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  1. Your right Catlover but I have tolerated that issue for so long , that the new issue with the noise I didn’t quite connect the two of those in my mind. Anyhow , any guesses on the engine light?
  2. Got it sorted! Took it to the mechanic on Saturday. They said it was a leaking manifold . I took it in yesterday and they replaced the Manifold inc Cat but they also replaced the o2 sensor and exhaust gasket. PROBLEM SOLVED! Car sounds great now. And I can now sit idle with the fan on because before I had to turn the fan off when the car wasn’t moving otherwise i could smell fumes. One last thing has cropped up just today. The yellow engine light is now showing on my dash. Perhaps the o2 sensor isn’t quite right?
  3. Water pump was replaced in 2018. ‘slip’ the aux belt?
  4. I’ll try when I’m driving it later. it’s a bit windy in Belfast today but will try and see if my phone can pick up the noise without too much interference lol
  5. Your right that must be what I’m seeing.
  6. It says “5w30 synth engine oil” on my invoice lol. Strange that it’s only starting to sound like this now rather than as soon as I left the garage, no? My dad seems to think it could be an exhaust noise. I’m not so sure.
  7. It looks like a belt to me after looking under the bonnet. From memory I think my Dad changed it to a belt in 2014
  8. I know a lot of people talk about the "tapping noise" when starting from cold. But just yesterday my Aygo has started to have rather loud tapping noise (louder than I remember the tapping noises used to be). And this time this tapping noise does NOT go away when the engine gets warm. Its like a metal slapping sound. It happens when I accelerate (incl accelerating gently). It is the loudest the slower I am going and more quiet the faster I am. I had just had my Aygo serviced on the 9th February. So that's about two weeks ago. And it has been fine but as of yesterday this pretty loud
  9. Hora whatever became of this issue?
  10. I found this one for £79.99 excl shipping. Is that a reasonable price range? I'll drop Small Cars R Us an email to see if they can ship to Northern Ireland.
  11. Cool. This is the state of my drivers seat here: Its quite expensive to buy a new seat isn't it?
  12. I started a new job in October which means I have a long drive to work about 50 miles each way. About 100 miles per day. I have two questions: Any good tips for efficient driving? My Aygo doesn't have rev counter - is there an optimal efficient speed for motorway driving for this car? Has anyone replaced their drivers seat in order to add more comfort? Thanks PS before anyone suggest working from home - I don't like WFH and I can't in my job at the moment.
  13. I ordered a new boot seal to replace it on my Toyota Aygo 2006. But it seems removing the old one is a bit more work than I thought. Didn't think it through. It seems I need to remove the little gas thing which connects the boot lid and also a cable. Is there instructions somewhere detailing how to disconnect the boot lid gas cylinder thing?
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