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  1. I'm having an issue with one of my T Sport side skirts, namely the section just after the front wheel where it tucks around from the wheel arch and starts to run down the sill. It's loose and not sat tight to the body work like the other side. Aside from the underside fittings, is there something I'm missing as I can't see anything around the wheel arch section and I'm at a bit of a loss as to how this part is fixed/held in place?
  2. After owning various Toyota's over the years, four Supra's, Gen4 Celica and a Carina 2.0 EX, I have been away from the Toyota fold for a fair few years owning various Lexus models (my current one is a 2006 GS430) I decided to buy a second car as a daily/hobby interest. My membership here was still active so I thought I'd pop in and say hello. I've bought a 2002 Gen7 Celica T Sport with 90k, massive Toyota history folder and same family owned for the last fourteen years (probably the best private buying experience I've ever had) I have a few questions which I will post up in due course but attached are a few of pictures (sellers pics not mine) of my Celica to be going on with.. Looking forward to involving myself with the club again.
  3. Looks like you have bought a really nice example Brings back memories of my Mk2, I always remember it being really comfortable.
  4. Far more to a MKIV Supra than just straight line speed ;)
  5. It seems to play up in spells, fine for ages then it becomes slightly eratic. A while after starting this thread it started working fine again so I have bottled it in regards of taking it apart But I have a replacement battery at the ready as it will need coming apart sooner rather than later I sure.
  6. Thanks Quartz, very helpful and informative. Have you found any improvement since the battery change and a clean up? I spoke to Toyota about the alarm fob whilst booking my Supra in for a service and basically Scorpion, the maker of the alarm system, is long gone and no spares are available, so the only solution is to replace the old system for modern day aftermarket one My solution will be to try and keep my fob working if at all possible!
  7. You need to keep checking ebay as new items are added by the hour. You could try scrap yards but if your going to travel make sure what your going to look at is good condition, some of their discriptions can be wildly off the mark. Local ads papers Such as Trade-it/Loot might be worth a look. You need to find the correct stud pattern etc for your Carina firstly then you can search for wheels which will fit. Found these:
  8. I would have a look on ebay firstly, I'd be surprised if you can't find a set on there.
  9. Ah brings back memories of my MKII. Looks nice Bob, congratulations on it's 26th Birthday
  10. It would imply that the thermostat is working correctly, does the guage fluctuate at all? It might be worth checking the hoses in and out of your heater matrix to see if the hoses are getting warm.
  11. My key fob or remote to lock/unlock and arm the alarm system has started to play up by not always working. I'm hoping it's just the battery within the remote but suspect it might be the button itself. Anyway a couple of questions: How does the fob/remote come apart? I thought they just popped apart by gentle prising but mine isn't budging and as it's the only one I have so I don't want to break it. Are the remote fobs repairable or can they be replaced at Toyota (almost afraid to ask :o ) Attached a picture of remote fob in question (apologies for quality)
  12. Hi Gav. I would firstly get the turbo situation looked into and see what is actually required and if any damage has been caused, a second hand turbo shouldn't be too difficult to source (breakers or clubs) or a recon unit. One thing to check on a MK3 before you start spending money is the head gasket, they are prone to give way, having said that I had three Mk3's and never encountered the problem. Best of luck with sorting the car out.
  13. Update: I have now changed the thermostat for a new one (just under £9.00) and it has improved things no end, the heater gauge now rises to half way and stays there (before it fluctuated between cold and a quarter and the heater seemed to improve the more the temp gauge rose) and the heater is now much better, not quite a hot as I'd like but in fairness I like a cars heater to be very warm and I'm sure for most it would be fine. So my thoughts are, the thermostat was indeed faulty and the heater, whilst perhaps not brilliant, was/is ok. A pretty cheap try-out if anyone is suffering from similar symptoms. Thanks for everyones input and advice. Nilly: To avoid air locks raise the front of the car and run the engine with the rad cap off, this should get rid of any air in the system. As for the gasket I can't help you as I had the garage change the thermostat whilst in for for a few other jobs.
  14. Thanks Balikbayan, I'm going to change the thermostat as a matter of course and check the pipes at the same time and try to rid the system of any air, hopefully this will cure the problem.
  15. I have recently bought a Carina E 2.0 Exec (genuine 37k!) as my runabout and I seem to have the same heater symptoms as Paul B. Temp guage seems to dip and rise (never above half way) and the car has never overheated. Now the winter has arrived I'm less than happy with the amount of heat from the heater, it certainly isn't that hot despite being set to full. Regarding the thermostat change, did anyone try this and did it solve the problem? Am I correct in saying the thermostat is located here ? (click attachment pic)
  16. Matt, sorry to hear of your problems with your car......................what was the outcome?
  17. Appologies for belated thanks, really appreciate your help.
  18. I have just bought a 1998 1.3 GS Corolla for my sons first car, not having the car in my ownership yet and needing to insure it could anyone tell me if the car came with an alarm/immobiliser as standard?
  19. Cheers, thanks for your reply. It's been a while since I posted this query and not long after posting it I pretty much went down the same roiute as yourself. Took the bull by the horns, removed all the required dash panels etc. and bought an ISO connector from Halfrauds.... and bingo, new head unit and 6x9's all up and running! Out of interest, did you replace the front speakers? Thanks Spock To remove the original stereo you need to undo all the screws on the centre console and the stereo surrond and the trim under the steering wheel and the glove box, remove the glove box, unclip the little plastic trim in front of the handbrake, pull the centre console up and backwards, undo the bolt on the right hand side of the glove box(at the bottom), pull the trim from under the steering wheel being carefull not to break anything, gently pull the stereo surround away from the dash to reveal the stereo this is screwed in place with a bracket undo these screws and the head unit will come out. You will see that the head unit will have simple push fit connectors but to fit a modern head unit you will need to buy a harness adapter to fit the original connectors with an ISO end for the modern stereo this should cost you around £10 the other thing you will need to buy/get hold of is a blanking plate cos the original wont fit with the modern stereo (i found out the hard way). All this should take you 2-3 hours, i only know how to do this cos i self taught my self cos i was fedup with the pants tape deck, i fitted a pioneer cd player to my gen4 subs and 6x9s to go in later. Hope this helps you mate. :hokus-pokus: ←
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    Envy Performance should be able to sort you out, give Kevin or Gaz a call 08707 606 289
  21. I'll have to pass on this one as I'll be on my honeymoon.....have a good one
  22. As my tatty 14" standard alloys were beyond economical refurb. I have just bought a second-hand set of 15" Gen 5. alloys (5 spoke) which I was reliably informed would fit (they are the correct pcd) lies my problem, they bolt on fine to the hubs but the tyre fouls the bottom of the suspension. The tyres fitted to my new alloys are 205/55/15 which are obviously too wide, so my thinking is would fitting 195/55/15 or even 50 profile tyres (didn't really want to go this low) solve the problem. Without spending more money trying to find out, I'm hoping you guys can help.......PLEASE!!