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  1. There are also several websites with various pin out combinations for various Toyota models.
  2. Hello, I too, visited France in my Estima a few years ago with the headlight deflector requirement. After research, I simply placed black electrical tape directly in the beam view - thus diffusing the light pattern. There is some info on how to do this online. I saw no Police when travelling to and around France and neither was I challenged. The risk is entirely yours though, and I take no responsibility for sharing with readers the steps I took. I could have bought a headlight sticker, but didn’t want to have to spend hours cleaning the lens afterwards.
  3. Thought you might confirm the transmission Neil. 😁
  4. Welcome. Toyota have made the most reliable vehicles for years. The Estima is no exception. I would veer away from a CVT transmission though so I’d opt for the V6. Others will confirm that this uses a different transmission.
  5. That’s just them not wishing to bother putting any effort in. Continue searching, you’ll get insurance that suits you.
  6. You may need to insist that they contact the underwriters to ensure your specific model is covered.
  7. If you’ve a CVT transmission, I’d get the oil changed - properly. There’s a special procedure to extract all oil (alternative is to replace a couple of times).
  8. Has the whole front of the vehicle been inspected for wear or worn bushes/springs?
  9. Pleasure. Regarding replacement bulbs, yes, fit the same as what is designed IMO. You could always employ a small-handed individual!
  10. Welcome. Technology moves on quickly, so your Mazda is bound to have better road illumination. Your HID/xenon bulbs may be beyond their best and can be accessed, if you have tiny hands, through the wheel arch. Otherwise the front bumper will need to be removed. New ones, with a 10 year warranty, are available. I have not yet heard of anyone successfully using LED bulbs legally (UK). Do post anything you attempt as many of us would be interested.
  11. He’s been doing this for a couple of years now and I haven’t heard of a dissatisfied customer yet.
  12. Here’s a recent post from Ben Hau. This CarPlay device is fitted to a 20 series Alphard, the bigger sister to the Estima.
  13. Beg Hau, on Facebook, has fitted many units. Since I no longer have my Estima, I cannot properly advise. However, it is my understanding that an Apple CarPlay device can connect to the existing head unit (select the one with the right connector) and will use the Aux input whereby you may manage your phone. The only thing I am uncertain about is whether the phone will need to be connected or not - it does in my Transit.
  14. Yes, install an ApplePlay device. Can be purchased for around £60.
  15. It may have a flap, but it will be three phono sockets.
  16. Yes, that’s the one. Some are on rear armrest.
  17. Should be in the rear armrest (left hand side).
  18. It should have, being a G spec. You may wish to consider purchasing an Apple CarPlay device.
  19. It's a proximity sensor. Stops the driver from kerbing the vehicle.
  20. I'm jumping in here, but imagining it has a CVT transmission? Were the annoyances apparent before the mechanic took action? The CVT transmission requires special oil and a methodical and knowledgeable approach for a transmission oil flush and replace. It may well be the internals of the transmission. Here's a link with some useful data. Peculiarities of Fluid Change in CVT Transmissions (go4trans.com)
  21. Hi and welcome. I’m afraid I don’t have a solution for you, but think the chair, like electric windows, needs to be reset. Search ‘Wellcab’. I would suggest extending it to its fullest extent a couple of times.
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