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  1. To my mind, receiving such a message, I'd be looking for a pool of fuel under the car, but I assume you've already had a look, as well as looking for anything obvious in the engine bay. Could it be that the ecu is picking up a varying fuel pressure somewhere in the system, and this message is the best it can do to describe the problem. Varying fuel pressure might account for the cutting out? Sorry, best I can do, as i've no knowledge of the Previa.
  2. Can't help with the rpm needle issue, but with a diesel engine having difficulty starting from cold, my first action would be to check the glowplugs, rather than the injectors
  3. My Business Edition Auris has the digital display in nice large figures between the dials, and I find it's the most useful of all the menu options, although I do switch to the mpg display now and then.
  4. To be on the safe side, why don't you just measure the ones you want to replace?
  5. i wonder if the OP really means he's having difficulty removing the light fitting from the boot trim, rather than in extracting the bulb from the fitting itself.
  6. Are you able to use a big long screwdriver as a stethoscope, holding it to your ear, and (with great care of moving parts), hold the sharp end against the tensioner, and the alternator and the AC, to help pinpoint the squeal?
  7. Would the steel wheel require different wheel nuts, or is the profile of the alloy wheel studs' suitable?
  8. My recently purchased Auris has the N47 engine, and yes, there's quite a lot on the internet about issues with the N47, including the timing chain. There will always be some engines, not just the N47, that don't get the correct servicing, which doesn't help. Toyota specify engine oil changes annually, or at 10k miles, but in view of the N47's reputation, I intend changing the engine oil at shorter intervals, maybe every 6-8k. Another issue, which I've not made my mind up about, is the EGR system (as with any modern diesel), and what attention I give it. Presently I'm just seeing whether it gives any trouble, as most of my journeys are 20-35 miles, with not much town driving.
  9. Sounds like a smart course of action. I don't want a car with smart entry for as long as I live!
  10. Thanks for the Mahle reference - useful. I see it shows a large knurled knob underneath the filter canister, which must be the drain. My service schedule shows "inspection" of the filter at each service (which I presume means to check the drain), and to replace the filter every 40k or 6 years. Not sure I'll bother replacing the filter, but depends partly whether any water is drained off. I ran 2 Citroens with Peugot diesel engines in the past, clocking 270k over 23 years, and don't remember ever changing the fuel filter. Of course, modern fuel injection pumps operate at much higher pressures, so clean fuel has become more important. Diesel can contain some water in suspension, and we are now blessed with biodiesel, and alas, biodiesel can hold 10 x the amount of water that non-bio could contain. Diesel held in metal tanks can certainly collect moisture from the internal condensation, the more so in the colder months, but I imagine modern fuel tanks are all made of some type of plastic. Not sure if that affects the amount of condensation.
  11. Hi - My Auris has the same 1.6 BMW diesel engine as your Avensis. I've read your comments about the fuel filter, which interests me, as although my car's had it's 10k services by Mr T, I wanted to check myself that the fuel filter had been checked/drained of water, as my handbook specifically says this should be done at 12,000 mile intervals (despite 10,000 mile Toyota service intervals - perhaps a throw-back from BMW requirements?). On the Auris, the fuel filter's behind the air filter, so not so easily accessible, so I'm waiting for warmer weather. My handbook also says this should be done by "any authorised dealer etc". I'm expecting there to be a drain plug underneath, but there's no obvious rubber button on top to pump the fuel through when the drain's open. Alternative is that the fuel line has a lift pump between tank and filter, needing to be energised by switching the ignition on as part of the procedure. So, I'll be interested in anything you discover 🙂 Martin
  12. I shall see how the camera performs over the next few weeks. Unfortunately I didn't really look carefully at the camera's image when I first bought the car. On the one hand , it would be good for it to work correctly, but if it ultimately it means it's back to the dealership, then I ask myself whether I want bits removed to get at it (thanks Gerg for itemising the work involved). A few years ago, a dealer left marks on the facia when my previous Corolla was recalled for airbag work. Maybe with mine being the TS version, the rear lights don't need removing? (spare wheel well presently nice and dry 🙂)
  13. @FROSTYBALLS Thanks very much- I've seen replies you've previously made to other members about not confusing dealerships with Toyota itself, and now I've made the same mistake myself - doh. And thank you for your consumer rights info. The 6 months protection is something I'd forgotten, not having bought a "new" car for decades. I've been concerned about the 5 year warranty running out, but the 6 months cover will allow me to become better aquainted with the car. As you suggest, I will probably contact Lindop. Quite like the car, especially the way the 1.6 Turbo diesel pulls, even if diesels no longer in favour due to ESG issues @flash22Thank you for your reply. I'm going to monitor the camera's performance over the next few weeks. Since my original post, I've seen a few posts about cameras problems. Seems I'm not the only one.
  14. I've found the camera's image on the screen to be blurred - I can see the outline of bushes etc, but no detail. Nothing like what I expected or think it should be, but I've not previously had a car with a reversing camera before, so unsure how good the image should be. So yesterday took the car to my nearest dealer, Johnson's of Southport. The services manager had a look, verified the camera was clean, and just said the camera would dry out in the summer. This isn't quite what I expect of Toyota. Felt I was being fobbed off. Bought the car from Lindop Toyota in Wrexham just before Xmas. It has just a few weeks of it's 5 year warranty left. So had a further look at the image today, and I think the image may be a bit better, so it could possibly be drying out. So, options as I see it: 1. Go back 40 miles to original Toyota dealership where I bought the car for 2nd opinion, and a more friendly service manager. (I might speak with them to discuss, as I have seem to have a good relationship, having bought the car from them) 2. Trying warming the camera gently with a hair drier, and see if there's any improvement. Should I really have to just accept the present situation when the car is still within it's warranty?
  15. Starting with the simplest, I presume there's a fuel filter somewhere. Is that OK? Had you a diesel, I'd query whether you might have water in the fuel, but I'm not so conversant with petrol engines.
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