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  1. Yes 1. ECU upgrade 2. Passenger air bag...i think...
  2. Not the first time u mention weird tjings happening to your car??? U reckon its a lemon? 🤯
  3. Mine is fine, thanks 🙂 Going in for the 2 recalls on Friday 26th
  4. Fantastic! And in English it means...🙄🤣
  5. Lol What u like! Anyway, glad its nothing and all ok now Not good to breakdown in this wet/cold/windy soddin' weather is it? 🐳
  6. Whats happened, Ant??? U got Toyota Breakdown cover?
  7. Additional detailer on top of ceramic sealant:
  8. Ceramic sealant for body work:
  9. Tar removal for body work:
  10. A gadget for pulling foam gun cable under wheel !!! 🙄