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  1. I did mine Christmas just gone when removing drive shaft remove the 2 bolts spray wd 40 on them to ease removal when bolts are removed come behind drive shaft and tap drive shaft gently out off housing with a punch and hammer to remove it as far as I can remember remove serpentine belt with tension draw on paper correct routing of belt on pulleys for reasembling remove electrical conecters there’s is I think as far as I can remember 2 or 3 bolts holding alternator on when bolts stubs are removed the alternator will come out the space where drive shaft was there is a video on YouTube off it when reassembling the alternator put a multimeter set do dc volts on battery + and - readings should be 14.2 volts to 14.6 volts then test the battery on load put lights ac and radio on it should drop to 13.8 for a healthy alternator best of luck
  2. Yes I was thinking this aswell the 2008 t25 transponder chip seems to be hard to get
  3. Hi lads bought a replacement key off amazon looks exactly the same as master key with remote and transponder chip when I go to program both the transponder and remote it fails to program I am using techstream version 13 when it’s on the register screen it counts down to from 70 secs gets down to 10 secs then says operation fails ecu fail to communicate with key
  4. mark0

    Ac radiater fan

    Lads when I disconnect the coolant temp sensor fans kick in on high speed so the fans work The slow speed fans don’t come on when ac button is pressed it could be low refrigerant in cooling system The high speed fans don’t kick in when car reaches the halfway mark like they used to question is is the coolant temp sensor the fan activation sensor as well does it do 2 jobs activate the fan and control temp gauge in car as well I have checked all fuses blade fuses they are okay I can’t get cube fuses to come out to check them plus the denso relays when checking them they have 4 pins no diagram on it do you connect power to small pins then check continuity between larger pins plus I think it’s a 19 m deep socket for coolant sensor any help would be appreciated thanks lads
  5. Lads I was bleeding the clutch left a mini torch in between radiater for more light and forgot about it drove around for a few hours before realizing what I had done when I took it out there seems to be no damage done but before when I pressed ac button inside car one of the fans would run no this fan has stopped running plus when when car heats up as before the 2 fans would kick in no they don’t I don’t know if I damaged something
  6. Lads is the turbo replacement a big job do you have to remove the whole exhaust to remove the turbo
  7. Lads update had to leave it in to get done the mechanic said 2 huge bubbles of air came out at each front wheel when he blead it it fixed the spongy pedal and it passed retest on nct question is when I bled it 3 times and got a lot of air out it didn’t fixed the pedal going to the floor don’t no if mechanic blead it with computer or not but it is fixed now
  8. Thanks mate will give it a go anybody know a scanner that can bleed abs on avensis my mate has one but not compatible with avensis
  9. Just an update lads bleed again brakes a little better brakes work but pedal still to much travel in it for a nct pass I think abs module has air in it and might need to be bled with a scan tool
  10. Thanks mike i will give it a go and post update
  11. Lads thanks for reply’s I went from having no brake right after bleeding with pressure bleeder. The pedal travels all the way to the floor. The brakes only started to work after I bleed the master cylinder by cracking the the 2 nuts on the pipes going in to it I think I have an air lock in master cylinder or abs system as I have no proper brakes and excessive brake travel I have bleed the brakes 3 times with Draper pressure bleeder extracting and flushing approx 2 liters of brake fluid with no bubbles in it I think I could have a master cylinder problem when brake pedal is depressed and pumped by another person in the car you can her a squelching sound from master cylinder with your head under the bonnet and the say that if you set pressure bleeder to 2 bar leave it connected for 10 mins and recheck if pressure doesn’t drop you have no leaks if it does you have a leak we’ll no pressure drop and no leak it’s a mystery
  12. I will be doing it in the morning I will post update thanks mate
  13. Does anyone know the correct bleed sequence for avensis is it rear driver rear passenger then passenger the driver it’s a right hand drive cheers
  14. Just an update still joy bleed all whees again Pedel gets hard when you start the engine pedal goes limp to the floor and no brakes