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  1. If you hear anything from the Mr T dealership then please let me know. Thanks flyfs6!
  2. Would you mind telling me which dealer and location please? Phone number too if you have it. I take it that price was for a new one? Many Thanks!
  3. Brand new 3 door in metallic Alsace granite :(
  4. My Toyota dealer called today with some bad news. It appears the car i should be getting this week isn't going to arrive at all unless they can find me one!! When i paid last tuesday they said there was definately some in stock and i would have it by next week, now they're saying they're all gone! Upon further questioning it sounded like they messed up my order and did not place it!! :ffs: When i paid the deposit i'd expected there to be one less yaris on the market and now this! I am so angry and disappointed .. . They're going to call me back on Thursday and if they havent found one then it looks like i wont be getting one. :(
  5. I agree, it's a difficult decision to make between head and heart. This time i've gone for the heart, cos i figure if i dont go for it now a few years down the line i'll be married and my missus will have me drive an MPV!! Hmm .. where'd you get those piccies from? Everyone i've looked at so far has drums unless Toyota has plans to release another grade with discs as standard. Btw cbzcbz, where'd you get your 97ron petrol from because i'm paying 87.9 just for the normal stuff at shell?
  6. TVOR i understand what you're saying because i've been weighing up the pro's and con's for weeks now and i would be saving around £600 - £700 a year based on current petrol prices and road tax with the 1.33. However the 1.33 is missing a spoiler, chrome exhaust, large (good looking) alloys, lowered sport springs and the integrated tom tom that the pre-facelift SR had, so it looks like a standard yaris! It does have led stop lamps, but they have re-designed the clusters in a way that clearly shows the red, white and amber making it look too fussy and not as attractive imo. Also missing more minor things like the smart multi-sectioned boot thingy and a foot rest! Good thing is the engine is very quiet and the 6 speed gear box very smooth and alot better than the old notchy gearbox. It feels like a big car when i drove it and with 70mph in 6th you'd be doing around 2000-2500 rpm (from memory) which is extremely good for cruising down the motorway! However although it officially has more hp than the old 1.3 i felt it lacking a bit in gear grunt. Also i found myself working the gears quite alot on a motorway when theres a hill. But the most important factor of why i did not go for the 1.33 is because it did not have rear disc brakes, VSC and traction control as standard. It is an optional extra of nearly £400 however when i enquired about it Toyota was not sure on what the waiting time would be since they were built to order. Said it would probably be 2-3 months, so they may well come from Japan like you said, but the waiting time was a bit too long and they would have to devaluate my current car even more! :( However since i got a good saving, i figure i should stop dreaming of the 1.8 and just get one!
  7. Nope not that one, although i'm sure you'd recognise it if you saw it since there are not many mark1 yaris SR's around now. My one is carribean blue with toyota led rear tail lights and jap rs front grill etc. Before making my mind up i was thinking of getting the new 1.33 SR with the 6 speed gear box. It was smooth to drive, very quiet and very economical however its just missing too many features that the previous one had. Also i have a thing for smart led rear lights .. they look so cool .. so i had to go for the 1.8. :) Just hope i havent made the wrong choice since i do a fair bit of mileage now!
  8. LOL .. so long as its a flash and wave of a legal kind then that's fine! That's great i can't wait to get it and see! I've gone for the Alsace granite (grey), bit boring i know but i've been driving a blue one for nearly 7 years so i thought i'd give another colour a go. Nice to meet you cbzcbz and i'll say thanks in advance for your flash!
  9. Hi all Yaris owners! Havent been on here for what seems like a long time. Thought i'd say hi since i'll be part exchanging my beloved P1 1.3 SR for a new 1.8 SR and i should be another proud owner by next week .. yay! Just one question on my mind though for all those 1.8 owners .... are the SR 1.8's still made in Japan or are they made in France like the rest of them now?
  10. The only problem i see with wet filters imo, is in induction kits where the cone is quite close to the maf sensor and there is a probability that the excess oil will cover the maf. I dont see this problem on panel filters since the maf sensor sits on top of the air box so any excess oil will need to travel up the air box which is highly unlikely. But i would say dry filters are better since they are no maintenance and easy to clean with an air blaster if ever you need to, where as wet ones require wet cleaning kits that are more hassle. Just my opinion, hope it helps.
  11. .. I thought this topic died a long time ago along with my efforts to rid of my final stock. As for another group buy (like i found out the first time), its not really feasible unless you have at least 5 people and then it's still £200 after tax and shipping to the uk. So unless there is 5 ppl committed to getting these tail lights then i dont see it feasible for the hassle tbh. Now i know that i sold the last set to Matty for only £160 on Egay ... jammie git! But still glad ppl like the lights and are as happy as i am with mine. :D
  12. I'm currently engaging in the possibility of an MR2 roadster aswell. As for modifications, how does a TTE turbo pushing 184Bhp, 250Nm of torque and 0-60 in 5.9 sound? If you ask me!
  13. Looks like the SARD kit to me. Very nice .. but very expensive to get hold of.
  14. Well i got my window replaced now just before the rain has started to come down. But apparently there were alot of break-in's that night in the area and unluckily for me mine was one of those. The car was locked, immobilised and the stereo face taken off, but i didnt set the alarm siren last night as recently the proximity sensor has been beeping and disturbing ppl when it rained heavily, so i didnt set it. My fault really. <_< Managed to clean up most of the mess and check everything out and other than scratchin my interior and my gear knob they didnt do "too" much damage. ;) They even took my PDA charger aswell! Here's a pic .. T600 - Thanks for the offer mate, but i doubt i'd be getting another after market headunit anytime soon, as its just too depressing to think that i've had it for less than 6 months and now its gone. Will put the standard cd player back in and put up with plain old cd's for now. But this has seriously dented my confidence in how much money and effort i put into my car, as no matter how much you spend, it only takes a few minutes for someone to cause irreversible damage to it. This is a sad reflection of reality and the society we live in nowadays.
  15. Hi, haven't been on for a while and i'm sorry to come back with some bad news. This morning i found my car broken in to and my expensive stereo ripped from the dash. Some ba :censor: rds has made off with my stereo!! :censor: :censor: :censor: Its beyond disappointment cos it was so much trouble for me in getting the stereo i wanted in the first place .. and now its gone. :( So if anyone see's a Pioneer DEH-P8600MP for sale with no box, remote control or anything it might be mine! :censor: Seriously p :censor: ed off rant over.
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