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  1. London is not a problem, as the last time I was there was over a decade ago 😅 As for road tax, again not a problem £145 isn't it for the worst Yaris 🤔
  2. I know But, I am willing to compromise when the time is up Probably lose the roof + folding mirrors and stick with MK3 facelift Excel + SatNav
  3. U are right! MK3 facelift it is! 👍 Ref road tax, I thought tax rate only changed for cars registered from April 2017 🤔
  4. Wayne2015

    Main Dealers

    For me, like everything else when buying...get at least THREE quotes! My local dealer is very good and competitive. But even then, I managed to find another dealer 300 miles away with a cheaper quote for warranty , just take one phone call, and I am quids cheaper 🙂 agreed, there are good and bad dealers. just other week, saw a Yaris and emailed for details, I didn't get a reply until 24hours later, and the price went up overnight by £500 😳 another dealer clearly stated online (cargurus.co.uk that it has reduced by £900), yet when I contact them, they still quoted me the original price, worse still their Toyota website still show the original price 😱
  5. I did try to phone a friend, but my friend 'ant' wouldnt pick up 😞
  6. Cool ! Only found one car with just a partial match on there 😞
  7. Hence MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 😅 The cheapest MK4 icon tech I seen is £10,995 from a Toyota dealership with 54k on clock So, not impossible for an excel as we edge closer to the new March plates and influx of trade-ins 🙏 Personally, I think I may have to compromised and get a MK3 instead (my original intention) 🤔
  8. Got a pic of this 2-tone car (coz the Yaris also got a trim called bi-tone)?
  9. I wanted to ask... My Auris headlights are really REALLY poor 😳 But upgrading them say to Nightbreakers and they blow pretty quick So question: 01. How bad or good are the Yaris Hybrid MK4 headlights? 02. Are Excel Projector headlights any better? 03. What does it mean when the spec states "LED headlights" ? 04. Does the Yaris come with xenon headlights ?
  10. So far find BLACK not to my liking Most colours seem ok, surprising WHITE does not suit the MK4 (but looks spot-on on the MK3) - so not decided yet ref colour
  11. Hope u not stalking me 🙄 U seem to be everywhere on this forum 🤣
  12. Hi all After my Gen1 Auris was written-off I have decided to replace it with a newer MK4 Yaris Hybrid Excel My high expectation criteria's are, MUST HAVE/BE: 01. MK4 Yaris Hybrid (2017-)...so, there is road tax 😔 02. Sat Nav 🚦 03. Panoramic Roof 🌞 04. Convenience Pack (or is it Smart Pack) with folding electric wing mirrors 🍹 05. Right colour 🤔 Preferables: 06. Part/leather 07. TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) 08. Design/Bi-Tone version (machined alloys!) 09. Low mileage! 10. From a dealership! ll for a budget of £10k 💰 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ?!!! That's why I am hoping with the POWER of this FORUM and its 100s of 1000s of members, that someone will find this Yaris on sale for me! Will you help?
  13. Ok Decided on the Yaris Hybrid (for now)...putting this thread on hold...