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  1. Thanks, will have a look into that. Any idea on the type, C2,C3,A.... So many types that come up. Fully synthetic too?
  2. Evening, I'm looking at ordering some engine oil for my Yaris SY12 VYC and am stuck with the correct type of oil to buy. I believe it's 5w-30, just not sure of C2, C3 ect... Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Yeah i just bought an NGK for about £60
  4. Morning guys, My Yaris (SY12 VYC) has just be diagnosed with coil pack number 3 being faulty. Can anyone assist as to which coil is number 3. When standing at the front of the car looking in the engine bay are the number 1 to 4 left to right, or right to left? Cheers Ash
  5. Thanks! Thats's a great help, much appreciated!
  6. Morning, I'm needign to get oil for my car VO63NFY and am stuggling to work out which is the correct oil to get. i know it's 5w30 i need however regarding the low saps i have no idea. Do i need a C2 or C3? Thanks Ash
  7. Thanks a lot much appreciated, what did you use to see parts with my VIN. I couldn't manage to search anything with it just came up doesn't exisit.
  8. Thanks, i'm used to the OEM numbers starting with 90919... that's how they are usually listed on the car parts sites.
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying to find the correct spark plugs for my Yaris, when doing a search on certain car part sites it comes up with a range of plugs that don't carry the same OEM number across them and i'm not wanting to order the wrong ones. I've tried searching my VIN number on the Toyota parts site but my car doesn't come up. My Reg is SY12VYC. If any one could assist that would be great! Thanks Ash
  10. That was my first thought if a light was on but all were off. Pretty sure doors were all closed too as the car won't lock if a door hasn't closed right if I recall correctly (the Yaris definitely does this). Will need to buy a meter and keep checks on the battery daily to see if there is any drain occuring.
  11. So..... Car has been with Mr T for 2 days and they have told me the reason for the faults is the battery was dead. They tested the battery before and after a full charge and they have told me that the battery is healthy. All it needed was a charge. Other than that the car is ready to be taken away, I've questioned how the battery can be dead as nothing was left on in the car to drain it. So surely there must be something going on to have drained it dead?!?!? I'll be collecting it tonight so will be questioning the techs as I'm a little uneasy taking it away if no reason has been given and "just keep an eye on it" has been instructed to me. My warranty is out in September so I'm not wanting to deal with an issue after it has lapsed. Any ideas guys??
  12. No the car lights and locks all work so I wouldn't think the batterys gone. I'll get that checked when the recovery folk come. I did think it's strange that the car won't start, wasn't sure if it's a safety function that stops it turning over?? Has anyone else had the handbrake issue but still been able to start the car and drive ok?
  13. My wife this morning can't get the car to start. She says it making a odd noise mid way down the car and it won't turn over. There is a warning of handbrake inoperable on the dash. Is there any way the car can start with this issue? She managed to manually turn off the auto handbrake but it still won't start. The car is still in warranty thankfully (just) however do you guys know if the warranty is affected if you have the rear discs and pads changed else where other than a Toyota dealership? I got them changed 6+ months ago at a different garage due to the cost saving. Cheers Ash
  14. Yes I did but I'm currently abroad and am looking to have them bought so they are waiting for me on my return to the uk. Cheers
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