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  1. Hi guys Im looking for a driver's side leg complete, for my 2010 Auris Hybrid, if anyone has or knows of anyone that can point into the right direction please. i need it ASAP as with out this i cannot do the tracking on my car... any help appreciated
  2. hi people, Just wondering if anyone has a spare key fob for a 2010 keyless entry fob that i can re-program for my car.
  3. I had a B9030 head unit which burnt out sad to say, i went for an after market Din Head unit a Pioneer Sph Da120, which fits and works fine with the new adapters. i have just one issue i have attached images to which i need the wiring adapter for the rear camera i have taken a shot of the new head unit from the rear and the plug/wire that came from the B9030 for the rear view camera to work which is not working right now and need some help. if anyone has any idea on what the wiring adapter is called or where i can get it from i would appreciate your help. image1 - Shortcut.lnk image2 - Shortcut.lnk
  4. Hi guys again again have a 2010 toyota Auris hybrid, wanted to know something. Ive noticed that the Day time running light on the passenger side is slightly dimmer and the drivers side is more brighter or would say normal running is there a solution to this problem or is it a common problem been scratching my head over this one, any help appreciated
  5. Hi guys, I got a 2010 toyota auris hybrid and looking for some second hand parts but in good condition ive been scouring about the net looking for these items but no luck 2 x Alloy wheels Passenger side day time running light unit complete Smart key fob 2 button if anyone knows of someone who either has these items then please let me know.
  6. Hi guys, Just brought my wife a 2005 Toyota Verso VVTi t-3 today, but need help in some areas if someone reading this can help. 1. looked around on the net for a replacement (2nd) key the cost of a new one 2. the car has Navigation on the dash with the Buttons but does not seem to work all else seems to be OK...
  7. hi alan many thanks the auto windows work when i press down and automatically goes down and like wise for up... the anti trap is when or if you put your hand between the window/glass and as it goes upit should stop and drop back down as it senses that something is in the way or to stop someone from having there poor hands/fingers from getting trapped... unfortunally i have noticed that mine is not working and want to know if there is a setup or something wrong.
  8. hi wayne sorry again with all that on do you notice that the engine probally kicks in more frequently if your either going at snail pace or in traffic... i would assume that when your moving then all is fine
  9. Hi wayne Thanks for the reply, after reading what you wrote... i tried the same and no luck... but you say that you get 400 miles from a full tank.. i guess thats a full tank? i filled my car up and the range was like above 350... but noticed that the range is not accurate as i think i may be having a problem with the sensor in the tank.. as the last two bars are on and then all of a sudden it comes up with low fuel and the range is 16 miles or there abouts. Drove around today with the heating on auto sat nav on and radio on... managed to get upto 48.8-9 but then dropped back to 47.7 and stayed there no matter how hard i tried to make it go back up.
  10. i like that... by the way im not crying as such just trying to get some info if anyone has expreienced the same thing as i am thats all... back at ya
  11. Hi again new topic I have noticed that my 2010 toyota auris anti-trap windows dont work and how do i set them up?
  12. Hi guys Im hoping someone reading this and also has a 2010 hybrid is probally experencing the same problem as me. I have noticed that since the cold start to the weather, my engine seems to be running alot more then the actual hybrid system, the battery is not fully charging giving me enough distance or speed to travel to allow me to brake allowing the system to fully charge and when i have the oppertunity to have more then half battery running on 99.9mpg before the engine kicks in again, and what MPG i was getting 49.9 at best and now its giving me 45.3 in the last few days... is it best to use power mode all the time or have it in eco mode? eco as in the middle of the dash the green light? can someone please advise me if this sounds normal or if this is how the hybrids work with the cold season. p.s im not using no heater's or A/C whilst this is happening.
  13. Hi guys and fellow members I have a 2010 toyota Auris Hybrid, and was wondering if anyone had a set of them for sale in good condition, Also the Pruis 2010 alloys are they the same as the Auris ones... ive seen photos they look similar but was wondering if they are the same dimensions i.e width and height please advise.
  14. hi mooly its not the aircon gas going around this was rain water and very heavy, i thought it could a design fault with toyota as they dont test there cars in such freak weather like we had a few weeks ago.. i could hear hear it as clear as day light... the engine was off and the entire car was off...
  15. Hi guys Ive been scouring the web to find out how to remove the door card/panel from my toyota Auris Hybrid. The problem i am having is that even though the door is closed and window closed and when driving it sounds like the window is slightly open, or the door is not closed properly and rattles from inside? has anyone else had the same problem on a 2010? I would gladly appreciate some help from here please.