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  1. Hello, welcome. I don’t think there is an option to select and deselect within the system settings so would assume it have been disconnected within the door. Begin by removing the door card and checking the connections to the locking mechanism. Then check voltage to the motor when the key fob is depressed. From this you will be better placed to problem solve further if needed.
  2. Hi, I would be hesitant at fitting an amp to literally any potential 12v feed. The gauge of wire needs to be able to cope with the power drain of the amp. Some Estimas come with an amp built into the head unit and some under the driver's seat. Can't offer any more than that I'm afraid.
  3. Hello Gaynor, it is my understanding that you can use standard blue antifreeze so long as the original red is flushed out first. Given the hassle, might it not be more beneficial to rectify the source of the coolant leak? After a re-read I note you only have water in there currently.
  4. Hey Neil, yeah still got it and it's going strong too. Been across Spain in it, to Scotland in it - loaded both times - and it is great. It's better now I have replaced the rear diff allowing for lower engine revs and fitted cruise control meaning my right ankle doesn't hurt after miles of driving (bus style). No match for the comfort of the Estima!
  5. Hello Rob, You aren't the only one with this problem. It has been documented previously and I believe the resolution is either to obtain the original remote control or replace the rear screen with a UK one.
  6. I am unsure whether the blue would mix well with Toyota red, but water makes it crystallise so be mindful of that when you check the system.
  7. Be careful if you have just added water to the red coolant. Search this forum as this question has been answered many times.
  8. Hello Neil, Currently driving a Transit. Yes, of course I miss the Estima. I miss the driving position, the comfort, the head unit with hard drive, Bluetooth phone connectivity, the general practicality (though the Tramsit copes better when we load up for a family camping trip), and miss all he features I had too. I did buy a Transit that had a few features I enjoy though: heated front screen, air-con (though currently stopped working!, a very large boot space and enough seats for the family. I also fitted cruise control myself with a leather wheel. I’m still hanging on here and
  9. Hi and welcome. you may not like the answer I’m afraid. It depends which antifreeze is currently in the system. If it’s Toyota red then you need to ensure water is NOT added to it. If, however, it has been flushed with diluted antifreeze then feel free to top it up or replace it to retain its strength and effectiveness.
  10. Hi, Are you able to run a meter from the loom and turn air con on to establish positive and negative?
  11. There are many alarms that offer this feature. Search alarm with CAN or CANBUS.
  12. Hello Neil, Another year, another service! Well done on keeping your Estima in tip top condition. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of mine last as the family continued to grow which meant camping trips and family visits were a very tight squeeze with luggage included - despite the Estima’s cavernous boot! I still hang in here and on other forums though (trolling mostly!) I see this as a positive thing. I’ve been able to help other owners out like I too was helped many years ago when I owned a Mk1.
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