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  1. Hi Chris, I asked a friend of mine, he is working at Toyota in Holland. Is it more the clutchpedal or do you feel it at the gearbox . Where did you get the feeling? Do you feel that you have a slipping clutch ?
  2. If this doesn't fit in the chair ?
  3. http://www.autostyle.nl/#sqr:(q[toyota%20iq]) Most parts we've ordered here. and some stuff on ebay.
  4. Thank you for your comment. The theme is indeed not commonplace. As intensively as we have addressed it now, we do not do it again.
  5. The door panels are airbrushed.
  6. Hello all This has become the final result.
  7. The interior will change ..... About three weeks it should be ready.
  8. There is a module, placed between which ensures an optimal injection. This creates more power and torque. It is noticeable only took quite a time.
  9. and of course.... a model in the color of the car
  10. Almost forgot: Recently the IQ chip tuned. Caliper & lowering springs in the color of the car. @ Chris , you're meant to open a new topic with photos of how it began until now ?
  11. In Holland there aren'n a lot with styling . My girlfriend has thought up and created this colour. All modifications till now: reduced 4.0cm17 inch wheelsreflectors behind eliminated.custom made exhaustrear wiper removedaround skirtswiper arms in colorfront is all LED.We have other lamps in the mirrors bought with daytime running lights , turn signal and follow me home lights, these will be build in when we start with the interior.
  12. We did a lot of modifications. The last modification we did is a rear right light from the UK. We would have a symmetrically rear.
  13. Goodevening you all from Holland After several weeks looking at this forum decided to become a member today . We come from Holland and have a Toyota IQ from 2013 . This one is bought in white but now transformed the pink . This is my girlfriend's hobby . finally finished after several months with the outside, Now are we going to try the inside . Greetings Ömer & Kelly
  14. Ömer

    Custom Interior?

    Thanks Frosty balls. In Holland it is with the Iq less as with you. It is hard to get parts. Once it is finished we put the photos online.
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