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  1. Mailed toyota europe for this.Toyota came up by ToyotaHellas the dealer of my country and they said they have nothing to do because the car was bought used from Italy!!!!AAAAAHHHH yeaaaah!THEN ITS NOT TOYOTA???Hahahaha .What i cannot acxept is...that if you open the Toyota's web site the most you'll read is that they produce SAFE cars bla bla bla,,,and they are very concerned about passenger safety blabla bla...Very funny,,,isntr it?
  2. My mmt gearbox gone crazy one day, changing 1st gear to 5th,,,,so I went to toyota service and checking the car on the computer they found nothing! No codes no errors,,, saying they need lots of hours to inspect all wiring... I took my corolla back home stragling and then discovered a burn fuse! On the fuse box under the steering. A 10A GAUGE fuse which is a general fuse(dash lights, reverce lights etc). When I changed the problem was fixed. It burned because of the parking sensors when I engaged reverse on the mmt and occurs that's has an effect on the gearbox also. So be aware!
  3. Indeed, this won't make any difference
  4. Hello, Been years with mmts,, i asure u that my wife can burn the clutch disk in 5 min tryning just to park...so milliage dont matter! Always the fix is to change disk.I mean the hole set.Thats my experience...not the sensors,not the actuators,not the trans assy ecu,,,just the clutch set(buy a good one) Toyota swears for safe cars but these mmts, older and newer just get in trubles if u dont drive them like manuals
  5. hello from me again... 2 years past and had this wellknown broblem again: flashing N and no gear to move. Same solution again... changing the clutch disk set and problem fixed Let me say all the story,,,,,,,,,,,,first gone to toyota where they said that they have to change actuator,disk set and trasmission ecu all cost about 2000e+ hahaha,,,then gone to my local mechanic and have changed only the disc set cost 140e+120e work.of course i knew my actuator and the trans ecu was ok. Then we called the toyota official computer guy to programm the car(toyota corolla 2006 d4d mmt) but he said that he couldnt do it because a faulse codoccured every time he tryed to programme,,so he left saying that i have to change the ecu absolutely. so i programmed the gearbox by myself(the thing by wiring the obd,,etc,,this process is written in many sites) ANOTHER problem i had some time ago was that i had a serious problem when the car stsrted changing gears from 1st to 5th or 3rd to 1st and generally the gearbox gone crazy//////.GONE to toyota service and they had the car for a week to fix it.After done nothing at all i took the car home and find out that a fuse was burned and when this happend the gearbox gone crazy///This fuse is a general fuse under the steering weel fusebox 10A. After changing a 100 fuses in 2 monthes period i discoverd that a false lamp was the cause for the reverse when changing Rgear/////i cried my parking sensor thrown away at first and after find out the reverse lamp was the problem/. GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  6. I love this,,,,too many greek friends here... easier way is to go totoyta service for remap. trust the toyota guys...they know that we dont want to spend money in the air dimitri,before changing clutch disk did it go "n"? if not u need to remap... toyota in in thessaloniki can clean-lubricate your actuator...so u dont have to replace it... IMPORTANT:when u stop to a red light to u set gear t "n"? when i did this disk raised temperature and gone flashin "n"... now i never set gear to "n" in traffic lights...//// i know it should be the oposite but its true.. when u start the car mmt opens clucht even if u dont select gear,so dont go neutral...in traffic light dont forget that every 50tkm u have to reniew clutch,actuator remap if u can every 10tkm<its cheap to do>
  7. sory kaa,i am from greece... 1.look for clutch disk wear(most common reason because of heat) 2.check the actuator(lubricate inside if u can) 3.check sensors these are common reasons for these problems... many say that a reprogramm at a toyota service wikk fix the problem my toyota service always starts saying "its the clutch disk" 500e cost it s difficult to have a sensor burned out but clutch actuators go down every 50 miles hope this helps
  8. hello i have to add something here...since i had same problems i ve spended hours and hours reading posts worlwide... why? we dont want to spend money in the air...ok. toyota mechanics knows for sure how to fix mmt's but they charge from 500 to 2000e. both rg26 and bazhok are rigth 1.gear actuator:if for any reason its been removed or cleaned or u think that its lost its settings just take it out of the gearbox,connect to 12v(car battery) in its motor socket so the rob of the actuator will come out to full lenght.if it pulls in, connect oposite.the acuator has a sensor on top which reads only when the rod is fully out or fully in.<<<ecu and gearbox never reads the lenght of the rod until full length ro sorten,so when ti is in other place gears just stop changing and N flashes>>>. This M A S T be done for sure!!! if u put the actuator again on the gearbox with rob oppend(FULL LENGTH) take care that the gap attached with the "clucht rob" is no bigger than 1mm.toyota says no gap for mmt's but 0.5 to 1.5mm for manuals...isnt the same box?? If other parts are working rigth (clutch,sensors,etc)then ur car will work well. what rg26 has done was right.loosening the 3 bolds, he moved the actuator in a better possition(lucky man).it dosent move clockwise,just left or right by the oval screws.lubed the mechanism is good because it hasnt much grease in it. 2.clutch:if clutch and its plate are worn this is another reason of the problem.
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