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  1. Wait You got a MK2 Auris, and the OLDER and SMALLER MODEL 2013 Yaris has more comfy seats? 🤔 Ant, hello? My Mk1 Auris seats were much CHUNKIER and comfy than my 2013 Yaris Ah but, u do prefer the Auris 1.8 to the Yaris 1.5. But, wait til you driven the late MK3 Yaris 1.5 - you will love it MORE than the Auris
  2. Apart from gearstick what did you dis/like about the 2013 Yaris (Hybrid?) ?
  3. Yes they do Panoramic roofs! Prices are tempting too Certainly you get more bang for your bucks! So, is the 'cat' to thieves you rightly mentioned too
  4. I thought I needed a miracle when first looking for a late MK3 Yaris with all the toys for £10k Now, I think you not only need a miracle, but also your head examined
  5. WHICH? says Hybrids/electrics NOT as reliable as petrol (0-3 years) But, Hybrids most reliable after 3 years Even ELECTRIC still LEAST reliable after Diesels
  6. Buy one now! Buy that silver one I posted earlier!
  7. Danger of keyless entry Toyota not on list, so secured? 🤔 My Auris had it But, not my Yaris
  8. Agreed there, the Auris/Yaris so hard to see SatNav on a summer's day Worse maybe now that I have a lovely panoramic roof Though, I still prefer it than panicking and driving mindless trying to find somewhere ...
  9. Really wanted the "Android Auto" when I was searching for my Auris replacement 🗺️ But, research shown quite distracting ...
  10. Shame u too far away, Tony 😞 I still got my Pearl white touch up from my old Auris