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  1. Notoyboy

    New Discs and Pads

    In the distant past, brake discs came with a grease type protective coating, and they had to be degreased. However, appprox 5-6 years ago, I fitted Pagid discs to a Citroen, and they were "ready to use". Looked to me as though they had a very thin electroplating. Much easier to fit, and little risk of them rusting on the shelf.
  2. Notoyboy

    Any Steering Column experts out there?

    I assume you have power steering, and that it's by means of an electric motor, in which case, could what you hear be related to the motor running as you turn the steering wheel? As an aside, I hope you don't do too much turning of steering wheel whilst car is stationary, as it imparts higher loads on things 😟
  3. Notoyboy

    Key won't turn past ACC

    I'd second not using WD40. Tried it on an old Citroen ignition lock once, which seemed to make the lock worse, as if the WD40 had washed out any remaining lubricant. If it weren't under warranty, I'd try graphite as Dean suggests, or a tiny hint of very thin oil such as 3 in 1. However, with being still under warranty, I'd be careful not to do anything to give them wiggle room.
  4. Notoyboy

    Avensis won't turn over

    or perhaps the ignition switch has given up? Any previous signs that the starter was becoming reluctant to spin?
  5. Notoyboy

    RAV 4.2 Air in fuel system!

    This used to be a problem on the older Peugot/Citroen diesel engines, where the injection pump had to suck the fuel direct from the tank. The suggested method of tracing the suspect joint was to smear the joints in grease, though I'm not sure how easy this was in practice. Have you disturbed/remade any joint in the fuel line recently? Is there a fuel filter in the tank? if so, it might by now be coated in gelatinous gunge, making it difficult for the pump to suck the fuel through. I assume you have some rubber hose in the fuel line, in which case does it show signs of hardening/cracking? What's the condition of the fuel primer? As Devon Aygo says, any air drawn into the system will allow fuel to run back to the tank. I'd concentrate on the higher parts of the fuel system first. Another thought, not so obvious, but there may well be an "o" ring/seal where the fuel line connects into the pump. Check the easy bits first 😊
  6. I don't bother with any sealing: I just give it another polish as required - maybe yearly
  7. Notoyboy

    Toyota Auris Indicator Problem

    Haynes is a publisher, which produces (sort of) workshop manuals for popular cars. I say "sort of" because in recent years with cars becoming more complex, the manuals do not cover everything in the detail that they did in the past. Whenever I change cars, I buy the appropriate manual. Hopefully there's one covering your model (was there a model revamp around 2007?)
  8. Notoyboy

    Toyota Auris Indicator Problem

    Can't be specific, but I would have thought that Haynes (assuming there is one for your vehicle) would cover how to gain access? My experience with a similiar problem on an older Citroen with airbag was definitely to disconnect the battery. There might have also been a need to leave everything after switching off ignition etc to allow all circuits to shut down. Picking up on earlier comments, although I at first managed to repair the Citroen's indicator switch, it didn't last, and I subsequently replaced it.
  9. Won't have done the battery any good running it down, so the sooner it's on charge the better. Once charged, see if the engine will now start. Assuming it does, measure the volts across the battery with engine running - a good alternator should give about 14.4 volts (assuming the drive belt is intact & OK).
  10. Notoyboy

    Dip Stick Snapped

    Hmmmm.... Dean's thoughts prompt the following rather simple suggestion. I'm unsure of the size & shape of the dipstick, but why not try pushing a short length of plastic tube into the dip-stick's metal tube, and force it on to the lost dipstick. You can get the likes of windscreen washer tubing in various small diameters. Then withdraw whilst holding your breath!
  11. Notoyboy


    My Haynes for 2002 to Jan 2007 (51-56 reg) covers the petrol and diesel (1995 cc) variants of the Corolla. There seems to be no reference to the Verso. Maybe there was deemed to be insufficient demand for Haynes to produce a manual for the Verso, until the 2009 model came out. On the diesel side of things, my Corolla manual has chapters on "diesel engine in-car repairs", "fuel and exhaust systems", & "emission control systems". I guess everything else is similar to that for the petrol engined Corolla. Assuming there was no manual specifically covering your Verso, then the Corolla Haynes manual is probably the next best thing, apart, of course, from the help on this forum 😊 I expect OC (Oldcodger) will be along shortly, if there's anything more he can add.
  12. Notoyboy

    Suspension lubrication ?

    In general, I like to grease suspension bolts, though not yet had to do anything on my Corolla (assuming that the rubber bushes have a steel inner sleeve). If nyloc nuts, then I'd try and avoid grease on the thread the nyloc engages on. Where, in the past, I've had to fit/squeeze rubber bushes into the wishbones, I've tried using Waxoyl, though I can't remember how successful it was.
  13. Notoyboy

    Remote locking

    Good result 😄 We should all remember this (a reboot) as first possible solution!
  14. Notoyboy

    Speedometer inaccurate

    Presumably you've got the standard fit wheels & tyres?
  15. Notoyboy

    Battery sealed?

    Don't think I'd read too much into the "green indicator". As OC suggests, use a multimeter and get a better picture of the battery's condition. Halfords will load test the battery for free. First thing I do when I buy another car is buy the Haynes for it (or as near that model as possible).