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  1. You just love it to bits, Ant! Rain-X is good, last a bit - dependent how well u apply it and how often wipers are used... 🤔 I got lazy, and now only use Rain-X 2-in-1 (easy to apply, but not last that long!) But, each to their own!
  2. Helps a bit, but wouldnt say it prevents it!
  3. Rare reprieve from the storm, sunny with a chill wind today 😎 Thought, I whip out the internal glass cleaner G6 Perfect Glass (GTechniq):
  4. Get the callipers blasted (cleaned)?
  5. U will have to do it again after the storm! 😆
  6. On Sat (yesterday) weather was glorious! Today is pants! ⛈️
  7. Ant Whenever u are in the passing, just popover (have to meet in a supermarket car park though, as no suitable parking outside my flat) - we do your car 'together', I will supply the materials, then we enjoy a nice carvery together! Tropical storm coming soon, so be quick ok?! 😆
  8. Just the interior glass to clear next week 👍😎
  9. Another glorious day NOT for car cleaning! Lol The kit: Leather Cleaner: Leather conditioner:
  10. For you, Ant, FREE! Though, I want my expenses reimbursed....so thats 80miles *2 petrol, + lunch enroute +.... 🤣
  11. Glass Rain-Repellant clean: Engine black bits protect: Interior door-seals + trim protect:
  12. Nice day! Quick clean + protect door seals from freezing in winter: Grrrrr! 😠 Who knocked my mirror?!!!
  13. Buy cheaper and NEW tesla 3, then!
  14. Yes, Auris is bigger and comfier seats - feels more like a matured gentlements sofa compared to the Yaris thin but yet adequate seats 🙂 tesla?