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  1. DebbieP


    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions
  2. DebbieP


    Thank you that’s what I thought. They are fitted to the rear of the car as I had a new set fitted to the front just last year. I promise I won’t develop Senna driving skills !
  3. DebbieP


    I have just had my IQ MOT. My rear tyres had a depth of 3mm and although the car passed its mot I was advised to change them as the tyres are 7 years old. The tyres fitted are Bridgestones. The wear across both tyres are recorded as being even. Should I consider replacing even though there is plenty of wear on the tyres and I only do approx 6000 miles per year?
  4. DebbieP

    Stone Chips!

    I have owned my IQ for 3 months now and thoroughly enjoy driving it! My previous car was a 1.8 Yaris which I was initially very sorry to part with. I have noticed a few blemishes on the bonnet probably down to the rural country roads I travel on and wondered if anyone could recommend a good quality car polish. I have already purchased a chipex touch up kit which has very effectively disguised a particularly nasty stone chip! I am currently using auto glym super resin polish but wondered whether anyone would recommend a coloured wax polish? My car is in Deep Ameythst. I'm probably being very fussy but I'm a bit of a perfectionist at heart and want to keep my new little road warrior looking nice.
  5. It's certainly looking that way :-)
  6. Hi Mark, many thanks I thought I was missing a trick! I have only had the car for a week and the dealer very kindly filled it up when I picked it up. I have a IQ3 1.3 manual. My previous car was a 1.8 Yaris so a bit of a change but so far so good! The IQ certainly is fun to drive and I'm hoping it will serve me as well as my previous car. Thanks again
  7. Am I able to reset the average mpg gauge? I can't seem to find anything in the handbook. Also how is the average mpg calculated? It seems to be based across the remaining fuel in the tank. Confused!
  8. Hi I am new to the group but have been a Toyota driver for several years. I have just picked up an IQ3 1.33 and it's such a fun car to drive! My previous car was a Yaris 1.8 SR which was a fab car. I can't begin to tell you how guilty I felt leaving it on the garage forecourt when drove off in the IQ.