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  1. 18 minutes ago, flash22 said:

    It was the top of the range, a lot of the early hybrids are top spec and had the pano roof (Lounge spec in Europe) a friend has the exact model on a 62 plate


    shame you didn't get the reg, a tax and mot check will soon tell you



    I thought that bonnet only applies to non-Hybrid ...ok thanks 🙂

  2. Shopping yesterday

    In car park saw same Yaris Hybrid as mine - but nicer white, racy machined alloys and mirrored side mirror casings :yahoo:


    But, when I saw the front, it's looks different - WAIT! That's a non-Hybrid bonnet! :w00t: 


    There was no HYBRID badges - so, do you think this is a PETROL Yaris but owner put in HYBRID rear cluster LED lights? :help: 


    I didn't noticed if it had the HYBRID front lights though :g:


  3. 32 minutes ago, TonyHSD said:

    Hi, these tyres are gone by all means, it is time for new one for sure. Black circles has 15% off for nhs staff if you can manage like that if not there are still some good offers too. Choose something that is quiet, it makes big difference in Toyota cars. 

    Thanks Tony :drunk:

    Not sure about quiet - determine to get those all seasons you recommended last time - even if it's a slightly different profile...:kicking:

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  4. On 5/14/2020 at 5:09 PM, Wayne2015 said:

    My bad tyres (passenger side):

    Front: 6 years old but, CRACKLING all around the tyre on the edges :jawdrop:

    But, it does have GREEN STUFF brake pads (I think) :driving:


    QUESTION: Shall I replace it IMMEDIATELY (as once the lockdown is over, I will be commuting on motorway daily) ? :helpsmilie:





    Well, sun is shining, more places opened - even my local tyre shop is opened :driving: 


    So, thought get my 2 dodgy tyres replaced with some part-worn ones just to last me thru the summer (to be on the safe side):

    01. Part-worn Dunlop (2013) with 5-6mm (£25)

    02. Part-worn Nexen (2018) with 5-6mm (£25)



  5. If I remembered right, all my main dealers cars took years before I had to replace any tyre s or brake pads (average 10k miles)

    But, my last Auris bought privately had shredding inside the tyres and some of you might remember one went completely flat one day

    My current Yaris bought from a private dealer, you already know

    Even my Skoda bought from a Lloyds black horse dealer had a puncture driving home one nights , as the inside had split :jawdrop:

  6. 26 minutes ago, Bernard Foy said:

    I would be loath to be on the motorway with those tyres, try other routes if possible, if not, do not use excessive speed stay below 60MPH. Good luck 🍀 

    I drove with those tyres at 70-80mph when I first bought it


    Since then only driven ONE day to work (just before lockdown!)


    Now, only drive 60-70mph on by-pass once a week to shop....so holding out so far - but do worry about a blow out :Jumpy:

  7. 4 minutes ago, snowBALLs said:

    Haven't got the strength to take it on just yet lol. 

    Will be ordering some led interior bulbs to replace the halogen in the boot and cabin lights. Cheapy eBay, hope they work and decent. 

    New tyres all 4 corners on mine since January, haven't had much use. Will take 2.5-3 years before they need replacing for my mileage, hopefully no damage in the process etc. 

    Your tyres hold pressure, so I don't think it's a danger. Depends how much tread it has left. 


    Can you hold up a full pint? :cheers: 



    If I was commuting slower speed, might keep it longer - but on motorway -eeek! :Jumpy:

  8. 8 minutes ago, Bernard Foy said:

    Wayne it’s not safe to drive anymore on those tyres, especially on a motorway where high speed is involved. The three main safety issues on a car, are tyres steering and brakes. If any one of those are not in good condition, then it’s an accident waiting to happen. For not only your own safety, and for other road users change them asap.

    Cheers Bernard, was thinking the same - but not sure any tyre places open in my area yet :g: