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  1. Notoyboy

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    I've found in the past that needing to top up the battery with distilled water, whilst maybe eeking out a few months of battery life, is really a signal that all is not well, and that the battery is on the way out, and I've had to replace within a year. Of course, a battery can also lose water if being overcharged by a faulty voltage regulator, but one doesn't hear so much about that sort of fault nowadays. Battery technology has changed over recent years, and voltage regulators are probably now better at what they do, both of which may have had the benefit of reducing battery water loss.
  2. Notoyboy

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    I second "fordulike"'s suggestion. Also, in view of age of car, check the main battery cables, including the earth strap, in case there's hidden corrosion. Does the car have electric powered steering? I'm thinking if you have low voltage from battery/alternator, then could be that turning the steering wheel is putting extra load on the electrics and causes voltage drop, which maybe the ecu senses & cuts out engine as a safety measure.
  3. Notoyboy

    Air Con ice cold and no heat!

    Bit late in the day to say it, but I wouldn't expect to hear any gurgling from the cooling system. To me, gurgling suggests air where it shouldn't be, but seems your perseverence with the top-ups is paying off ☺️
  4. Notoyboy

    Help with knocking noise

    That's good news, and lucky you persevered in tracking down the noise!
  5. Notoyboy

    Pulls to the right

    Picking up on Alan's suggestion, you could switch the front wheels round, and see what happens.
  6. Notoyboy

    Dead 12v battery

    Yes, certainly done well. I'm pleased to get more than 6 years! @ OP, the likes of Halfords, and no doubt some other motor factors, can do a test on the battery, which basically is testing the Cold Cranking Amps. Halfords say the battery is goosed when the CCA figure they get is less than 50 or 66% (I forget which) of the original battery specification. I continue to use my batteries beyond when Halfords advise replacement, but in the knowledge that the battery is near the end of it's useful life.
  7. Notoyboy

    And it's Goodbye from me

    I think the problem with battery swapping is their size and weight, apart from the need for some "standardisation"
  8. Notoyboy

    Sheered brake disc retaining screw.

    Count me in for replacing the screws. Whenever I renew or just remove a disc, I'm always fastidious in cleaning up the mounting face of the back of the disc and the corresponding hub it butts up against, and I smear a little copper grease on the faces to reduce water ingress which might start corrosion. Refitting the 2 retaining screws minimises risk of the joint being disturbed and a bit of dirt getting in, to cause the disc to run out of true.
  9. Notoyboy

    New Discs and Pads

    In the distant past, brake discs came with a grease type protective coating, and they had to be degreased. However, appprox 5-6 years ago, I fitted Pagid discs to a Citroen, and they were "ready to use". Looked to me as though they had a very thin electroplating. Much easier to fit, and little risk of them rusting on the shelf.
  10. Notoyboy

    Any Steering Column experts out there?

    I assume you have power steering, and that it's by means of an electric motor, in which case, could what you hear be related to the motor running as you turn the steering wheel? As an aside, I hope you don't do too much turning of steering wheel whilst car is stationary, as it imparts higher loads on things 😟
  11. Notoyboy

    Key won't turn past ACC

    I'd second not using WD40. Tried it on an old Citroen ignition lock once, which seemed to make the lock worse, as if the WD40 had washed out any remaining lubricant. If it weren't under warranty, I'd try graphite as Dean suggests, or a tiny hint of very thin oil such as 3 in 1. However, with being still under warranty, I'd be careful not to do anything to give them wiggle room.
  12. Notoyboy

    Avensis won't turn over

    or perhaps the ignition switch has given up? Any previous signs that the starter was becoming reluctant to spin?
  13. Notoyboy

    RAV 4.2 Air in fuel system!

    This used to be a problem on the older Peugot/Citroen diesel engines, where the injection pump had to suck the fuel direct from the tank. The suggested method of tracing the suspect joint was to smear the joints in grease, though I'm not sure how easy this was in practice. Have you disturbed/remade any joint in the fuel line recently? Is there a fuel filter in the tank? if so, it might by now be coated in gelatinous gunge, making it difficult for the pump to suck the fuel through. I assume you have some rubber hose in the fuel line, in which case does it show signs of hardening/cracking? What's the condition of the fuel primer? As Devon Aygo says, any air drawn into the system will allow fuel to run back to the tank. I'd concentrate on the higher parts of the fuel system first. Another thought, not so obvious, but there may well be an "o" ring/seal where the fuel line connects into the pump. Check the easy bits first 😊
  14. I don't bother with any sealing: I just give it another polish as required - maybe yearly
  15. Notoyboy

    Toyota Auris Indicator Problem

    Haynes is a publisher, which produces (sort of) workshop manuals for popular cars. I say "sort of" because in recent years with cars becoming more complex, the manuals do not cover everything in the detail that they did in the past. Whenever I change cars, I buy the appropriate manual. Hopefully there's one covering your model (was there a model revamp around 2007?)