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  1. Notoyboy

    Dip Stick Snapped

    Hmmmm.... Dean's thoughts prompt the following rather simple suggestion. I'm unsure of the size & shape of the dipstick, but why not try pushing a short length of plastic tube into the dip-stick's metal tube, and force it on to the lost dipstick. You can get the likes of windscreen washer tubing in various small diameters. Then withdraw whilst holding your breath!
  2. Notoyboy


    My Haynes for 2002 to Jan 2007 (51-56 reg) covers the petrol and diesel (1995 cc) variants of the Corolla. There seems to be no reference to the Verso. Maybe there was deemed to be insufficient demand for Haynes to produce a manual for the Verso, until the 2009 model came out. On the diesel side of things, my Corolla manual has chapters on "diesel engine in-car repairs", "fuel and exhaust systems", & "emission control systems". I guess everything else is similar to that for the petrol engined Corolla. Assuming there was no manual specifically covering your Verso, then the Corolla Haynes manual is probably the next best thing, apart, of course, from the help on this forum 😊 I expect OC (Oldcodger) will be along shortly, if there's anything more he can add.
  3. Notoyboy

    Suspension lubrication ?

    In general, I like to grease suspension bolts, though not yet had to do anything on my Corolla (assuming that the rubber bushes have a steel inner sleeve). If nyloc nuts, then I'd try and avoid grease on the thread the nyloc engages on. Where, in the past, I've had to fit/squeeze rubber bushes into the wishbones, I've tried using Waxoyl, though I can't remember how successful it was.
  4. Notoyboy

    Remote locking

    Good result 😄 We should all remember this (a reboot) as first possible solution!
  5. Notoyboy

    Speedometer inaccurate

    Presumably you've got the standard fit wheels & tyres?
  6. Notoyboy

    Battery sealed?

    Don't think I'd read too much into the "green indicator". As OC suggests, use a multimeter and get a better picture of the battery's condition. Halfords will load test the battery for free. First thing I do when I buy another car is buy the Haynes for it (or as near that model as possible).
  7. Notoyboy

    Steering lock

    Looking at OC's diagram above, if you find you need to remove the "tapered-head bolts", then assuming they've been fitted correctly, you'll have to drill out the part of the head remaining, as the hexagon part of the bolt head is designed to shear off, to stop unscrupulous persons from dismantling the steering lock and making off with your vehicle.
  8. Notoyboy

    What's this part?

    No idea, but let us know when you discover it's use, because I also have the same item, which a friend found on the passenger side, but unsure if front of rear footwell. I'd assumed it came from the seat belt mechanism or from beneath the seat.
  9. Notoyboy

    Removing rust on brake discs

    Thanks Alan. I did wonder if it was because of the end of the word causing the problem, and I should have deliberately mispelt the word, or done as you've spelt out, but it was late at night - Not come across the problem before - I must have lead a sheltered life!
  10. Notoyboy

    Removing rust on brake discs

    Sorry, the above post should say coubik emery, but seems the word's not allowed. Just trying again Help!!!
  11. Notoyboy

    Removing rust on brake discs

    I had exactly this problem recently, with a car that had been SORNed for 5 months. I used a 4 1/2" angle grinder with what they call aluminium oxide fibre discs (and rubber/plastic backing disc). Used a fairly coubik 60 grit disc on the front face of each brake disc. Depending on how long the car's been standing, and how exposed to the weather, you might not get back to ultra shiny bright metal, but it gets rid of all the rust. I was unable to get the angle grinder on the rear of any of the discs, mainly because of the dust shields and suspension, and had to resort to doing the back faces of the front discs it by hand with coubik emery (60 or 80 grade). The rear faces of the rear discs I just couldn't get at at all. In my case, the car still had a few days of the old MoT to run, so was able to do 200 miles before the new MoT was due (it passed - )
  12. Notoyboy

    Corolla Brake Pipe Flares and Unions

    Hi OC, As you say, 12 years not a bad life for a condenser. I'm very impressed with the Corolla - only bought it as a stopgap 3 years ago when my sister announced she was selling it, and I knew of the Corolla's reputation for reliability. It's just about to reach 50k, having done about 3k/year It has winter tyres on the front so it's timely, temperature wise, that it's shortly off the road for the summer. Summer car is an old 318i tourer which has a bit more room, but obviously not so easy or nippy around town. In fact, even on longer trips, I don't find much difference in time taken, but that's because I'm no longer a press-on driver One day I'll have to have a newer car, but I still do own maintenance, and I have NO desire to own a car loaded with technology, particularly such as electric handbrakes and keyless entry. All backward steps in my opion! Having run the 2 cars for a couple of years, any new(er) replacement vehicle would very likely be Japanese.
  13. Notoyboy

    Corolla Brake Pipe Flares and Unions

    Thanks OC, Seen your other posts, so good luck with the aircon. My Corolla is T2 so doesn't have aircon, which I think is a PITA as a car gets older, as sooner or later the aircon will give trouble. A nice to have item, but I've driven for 50 years without it. Mind you, could be useful in winter which is when I primarily use the Corolla with it's front wheel drive. Seemed to be misting up a lot, more recently, so have changed the pollen filter - not sure if that might improve matters.
  14. Notoyboy

    Corolla Brake Pipe Flares and Unions

    Hello OC, Presume you fixed the rear brake pipes' corrosion. How did you get on? Did you renew the full length front to rear? (just in case I have to do the same one day!)
  15. Notoyboy

    hybrid tyres

    Only my personal opinion, but I'd expect tyres to become noisier as they get older, due to the rubber compound hardening with age, and the tyre wearing.