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  1. I recently got a 2008 diesel yaris and it looks like somebody disconnected the small hose that goes from the front of the engine all the way to the bottom of the intercooler. This hose starts from the engine front area under the EGR cooler, it crosses the gap in front of the engine, it goes down the water radiator and it ends up on the bottom left side of the intercooler. It is joined together with one of the big metal water pipes around the engine and it's possibly 6mm outside diameter. It's blocked off on the engine side at the moment. I am not sure why would somebody disconnect this hose but I found it loose around the engine during servicing. The car also has the airbag light on and I am wondering if there is any way to find which airbag is causing the light to come on?
  2. I understand your tank hold 42 litres but how do you know that you used all 42 litres to do them 600km? Follow this and come back with the result: Fill your tank full, put as much fuel as you can and make a note of the mileage Drive around for so many km/miles (the more distance you travel the more accurate the result will be) Fill your tank full again and make a note of the mileage and the fuel amount it took you to fill the tank to full again Do the maths and get the accurate MPG. According to the information on your last comment you currently get 40mpg which is low for a diesel yaris. The lowest i managed to get mine was 55mpg
  3. sounds like an electrical/connection related issue. If the steering wheel did the trick then most likely the issue is the ignition switch or a lose connection somewhere in there. When this happens do you get any electrical supply to other parts of the car (roof internal light)? If there are signs of power to other parts of the car i would focus on the ignition switch area. If there is absolutely no power to other parts of the car then it has to be a battery related issue (loose cable somewhere?) NOTE: The floor mat won't kill electrical supply to the dashboard, if you had no dashboard lights or any other form of electrical power on the dashboard then this is not related to the floormat thing
  4. I changed the gearbox oil in my 1.4 D4D yarises during the years and I never needed any more than 2L of oil. It usually takes 1.8L ish. Be careful with the amount of oil you put in the gearbox, most gearbox failure arise from wrong oil level. I would put as much as it takes till oil starts overflowing from the inspection hole.
  5. Some people have their baby chairs facing backwards and i am assuming this is the case with the OP.
  6. In short, what manual 6speed gearbox model will bolt onto a 2ZR-FE engine with no major or no modifications (EC60)? I like mending cars etc and I am considering buying an mk2 yaris 1.8 sr which I am assuming it has the 2ZR-FE engine. I went through loads of threads on the internet and most owners are not happy with the performance of the car with some of these people suggesting that it looks like the gearbox gearing is the problem. What makes me think that the gearbox is possibly the problem is because other cars with the same engine haven't got performance issues. What I am thinking is to change the 5 speed manual gearbox with a manual 6speed gearbox from a different car such as the lotus elise or the corolla, celica etc. Considering the weight of the car i think the most sensible option is a gearbox from a car that uses the toyota 2ZZ-FE or 2ZZ-GE engine. Does anybody knows if this can be done with no major modifications to the car? Are the engine mountings on the 2ZZ and 2ZR engines the same?
  7. People recommend thicker oils for high mileage engines due to wear and tear, cranshaft, piston rings, cylinder block etc get worn with mileage and the thinner the oil you use the easier it is to leak through the gap and either oil will end up getting burned in the engine or on the floor. If you are certain that your engine seals are passing a bit a higher viscosity oil will most likely solve your issue however it wont help the operation of your engine, especially in cold weather countries. Between 5w30 and 5w40 is not much of difference so i wouldn’t worry much for now. whatever oil you use check your oil level on a regular basis and see whether your engine is using oil or not and then decide which way to go. lower viscocity oil it will help the engine operation and possibly your engine will use some of your oil hgher viscosity will compromise your engine operaration with th hope to solve your sealing issue due to wear and tear
  8. I am assuming you mean the fuel filter light and not the oil filter light as per your title. The combination of the two lights (oil filter and battery light) means you have an electrical issue somewhere in your system. Most likely your alternator is dying and need changing, measure the output voltage and it will tell you where the problem is.
  9. AUX and iPod cables are two different cables (AUX105 and IPC107P). If you have the TNS400 system (AVN2210p or AVN2227p) you can get an AUX or iPod connection on your system as long as you get the correct cables from somewhere since both cables have been discontinued years ago and you will struggle to find any on the market. There are few AUX105 cables on eBay but you will be wasting your time with them. They have all been wired wrong for a different system (an Alpine stereo i think) and the sellers are selling them as an AUX105. All eBay cables (unless it's a genuine eclipse AUX105 cable) will only get you half of your speakers working (either left or right side) and on extremely low volume, you won't be able to hear much. I spent weeks on this system to get an AUX output on it and in the end I had to make my own cable to get AUX output on my car. With a bit of digging I might be able to find some information that will help you make your own AUX105 cable assuming you can get the correct plug for the radio end (13pin). I also might be able to find a spare AUX105 cable since i made couple of at the time.
  10. Places like Motorhog, car-transplants etc will definitely be able to help you with an mmt gearbox. Give them a ring with your reg number
  11. mecheng46

    Oil Change Tool

    Them tools have sizes, what size tool are you suggesting to get? The one in your last post looks to be the 64.5mm which apparently the OP tried and is too big.
  12. mecheng46

    Oil Change Tool

    The tool them guys are using in the videos is the 64.5mm x 14 flutes for the toyota oil filter housings. Measure your rav4 tool across the flats and see if it’s anywhere near 64.5mm
  13. mecheng46

    Oil Change Tool

    As far as i am aware toyota uses 2 types of oil filters, the old metallic type that is 73mm x 14 flutes and the new plastic/metallic housing element type that is 64.5mm x 14 flutes. is it definitely a toyota filter?
  14. The new supra is based on the BMW Z4 with a BMW engine and it looks like a new Z4. To me it sounds like BMW bought the supra name from Toyota and introduced this new supra model with all their kit and engine. The engine has the VVT-I technology on it but apart from this i cannot see anything else in common with the good old proper japanese supra we have seen in the past.
  15. Toyota 5w30 FE oil and genuine toyota filters are cheap enough and what i use in all my toyotas with no problem