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  1. Toyota kind enough to lend me a courtesy car early 👍
  2. U mean u pay for it VIA the service plan? I got mine FREE 😉
  3. At Toyota? Maybe they passed the wrong car 🤣
  4. Eh? Mot? 01. Toyota confirm catloc only for newer auris + prius 😞 02. Insurer will negotiate with toyota for work 🤞
  5. Its theft! Of course! U think not?
  6. Not for Auris? 😞 https://blog.toyota.co.uk/catalytic-converter-theft-how-to-protect-your-car
  7. The dodgiest area, of course! Cant really see underneath, think a heat shield or metal grated cover is dangling underneath... No one to ask if driveable 🤔
  8. I hear a lot about VAG group cars having their expensive stereo/dash/satnav stolen, especially when the shark fin roof aerial gives it away but what about catalytic converters? 🤔 As, mine was stolen from my Toyota Auris just this 5pm in the staff car park 😠
  9. Today... Left office, walked to staff car park at 5pm... Police contact card on my windscreen... "Your catalytic converter been cut off and stolen..." 😠
  10. 1. Spray on lavishly 2. Wait good 10minutes for soaking thru 3. Then Best to scrub with brush/toothbrush for best results 4. Rinse