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  1. 17s with an offset of 42 will go down 40mm but you will get rubbing on the rear arch liner with passengers in the back, go with fensport or tte springs and if you can afford it replace your shocks with new OE ones as your old ones will knacker quickly if theyve got a few miles on them, i can recommend the fensport springs i tried some others and wasnt that impressed, coupled with KYBs it should be good setup, Hard but good
  2. I sold mine a while ago for £3800 with 56k FSH and in really good nick, it did have wheels and a few extras and went to ireland, if you want to acheive the best price you will have to come to the mainland or advertise in ireland but if your car is as you say, hold out for 3.5k but this may be ambitous as the newer corollas have come RIGHT down in price hence pushing yours lower but the irish are DEAD keen on them and they are sought after over there, So put it on the bay advertise it to the irish (quote ferries flights etc) and be willing to meet on the mainland and you could get good money for it
  3. yup but with over 100k on the clock and from what ive read on here about the various problems and sometimes iffy build quality i can beleive the price, mines got 80bhp less, true but its very rare that you have any topics of the same nature about the AE111s and its cheaper to insure and looks better, im sure it will sell..... eventually
  4. hoho, its one of the best cars ive ever owned its never given me grief of any sort and attracts lots of admiration from all sorts of age groups (it is a corolla after all) i will be sorry to see her go, but go she must, shes on autotrader website today and the mag friday for 4k. I reckon i will get it as shes been fully valeted today and got 6 layers of various treatments yesterday and she looks Amazing so i hope she will be difficult to resist.
  5. Hi all, i know i havnt posted on here for a long time (i think this is my first this year!) but i just dropped in to say goodbye to the owners club as i will shortly be selling my G6R due to new commitments (going back to school at 28!) so a boring ultra economical oil burner is required :!Removed!: Whilst ive not been posting on TOC ive been EXTREMELY busy at work with the intension (until recently) of saving for an engine conversion and was very close to my target of 4k but due to to the fact my jobs w**k and is taking me nowhere fast im going to re educate myself and hard cash is needed. I havnt done an awful lot since i last posted exept all the usual servicing stuff, but i have fitted some KYB shocks at the front and fensport springs all round as the orignal shocks were leaking and the Gmax spings were a bit to low for the rough ***** roads around here. so as a parting shot heres some photos i took today for the trader and myself
  6. it looks like ive been living in it at the mo so its a but whiffy, drove to scotland on sat (9hrs) went to a wedding then drove back on sunday for work mon, but i always keep it clean normally, kinda hoping it might retain a little value in the long run as i got it for a good price.
  7. naff all, can only do 70 on the flat in 6th, but at 85 its 3750ish
  8. Just as tight and rattle free as it was when i bought it even though its lowered
  9. you guys need another gear! i can get 340 miles to a tank on a motorway run but thats on fumes towards the end (i did it last weekend :!Removed!: )
  10. saw 48k last weekend done 24k in my ownership
  11. Falken 451s not bad for the money better in the wet than toyo T1s
  12. OOH very nice! wish i could keep mine that clean too, it always looks like its been driven accross a muddy field at the mo (some mudflaps would help tho!) ant what suspension setup u on? is it just springs? or shocks too? sits nicely whatever it is
  13. How about this phillips i know its a bit chunky but i dont mind and its recon but the price is good, phillips any good at mp3 players?
  14. Hi happy new year all, as above really i am in the market for a personal mp3 player but the sheer selection on offer is boggling anyone got any suggestions/ i am not very fashion consious im after sheer value for money got about £140ish to spend got to get a new one for my hols (lying on a beach is so much easier with tunes)
  15. just found this dunno if its come up before, funny as high enough res for full screen (just) click me! they should get their own movie!
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