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  1. Water pump was replaced in 2018. ‘slip’ the aux belt?
  2. I’ll try when I’m driving it later. it’s a bit windy in Belfast today but will try and see if my phone can pick up the noise without too much interference lol
  3. It says “5w30 synth engine oil” on my invoice lol. Strange that it’s only starting to sound like this now rather than as soon as I left the garage, no? My dad seems to think it could be an exhaust noise. I’m not so sure.
  4. It looks like a belt to me after looking under the bonnet. From memory I think my Dad changed it to a belt in 2014
  5. I know a lot of people talk about the "tapping noise" when starting from cold. But just yesterday my Aygo has started to have rather loud tapping noise (louder than I remember the tapping noises used to be). And this time this tapping noise does NOT go away when the engine gets warm. Its like a metal slapping sound. It happens when I accelerate (incl accelerating gently). It is the loudest the slower I am going and more quiet the faster I am. I had just had my Aygo serviced on the 9th February. So that's about two weeks ago. And it has been fine but as of yesterday this pretty loud
  6. Hora whatever became of this issue?
  7. I found this one for £79.99 excl shipping. Is that a reasonable price range? I'll drop Small Cars R Us an email to see if they can ship to Northern Ireland.
  8. Cool. This is the state of my drivers seat here: Its quite expensive to buy a new seat isn't it?
  9. I started a new job in October which means I have a long drive to work about 50 miles each way. About 100 miles per day. I have two questions: Any good tips for efficient driving? My Aygo doesn't have rev counter - is there an optimal efficient speed for motorway driving for this car? Has anyone replaced their drivers seat in order to add more comfort? Thanks PS before anyone suggest working from home - I don't like WFH and I can't in my job at the moment.
  10. I ordered a new boot seal to replace it on my Toyota Aygo 2006. But it seems removing the old one is a bit more work than I thought. Didn't think it through. It seems I need to remove the little gas thing which connects the boot lid and also a cable. Is there instructions somewhere detailing how to disconnect the boot lid gas cylinder thing?
  11. Not sure what the benefit of using a Toyota dealer would be for repairs unless it was under warranty maybe
  12. Well I'm not sure about you guys but I certainly won't be taking a 2006 Toyota Aygo to a Toyota dealship when I could just take it to the garage (which I believe are listed as essential services and thus remain open?)
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the responses! I certainly will take heed of what Tony has said. As a matter of fact, last July when my car was re-called for some window thing, the dealership (or whatever they are called ) inspected the rest of the car at the time and mentioned something about the brake fluid. Thing about the dust is that ever since my Dad replaced the discs and the pads for me (both Blueprint stuff) it has been since then that it has kept producing this dust. Maybe he didn't put something back correctly? Either way I need to take the car to the garage soon to
  14. Hi, my front brake pads were replaced a couple of years ago and ever since they produce a lot of brake dust unlike the last pair did. I don't have the information of the brake pads I bought to have fitted , but, I took the car to a car parts centre and they just put my reg number into their system and were able to find me the correct brake pads. So I assume they aren't the wrong ones especially considering that it's been a couple of years since they were replaced. They just produce dust overtime that the old brake pads did not. Why would this be? Photos of the brake dust here: http
  15. On my 2006 Aygo - I used sealant on the high brake light and sealant on the two light clusters. Dried the boot out and left it for a while. Then check the boot after a few days of rain and can see there is water in the boot again - however I think I have found the leak in question which seems to be a small section at the bottom of the the boot seal. Just one little section. Somehow a little section of the inside part of the boot seal was trapped on the outside. No idea how that had happened but that would explain why water is getting in at that section. So I took a flat head screwdriver and fo
  16. £384 ? Daylight robbery. Its sad that in this day and age boots on these cars are leaking. Total joke. Someones head needs examined
  17. Sounds like a good idea. Think that is what i'll do!
  18. Got my headlights restored last weekend - a local chap was able to do it for me and spend about an hour and a half on them. Turned out to be an excellent job! Here are some photos
  19. Been thinking about getting this issue fixed recently... Wanted to revisit this issue on this forum. Is it possible that I would need to replace the rear shocks as well as the rear springs? (or anything else for that matter?) I am trying to estimate costs Or should I just get the garage to evaluate it for me and let them tell me?
  20. I thought that but just wanted to check. I'm glad I won't be or shouldn't be subject to a check on my reverse light. Thanks everyone for your help!
  21. Okay. Is the date of registration just the date that the car was manufactured? Either way, I put my reg number into the UK Gov website to check the 'date of first registration' which shows up as 2006. So it looks like I'm all good for the MOT regarding the reverse light then 😃
  22. That sounds like an interesting idea. However, I am told, by the DVA in Northern Ireland, that if the reverse light doesn't work on the MOT test then it is a fail. I think there have been recent changes to MOT testing..... May 2018 comes to mind. I think changes were rolled out then but not sure. Any idea what that brown metal looking thing going into the right side of that grey connector is for?
  23. **UPDATE** I had a look under the bonnet to see if I could reach the reverse light switch - I can't but I can reach the cable coming from the switch. I've attached some photos - the state I found the connection was the red cable disconnected and the white cable connected. I have no idea why the red is disconnected - however, it is. So I plugged it back in, turned the car on and checked the reverse light - it was ON... the problem is that it stays on regardless if I am in reverse gear or not.... so my problem isn't completely solved but it does narrow things down a bit.
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