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  1. hi i am trying to convert my toyota iq built in stereo to a 2 din stereo can seem to be able to order the part i see you now more then me if you now how to get the part i would be greatful for any advice the site i go to all seem to have no way to buy from them included a file 


  2. went to the site from davids post i need everything on the additional list below it but can't find 1. is there a way to order even if you search it dosen't load 2 can't get account
  3. Peter0603986

    iq2 stereo

    look for somewhere to buy the part to convert my iq2 stereo to a 2 din stereo i have a picture of the parts i need but i can't find the part if someone nows the web addresses to all part or anyone could sell me the part would be greatful
  4. Projector headlights like them to be match black
  5. Peter0603986


    can the main headlight be changed to something cooler i can't hind any