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  1. i agree with matt i have a nice custom one on my seo and its fairly loud still got the cat and resonator in which i may get removed over my Xmas holidays Jim
  2. i was rhinkin that as i wouldnt mind a battery cover on mine, my bro brouht me one a while back for my old pug ill ask him where itcame from and put a post up Jim
  3. with my seo i have to have ignition point to have radio on with key turned 1 click the buzzer dont go off
  4. or why there backs are turned we could de mod there seos and mod ours lol jim
  5. so we have located a few seo owners in the UK then. the reason i put this post up was cause i was thinking of tryin to organise a UK meet sometime would people be up for that? jim
  6. i am just wondering how many Seos we have floatin around the UK and there locations i have a 1996 Black Gen 2 and am from Stafford in the Midlands Jim
  7. nice pics wish i had brought my seo to that cruise as only live down the road but never new of it lol Jim
  8. fitted these spot lamps last night in the dark rather than the fake red intakes that were there. what do you think? Jim
  9. its a stunning motor mate had a good look round it a JAE this year part of the reason that got me to buy a paseo after letting my glanza go Jim
  10. there is a subtle hint if ever i read one lol the intakes are just for show as i put my K&N panel filter back in as for the rocker cover that has not even got break paint or high temp paint on it thats halfords finest honda milano red just laqured with petrot resistant laquer Jim
  11. nice 1 mate i know you will love drivin it like i do mine welcome to paseo ownership jim
  12. cheers lads they were taken before i polished it so it shines a bit more now jim
  13. i put some 15w40 magnatec in mine to top it up as thats what i was told it had at its last service not sure if this was right to use though but should be fine
  14. here are some up to date pics of my seo front side rear engine bay with fitted OMP strut brace Jim
  15. i have had a good look over the engine cant see it leakin anywhere but i need to get underneath it properly Jim
  16. well in 50 miles its dropped about 2-3mm on the dipstick im thinking of a oil flush and filter change see it that helps jim
  17. i have a slight problem with my seo it seems to like a tipple on oil, its not the head gasket as no signs of oil in the water or visa versa. ive looked all over the block and cant see any signs of leaks, anyone got any ideas? Jim
  18. looks a tidy motor always bin a fan but i have a worry of rear weal drives and hedges lol, 60000 aint bad and are the 300zx like the pulsar 200sx and other nissans on a cam chain? Jim
  19. well here is one for you mate, me on my girlfriends atandard starlet s 200 quid fully comp, me on my older glanza v Before mods declaired just because its an import and had that little hair dryer thingy 1200 quid fully comp imports cost alot and if under 25 can be an ***** finding someone to insure it on a lighter note me on my paseo fully comp 380 quid jim
  20. nout wrong with a 50/50 split mate. 1 show car and daily driver 1 drag car. Jim
  21. ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!! i will check my bank balance and be back to you by tomorrow mate, could u get a price on p +p please ill pm you my address if needed Jim
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