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  1. Apart from the head gasket issue that some 2002-2003 1.4 d4d’s had you should not get any major issues, if you get any at all. Service it regularly, genuine or good quality oil and oil filter and the engine will last a lot longer than the car it self
  2. I dont think so there is haynes manual for this car. I have an engine manual somewhere. You don’t really need a haynes manual for this car, apart from servicing the car you won’t really need to get into any complicated stuff. There are couple of common faults with this car and you will find information on this forum if you get unlucky and come across them. It’s a reliable little car with the most fuel economy i have ever seen on a car
  3. No the car in the picture is from google. I owned few mk1 1.4 d4d’s during the years. I moved onto mk2 1.4 d4d’s couple of years ago and i still have an mk1 same as yours in silver.
  4. There should be nothing under your seats apart from the fuel tank. On the fuel tank you have the sender and a low pressure fuel pump. The low pressure pump has a strainer on it but is not something you need to mess about with.
  5. Parts are readily available from everywhere for these cars. PartsKing on this forum can help you too with genuine parts based on your VIN number.
  6. Your fuel filter is on the left hand side, the fuel filter comes together as one assembly with the priming pump, two 12mm socket nuts and the whole unit comes off. You can then take the water trap off from your fuel filter, unscrew the fuel filter, change it and put everything back together. It shouldn't take more than 15-20mins max. Fuel filter and the water trap might be a bit tighter than normal so if you have a vice it will make it a lot easier. Be careful not to damage the plastic water trap on the bottom of the fuel filter
  7. Defrost mode kicks in the fans Air conditioning system kicks in the fans too Check those two, I suspect with this weather that your defrost mode is switched on.
  8. There is only one tank and one pump/motor in your car. If the front work then the pump/motor or water level is not the problem. Weather related? Check the water jet for any blockages Check the flexible hose for any blockages Unlikely to be a blocked hose, most likely to be a weather related issue or a blocked jet
  9. Thanks again, does it matter if i get an older version of the software? v12 or v13?
  10. do you have a link for a cable and the software from a UK seller? I only managed to find the cable to be honest.
  11. Thanks 🙂 I bought my cable from eBay, couple of weeks and i will be able to try it
  12. so my options are either buy an eBay cable with the pirated software and use it or the clone cable from eBay, download the free software from toyota and pay the license?
  13. will i need to purchase a license if i go the eBay cable route?
  14. What are my options then apart from the main dealer?
  15. I am looking to do both the locking and the immobiliser, people seem to be able to do it without going to the main dealer
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