an hour or two per week, and/or using a float charger to keep the 12V battery topped up. On the Hybrids in particular, you can't avoid at least putting it into READY mode to ensure the HV battery remains adequately charged. This is even more critical on the newer Hybrids with Lithium-Ion packs as these have a higher rate of self-discharge than Ni-MH packs of the older models. Like any piece of mechanical equipment, cars are best when driven for a long time. Very short journeys of 10 minutes, or worse, just sat around, is the worst thing for them. Find a drive-through 50 miles away and make a journey out of it. Your car will thank you. In aviation, it's called the "$100 hamburger". 😄
  24. It depends on ambient conditions, particularly humidity. Some days, as soon as I switch off the car, it opens to fresh mode. Other days, not. If the car is parked for several days, it will also open.
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