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  1. If you know the part number a quick search should locate the part and models that had it fitted.
  2. Ha ha ha, yes, thanks. Still pleased I spent as little as possible getting it all sorted. Hope it lasts us now - off to Spain in the summer!
  3. Hmmm, ended up using a paperclip in the end!
  4. No! Can't let all that knowledge go into oblivion! Any techies who know how to download all the data!
  5. I have recorded the steps I used to drain and replace the oil in my noisy CVT transmission. Hope it helps others. oil change.pdf
  6. Well, no more noise. I drained old oil and replaced. Lovely once again. i have posted the procedure on a separate thread.
  7. Oooh, Tony, I didn't think of selecting a different country. Perhaps that's why Techstream crashed. Going to have a play in a moment! Regarding the new scanner, does it happen to have any transmission information - oil temp and level? The saga indeed continues and I haven't quite got it sorted yet Neil... not giving up yet though.
  8. Techstream update. Seems like useful software. It was a tricky job getting it to run on Windows 10 64 bit though. Don't follow the installer's instructions to the letter and neither should anyone follow the online videos or threads - none of them work! I eventually got it working through trial and error and a little computer knowledge. The software kept crashing when accessing the vehicle ECU though so onto plan C. Plan C - and one I would recommend purchasers do - fit a separate drive and install Windows XP. Now anyone can follow the instructions and it should run. I got it working quickly but still had difficulty accessing the ECU. I figured that it was the software version (13) so opted for an earlier one instead. I fitted version 8, since this was easily located on the web, but this was too early and my vehicle wasn't listed! I'm now looking for versions 11 and 12. Will keep you all informed.
  9. Oh dear. If it doesn't do as it says then you have a legal right to return it. The Techstream gizmo arrived yesterday so I attempted to install it on a Windows 10 64bit laptop. This was a pain and still isn't fully installed. Apparently the driver is designed for a 32bit machine. Haven't given up though and hope to connect it to my Estima today. My advice, if you don't fancy a lot of hassle, buy a cheap 32bit laptop possibly running XP. Actually, I wonder if an alternative harddrive could be installed? Now there's an idea.
  10. Hi Neil and Tony, I received the final response from iCarsoft today... "please read the description..." Well, my response was polite but blunt! Their website states "excellent customer service' Not from my experience it hasn't been. Sorry to hear about the technical issues Tony. Will keep you informed about the cheap Techstream gizmo.
  11. Do keep us informed Tony. i have opted for Toyota Techstream software with OBD connector cable. I've been assured it can monitor the gearbox oil level and temperature and works on a Windows based computer. Price? £12.59
  12. They responded. This time they asked me to look at the specs on the website. I cannot believe the audacity! I really don't think much to their customer service. Three times I have requested the same information. Even on their website it states: "For more functions, please contact us for function list !" One more chance and I'm going elsewhere.
  13. Many thanks for doing this Tony. I sent the company a specific request for information and received a reply from the company suggesting I look at this device: Trouble is that neither they nor the web page state the details I required so I responded requesting specifics.
  14. Thanks Tony, I did consider making contact with them. If it does do as I require it would be a superb investment.
  15. Hi Tony, im wondering whether you could tell me - does the reader also provide data in terms of oil levels within the gearbox? Does it also provide gearbox temperature? Hope so. My local Toyota dealer is reluctant to undertake a gearbox oil and filter change. Thought I might do it myself but need to know the precise oil level and temperature once refilled. thanks, Paul