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  1. Ah I thought that bonnet only applies to non-Hybrid ...ok thanks 🙂
  2. These alloys... Sorry, I no longer take my mobile with me when shopping (covid) - so no actual pics..😷
  3. Pics I got from internet, Definite this front bonnet (not sure of lights nor bumper) And definite these rear lights (not sure of bumper)...
  4. Shopping yesterday In car park saw same Yaris Hybrid as mine - but nicer white, racy machined alloys and mirrored side mirror casings But, when I saw the front, it's looks different - WAIT! That's a non-Hybrid bonnet! There was no HYBRID badges - so, do you think this is a PETROL Yaris but owner put in HYBRID rear cluster LED lights? I didn't noticed if it had the HYBRID front lights though
  5. Just saw this on the blog https://blog.toyota.co.uk/catalytic-converter-theft-how-to-protect-your-car
  6. Hard enough to get by with lockdown, but having your 'cat' nicked as well Can't believe this is still going on, you would have thought with more people at home (more eyes) and more Police available (less work during lockdown) , 'cat' thieves would be less too... https://blog.toyota.co.uk/catalytic-converter-theft-how-to-protect-your-car
  7. Masks provide no protection No need to wear a mask Well, if you really want to Maybe then Compulsory to wear masks from June 15! 😷 Want to ask a friend or 50/50 maybe ask the audience then? If you really want to...maybe not...🤣 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52927089
  8. THREE weeks and the petrol in your tank is stale and damaging to the engine???!!!! In my last Auris Hybrid, I only fill up just within 3 weeks, prior to that with a 3mile commute I fill up every 5 weeks https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/national/uk_today/18484682.5-things-might-wrong-car-lockdown/
  9. Thanks Tony Not sure about quiet - determine to get those all seasons you recommended last time - even if it's a slightly different profile...
  10. Passed earlier in the year With very bad brakes + crackling tyre (6 years old, not 6+ years old)...
  11. Then discovered my other side: 01. Nexen 2018 looks almost brand new 02. But, rear Nexen 2016 dosent look so good neither You think it looks ok?
  12. Well, sun is shining, more places opened - even my local tyre shop is opened So, thought get my 2 dodgy tyres replaced with some part-worn ones just to last me thru the summer (to be on the safe side): 01. Part-worn Dunlop (2013) with 5-6mm (£25) 02. Part-worn Nexen (2018) with 5-6mm (£25)